About Floss & FAQ

Who am I; and why do I have a blog?

This blog started because I was starting to venture into nonmonogamy and I thought it would be interesting to share that journey with others. Since then the primary focuses have shifted from month to month and year to year, but one thing remains the same, I love sharing my thoughts with my readers. I share personal essays, erotica and erotic photography. 

What is this blog about now?

For a long time, my focus here was on nonmonogamy and FemDom. Towards the end of 2019 though I realised my interest in FemDom and kink in general, was diminishing and I needed to take some time out. I started exploring sex more, with and without kink and met a new partner with whom I decided to explore monogamy again. This means that many of my posts now are about my adventures with Mr F. 

What is the Ethos of this blog?

Regardless of the topic, this blog aims to be inclusive, positive and non-judgemental. I am open to discussing all the opinions I hold. However, this blog is a safe space for both myself and my readers. I will not publish hateful or antagonistic comments designed to upset and belittle either myself or my readers.

I’m new to your blog, where should I begin?

Excellent question. If you landed here because FemDom is your thing, then my FemDom Archives would be a great place to start. All my erotica can be found in one place, if you’d like to begin with a favourite of mine though then ‘Cool Shower – Part 1‘ is a piece I’m particularly fond of.

Who are the partners you mention?

As you’ve already read I am now in a monogamous relationship with Mr F, so any posts from November 2019 onwards reflect that relationship. However, if you delve into my archives you will see Bakji mentioned a lot. We explored a lot of kinks together, ventured to fetish clubs together and though we no longer have a sexual or romantic relationship we are still friends. 

Can I work with you?

There is a very good chance you can. If you head over to my ‘Work With Me’ page you will find more details working with me there.

I have a question about Kink/Non-Monogamy etc can I email you?

Of course. Please do. If you are unsure about any aspect of the topics I discuss on my blog you are more than welcome to reach out to me and I will happily listen and advise where appropriate.

Can I only find you here or on past episodes of the podcast?

Predominantly yes, however, you can find some of my stories turned into audio porn with thanks to Girl on the Net. I also wrote a steamy story of sexy lovers for Frolicme.


3 Replies to “About Floss & FAQ”

  1. Hi Floss – I hope it was OK to mention your blog within the context of my blog.
    I am pointing my readers in the direction of your hot erotic writing and candid sex toy reviews. I give below my url if you wish to check it – I can remove the mention from my post if it is inappropriate.

      1. Thank you so much, I really appreciate. I think it’s great that we can all help each other. I am only a tiny blog at the moment, but hoping to grow and finding your site very interesting and mind expanding! thank you. P x

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