Smut Marathon Round 1: The Results

The writers of each of the 75 metaphors entered for the first round of Smut Marathon have been revealed. The results of the voting have also been announced, which means we know now who got the coveted first place and where we ranked personally.

For those who are curious, but haven’t read the results yet, my submission is below. I originally penned the title as ‘Melt’ but opted to change it in light of there being another piece with that title. Not that the title remotely reflects, how well it did or didn’t do.


My body melts under his touch, he is the flame, I am the wax, I am fluid beneath him, I drip, drip, drip as he burns me with his desire

Overall I placed 19th, I won’t fill this post with the breakdown of the votes, they are definitely worth a look though and have been very interesting to read as someone taking part. I got some feedback but not vast amounts. I have never put myself forward before to receive criticism of my writing, so I am working on receiving the feedback positively and considering how I can apply it to improve my writing going forward.

  • I like the repetition here. Do you need the ‘burns me with desire’ at the end?
  • I have issues with your punctuation. This should be 3 or 4 sentences at least.
  • This is a great image, you got my vote! I would prefer periods to commas in most places.
  • The idea here is good, but it feels like several sentences has been put together to make one. A different sentence construction might have been better.

What I am taking from the feedback above is that perhaps I need to work on my knowledge of grammar and punctuation. We were tasked with using one sentence only to write our metaphor, so perhaps my liberal use of commas didn’t do me any favours.

Something I know I struggle with is changing my structure once I’ve written something, which is reflected in the last bullet point. I think had I been able to shuffle things around a bit it might have alleviated the punctuation issues as well.

At my heart I am a storyteller when I write, however I think perhaps with this task it led to me using too many words. Having read my piece back without ‘burns me with desire’ at the end, I can see where the person who made that comment was coming from.

I must admit it wasn’t easy to realise everyone didn’t love my piece, not that for one minute I imagined they would, but I think most of us would hope to be as well received as possible.That said, my overall hope going into the first round was to finish in the top 35, and I did that with places to spare. I am therefore trying not to be too harsh on myself.

Enough about me though. There were after all, another 74 people that took part in this first round of the Smut Marathon. I voted for my top three, and it has been just as interesting to see how they did as it was to find out my own position. My top three were Scene by Lucy, Cosmic by Hyacinth Jones and Catalogue by Paige La Marchand.

  • Scene – Your knee just barely brushing mine and —! darling it’s a lovely theatre the music’s quite delightful but god, the flickering when our knees brush in the stalls: that’s the show.
  • Cosmic – He tasted like Jupiter and felt like stars streaking deep across my warm cosmic belly; my heart cast against asteroids, ground to cosmic dust, hot and still like the sun.
  • Catalogue – She examined and filed away every sight, sound, touch, taste and scent; her mind becoming an ever-expanding catalogue of sensual experiences to be re-experienced at will.

When I voted I didn’t know who I was voting for, as it turns out I have voted for two bloggers I’ve not read before, and Paige I have encountered through her podcast The Pageist. The reason I voted for these pieces is because they all evoked a feeling in me.

When I read ‘Scene’, I loved the image it brought to mind and how it drew my focus to those small, but wonderful moments that can encapsulate so much. I found it interesting that this piece ranked in the same place as mine. What I enjoy, both as a writer and reader does not seem to be what captures the eye of the majority of people.

‘Cosmic’ for me was another piece that painted a beautiful image in my mind, and I adore the idea of stars streaking across a deep warm cosmic belly. To me that described something I have myself so many times, that I couldn’t not vote for it.

‘Catalogue’ for me brought about images of being alone and aroused with memories of erotic moments. I imagined those times I haven’t been with Bakji, yet my hands move across my body to the memories of his kiss, or his touch. Again with this piece evoking that kind of thinking, how could I not love it.

Both Cosmic and Catalogue placed 24th overall and I am so surprised they weren’t higher. As well as reflecting on my own feedback, I have also reflected upon the feedback of these three pieces too. To try and identify what it is about the pieces I enjoyed that didn’t quite get them the top spots I felt they would achieve. As it turns out, sentence structure, punctuation and trying to say too much all feature. Which gives me a good idea as to where I need to be paying more attention.

As well as voting for my top three I also left feedback for three pieces that just didn’t hit my erotic buttons. Two of which ranked far higher than mine, and my top three. One ranked in a similar position. Two were identified as similes, and one received multiple comments about not being overly erotic but still outranked many that I found more appealing.

I’ve found the feedback for the pieces I critiqued less valuable because they seem to have been voted for because they resonated well with the voters rather than being true to the assignment set, or due to technical writing skills. Which makes it a bit tricky to take direction from their success. I’ve also read and considered the feedback for the three pieces that ranked top overall, which is leading me to consider the art of subtlety and humour.

This round has been a positive learning curve, even if I don’t make it to my personal goal, which I won’t disclose in case I jinx myself, I feel as if I’ve gained a lot of valuable information already. I am so pleased I decided to enter the Smut Marathon and I hope all the other entrants are managing to process their ranking and feedback in a positive light.

A Switchy Girl’s Guide To … Frenzy, Drop and FOMO

FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out

Frenzy, drop and FOMO are to my mind a trio of spoil sports who given half the chance will definitely ruin our kinky fun. Knowing that they are always lurking around the corner ready to attack is half the battle, accepting they will happen and learning how to deal with them, gives you much more control over the effects they will have on you.

Frenzy, more often than not referred to as subfrenzy, a term I am going to avoid. While it is my experience that those exploring their submissive tendencies do suffer frenzy more intensely, Tops and Dominants are not immune to it and I think it remiss of anyone to think their kink label will stop them from having the down sides of engaging in BDSM activities.

Frenzy – A strong, sometimes overwhelming desire to find partner or to become immersed in Kink activities. Often seen in people who have recently discovered their kink identity or have not engaged in kink activities for a long time. People in the midst of frenzy may make unwise or unsafe choices.

When we join the kink scene, for many of us it is a treasure trove of new experiences, and in our excitement to find like minded people we rush to gather up all the new shinies, not for a moment stopping to take a breath and consider what it is we are actually trying to find and who we would like to experience that with.

Frenzy can lead us to make a myriad of bad decisions. We can play beyond our limits, we can choose ill suited partners and worst of all we can forget how important it is to look after ourselves and keep ourselves safe. I have spoken before about my own experience of frenzy. I talk about it open and honestly because I want to help others avoid the same mistakes.

My personal tips for navigating frenzy are:

  • Research – yep read the books, check out websites, listen to podcasts, really get to grips with what it is YOU want as a submissive. That shit matters. Learn how to effectively negotiate and advocate for yourself. And NEVER, EVER be afraid to do so. A Dominant who does not respect your ability to do this is not a Dominant worth having
  • Keep Good Company – As I’ve already mentioned, find good friends and get do things with them. Whether those things are kink related or non-kink adventures. Keep busy and active. Places Like Loving BDSM that offer an online community are also wonderful for this. I do not want to discredit the benefit that online friendships can offer. They too can be invaluable.
  • Play with Friends – Provided you have found a good network of kinky friends, then playing with them can absolutely be a valid way to avoid frenzy. I would much rather help a friend out with some rope play and a spanking, knowing I would play safely and look after them post play, rather than have them off out alone in the wilderness of frenzy. Kinky friendships I have found are by their very nature a little more intimate than the friendships we get used to in non-kink life. So the type of support we can offer each other sometimes does come in the form of play and intimacy.
  • Safe-calls – OMG! YES! Please, please, please let’s make these more of a thing. Even if you are going to play with someone who is trusted. Let someone know where you are going, who you will be with and agree to check in with them. If you are playing with someone who seems concerned by the arrangement of a safe call being in place, then my advice would be to not play with them. No one should be wary of or alarmed by your desire to protect yourself.
  • Exercise – This is one of my favourites, and a personal method I use to keep myself from in a good frame of mind. It can take some time to find something you enjoy, but I think it is well worth finding a physical release. I love to hit the treadmill, and am going to branch out into outdoor running once little dude is back at school.
  • Writing – No surprises that I’m a fan of this too. Whether it’s a private diary, or an online blogging. Writing can be an extremely valuable tool in working through what you are feeling. It is one of the reasons I started my blog. While it has deviated from initial idea, it’s a great way to work through my thoughts and share that with others.
  • Look After Yourself – Whatever you need to do to issue some self-care, do it. For me it’s eating well, indulging in Harry Potter, hot showers, herbal teas and a nice blanket. Your self care will look different and that’s okay. I like to think of it as a date with myself.

More often than not frenzy does not come alone, it will likely be followed a pain in the arse bedfellow that we refer to as drop. Drop is extremely unpleasant and can range in intensity in dramatic fashion. The first experience of drop I had made me want to leave the kink scene altogether. It made me feel awful about the things I’d experienced, and worst of all it lasted a few days.

I now know that my drop was this bad for a few reasons. I wasn’t playing with someone I knew well, I experienced too much, too soon, I had no idea of what I was actually looking for, I said yes to everything and I had no idea I needed to ask for support for what I was feeling. Luckily for me I had a friend identify what I was going through, and a friend that I turned to who pulled me back from leaving the scene and also from letting me indulge my frenzy any further.

Drop – A state of emotion following some Kink sessions. People can experience a wide range of emotions from tearful to angry to shame and more. This can happen immediately after play or many hours later, making it hard for people to recognise what it causing the feelings. It can last for a few hours or days and can often be prevented by good aftercare.

Unlike frenzy, which thankfully seems to become a distant memory after we learn to navigate our kinky ways, drop tends to remain in some capacity for many of us. These days it tends to hit me only after a particularly intense scene with Bakji. The way people deal with drop really does vary, so I can only share what works for me in avoiding it and easing it when it does it.

  • Aftercare  – Identify what aftercare you need and ask for it. As someone who isn’t big on cuddles, it was a shock for me to realise I need a lot of those as aftercare. Don’t let anyone tell what your aftercare should look like either. You might need a glass of water and alone time, and that is just as valid as chocolate and a cuddle.
  • Be honest – Accepting I had drop and talking about it was a huge turning point for me. Beginning to share my post play feelings with Bakji made my drop far less frequent, and eased it much sooner when it did occur.
  • Be self aware – For me this means avoiding certain types of play in certain moods. This will look different for everyone, but if I’m overtired or anxious about something, there are certain types of play it’s good for me to avoid until I’m in a brighter mood.

One of the things that seems to fuel both frenzy and drop is FOMO, that awful fear of missing out. What if we don’t go to that party? Will everyone forget about us? Will we miss our chance to ever be kinky again? The answer to those question and many more is no. It’s easy to convince ourselves that every opportunity missed is going to be the best night ever without us there, in reality chances are you aren’t missing out at all.

My best advice for FOMO is embrace whatever it is you are doing that stops you from being where you think you’d like to be. For me that was often at home on Mummy duty, while my new kinky friends were to my mind having the best party ever. I didn’t always manage this but what I should always have done is got myself some great food, planned some fun activities with my boy, administered some self care in terms of a luxurious bath and indulged in a good book or a cheesy movie.

These days I think I have a handle on drop and FOMO and frenzy is largely a distant memory now. The hardest part of all these things though, especially as someone new to kink, is accepting that they happen, identifying that they are happening to you and being prepared to seek support and take care of yourself when they hit.

We are all so very different in how we experience these things, if you are struggling with any of them, or are worried you didn’t identify them in the past then you are more than welcome to use the contact form to get in touch and I’d happily discuss them with you in a way that is more applicable to your own situation.

This is the second in my ‘A Switchy Girls Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM’ series of posts. The next installment will be published on March 12th and is titled ‘Aftercare – With or Without a Partner’.  If you would like to hear more of my thoughts you can tune in to the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram or you can send a friend request on Fetlife through _Floss_.

#SoSS – Share Our Shit Saturday (on Sunday)

I’ve been following and re-tweeting #SoSS (Share our Shit Saturday) for a little while now, but this is the first time I’ve joined in with my own post. If you would like to know more about the movement amongst bloggers then please read the awesome post by ErosBlog for the lowdown.

As much as I love supporting and championing other bloggers, especially those that writeIMG_6383 about kink, sex and other things much of the world still deems inappropriate for grown adults to discuss online, I am often terrible as getting round to reading as many posts as I’d like to. However with my recent decision to get involved in the Smut Marathon, I’ve found myself carving out more time to visit other writers and I want to share some of the posts I’ve read this week.

First up is Disclosure from Karin at I loved this piece about finding a home in kink and often having to keep that secret from the world around us. When what we actually want to do is scream from the rooftops how happy we are to finally have that sense of belonging. It is a scenario that many of us can identify with. Even people like myself who are fairly open with their lifestyle, still have these moments.

Karin also wrote Kinky Mother, which I absolutely adored. As I am writing this round up I am also sat on the sofa with my 6 year old, taking it turns playing a pool game on his tablet. I don’t write about being a Mum very often though, but I love it when other people do. This post absolutely captures what it is to be a Kinky Mother.

I’m A Primal Here’s What It Means To Me is a post written by Charlton C. Tod who I recently discovered through him being a fellow Smut Marathon entrant. His recent post about what being a primal means to him was definitely informative for anyone who might being wondering what primal is, or whether it might be for them. I’ve always thought I had a bit of a Primal/prey side to my sexual nature, and Charlton’s post did wonders for confirming this.

My last post for my first #SoSS is Endless Possibilities – Being Part of an Open Poly Family from the wonderful Pixie Heart. I love Pixie’s blog, it is honest and open and gives people an insight into a family dynamic that many people would be baffled by through sheer lack of information. I think it’s so valuable to have people like Pixie opening up about her home life. It is posts like this that will hopefully help educate people about being polyamorous and/or non-monogamous.


There’s a chance you are already fed up of me mentioning the Smut Marathon, but the voting is now open for the first round. You can read all the wonderful metaphors we have written and place your vote for your top three. It has already proved a huge challenge for many of us, so your support means so much to us all.

#WickedWednesday – Travels Of Lust

rainbowcircle1-150This piece was inspired by the most recent Wicked Wednesday prompt, this is my first time getting involved in this particular prompt, but I am so excited to finally be a part of it. Please do visit the Wicked Wednesday site and read the other submissions, and maybe even get involved yourself.

Seth slept peacefully beside me, his bare chest mesmerising as I watched the rhythm of its slumbering rise and fall. I traced the lines of his fingers with my own, travelling up his toned and muscular arms, across his shoulders and finally coming to rest to feel his heart beating against my palm.

My eyes fluttered shut as my thoughts drifted to his hands running up and down the curves of my flesh, from tentative first fumbles, to the deep, knowing caresses of a devoted lover and to those times when we were strangers, faces hidden, few words spoken, and yet the intimacy engulfed us.

A brief flicker of guilt rises within me, I know only I can appreciate those last set of memories, they come to him like a dream he can’t hold onto, staying only briefly in his first wakeful moments, and fading by the time he’s finished his first cup of coffee. I tell myself I should stop, that I’m somehow betraying his trust, knowing what I do but being unable to confide in him. Those thoughts are quickly banished though, by the promise of his body against mine, the feeling of him pushing inside me, for what for him will be the first time.

The initial idea had struck me when I discovered we’d been at the same event some 10 years earlier, both trying something new at what can only be described as a fiasco of a sex party. The ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ theme did nothing to invigorate the atmosphere, masked faces seemed to make everyone present more uncomfortable rather than less and the best thing about my night had been the beautiful and elaborate mask I’d had made for the occasion.

Neither of us prospered that night, I left early and Seth spent the night trying to find a woman that had caught his eye. When he described my mask and dress with unnerving clarity, I just sat there. I was urging myself to declare that it was me, that I’d been there too, but I didn’t, I kept quiet and to this day have never shown him the mask sitting in the bottom of my wardrobe.

It had been such a long time since I’d pulled the old and inconspicuous looking timepiece from my bedside table. I’d forgotten how good in felt in my hands, as I brushed my thumb over it’s smooth, cold surface. How the adrenaline started to build within me as I held it, knowing it granted me the power to journey into my past. A power that had left Seth feeling unwell and disoriented when he returned from work the day of my first visit, the unwanted side effects of someone dabbling in his personal timeline.

That first time I’d been shaking with nerves as I pulled on my outfit from those ten years previous, thankful that an inability to throw away good clothes meant it had remained in a drawer unworn until that day. Then I sat on the edge of my bed, cast my mind back with focused and unwavering clarity and turned the dial. My body became weightless and the world blurred until my feet landed in the venue that hosted the night Seth and I never met.

Tonight as I watch him sleeping beside me, I feel none of those nerves. Just a deep rooted need to experience him as man emboldened by a sexual encounter with an amorous stranger. Knowing our meeting would seep into his dreams, his past and present self always connected. He would wake and reach out for me, sleepily muttering how he’d had that dream again, about the stranger, never knowing it wasn’t a dream and that the stranger was me.

Once again I was ready to journey into our past, to find the man in the golden mask, so I could seduce him three years before we would ever meet.

I found him as I always did, propping the bar up, his mask wonky and a tumbler of whisky in front him that I knew he wouldn’t drink. He looked crestfallen, like a man who’d had enough and needed a new adventure.

When I sit beside him at the bar he doesn’t even turn to look at me, until I take his drink and down it one. As he moves to scold me, he stops in his tracks, taking in the mask that earlier caught his eye. I take his hand and lead the way. Behind closed doors it doesn’t take long for him to get the measure of things and with a swift movement he has me pinned against the wall, his lips tracing the line of my neck and collarbone, his hands ravenous against my dress as he traverses the contours of my body.

I unzip his trousers, and even though I know what to expect, a small gasp always escapes my mouth as I see how hard he is. At how hot, and primal this anonymous fuck with a stranger gets him. I take him in my hand, my grip making his mouth fall open in a achingly familiar way. As my hand begins to move up and down, his sense of urgency increases. My dress is up and my knickers are down, and I’m bent over a conveniently situated table.

As he runs his fingers between my labia, he swears through a groan, as he feels how wet I am. I hear the crinkle of a condom wrapper, that causes me to throb with anticipation, after all these times I never want him less in that moment. When he pushes himself inside me, balls deep with that first thrust, I feel like I’m going to die from pleasure. He strips me of my worldly self, and just pulls me into him, as he does in our present he makes me feel like an ethereal being when we fuck. I think some people call that making love, but to me it’s more like transcending love, and passion and flesh and bones.

I orgasm hard, gripping his cock with every muscle I possess, when that starts to ebb away he begins to thrust again and I hear his pace of breath changing, his body tensing and the noises he makes when he comes nearly tip me over the edge again myself.

Each and every time it is the same, and each and every time it is fucking glorious. He removes the condom, fixes his clothes, and plants a kiss on my back as he steadies me on my feet. Our eyes lock, as I briskly exit the room, knowing that when he wakes the next day he won’t remember me in this timeline, due to my stay there being all to brief to take hold and change time.

When the door closes behind me, and I prepare to return home, my heart aches with love for this past version of the man I’ve left in our bed at home. Knowing his passion and sexual desires will go unchanneled for a little while longer. That, I tell myself, is why I keep returning, to help him, for those brief stolen moments, explore and unleash the deviant within.

Episode 56 – Shut The WOOF Up Podcast

Find out more about the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, you can also listen on most available podcast apps and via our #ProudToBeKinky Libsyn Page.

Shut The WOOF Up is a new podcast that is all about puppy play and the community and activities that it encompasses. The host Volka was kind enough to join us for an episode so that we could ask him all the questions we’ve had for ages about puppy play.

First things first, Volka has a sound effects board. I am sorry I failed to control Bakji, he is far less pliable and a lot more defiant when fully clothed. You will hear a lot of sound effects, and I mean a lot. The good news is, we haven’t got a sound board. The bad news is, Bakji wants one. So watch this space.

Anyway, back to puppy play. Once you start bimbling around the kink community you start to comes across a variety of pet play, ponies, kittens and puppies are probably the most popular and puppy play is a community alongside but also separate from the kink community. There are pup munches, pup events and pup websites to help you meet other like minded pups and/or handlers.

Volka was extremely open, and wonderful about answering all our questions. Which means we were able to talk about exactly what being a pup might entail. Is it sexual? Is it platonic? Are there lady pups? What the devil do you do if you go to a pup event?

We also ask Volka all about his podcast, all about his personal dynamics, because we’re nosy like that and generally we had a blast and if you think puppy play might be for you, then you need this episode. If you don’t think it’s for you I’m pretty sure you will still find much hilarity within this conversation.

Links discussed during the show are as follows:

Shut The WOOF Up

Puppy Pride

RubberDawg Custom Hoods

As we always say because it is 100% true, please get in touch, we love hearing from you, whether it’s feedback, questions, or just something daft. You can find us and reach out to us on any of the following:





You can also swing by our Patreon site where you can hear more from us in our episodes of FemDom and Fetish Fun, our spin-off podcast all about our kinky scenes that we enjoy together.

If you’re lookingg for new podcasts to enjoy you can listen to our fellow Podcast Jukebox Network shows, Off the Cuffs, Drinks with God and the Will Sean podcast. We will have new shows joining us soon too. We all love reviews and 5 star ratings, if you haven’t done that yet but would like to do so, then thank you in advance.

Review: Nexus Revo Prostate Massager

When I received the email from Lovehoney to say we were receiving the Nexus Revo Slim Remote Controlled Rotating Silicone Prostate Massager in exchange for an honest review, I was delighted. I couldn’t wait to tell Bakji and he too was excited, as we both hoped this product would advance our adventures in prostate play.

IMG_6704Currently our best experience has been with the Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Remote Control Prostate Massager, but the Nexus Revo promised so much more, and at the double the price I really hoped it would deliver.

In terms of aesthetics, both packaging and product are appealing. A storage pouch is also included, though having previously had two Nexus controllers break, I am inclined to keep this product in the box, just to be on the safe side.

My first thoughts on the Revo were that is feels lovely, the silicone is soft and smooth, and it feel like a good quality product. The vibrations felt nice and strong in my hand, and the rotating shaft felt like it might be a bit of a game changer in terms of prostate stimulation.

As with our previous Nexus product the controls are also easy to use, and charging is simple and effective. Charging time in somewhere under an hour, and play time is around 90 minutes. The added bonus for some people is that it is also waterproof, which not only makes it easy to clean, it can also be used for sexy bath time or shower adventures, which could potentially work out really well for those people who are worried about anal play ‘accidents’ but still really want to explore.

When the time came to use the Revo in a sexy way, we were all set. Bakji was restrained, in what i must admit was a really fun position, involving our suspension point, our gym bench and lots of rope.  I had lots of lube, my sexy medical gloves were on and we were ready to go. In terms of size, and ease of insertion this toy was great, it’s not overly daunting, and would likely be a nice first prostate massager based on that criteria. So in it went and with baited breath I turned the Revo on ….

…. Oh! Bakji’s reactions are not as intense as I’d anticipated. I immediately noticed that the vibrations and rotating shaft didn’t have the instant effect that some of our other vibrating butt plugs and prostate massagers tend to have. I tried a variety of approaches, leaving just the vibrations on, focus more on the rotating shaft, but all in all I just had a feeling it wasn’t blowing his mind, and it certainly didn’t make him blow his load. That was me, credit for that scenes ejaculation is all mine.

While we did use the Revo throughout our scene, my thoughts had turned from lots of excitement to slightly anticlimactic. Our scene was awesome and super sexy, but I couldn’t help but feel the Revo hadn’t enhanced it as much as I’d hoped. When discussing the product with Bakji afterwards he seconded my thoughts.

While the rotating shaft wasn’t at all unpleasant, he mostly knew it was one because he could hear it, as opposed to being able to feel it. It certainly wasn’t giving him the prostate massage we were promised.

The vibrations that stimulate the perineum are good, but don’t seem to stimulate as well as other products, and not really any better than holding one of my own vibrators against that area. Which I do often, so have a fair few memories of it working really well. The best part of the perineum vibrations was when I sat against it and used it for clitoral stimulation, which because the vibrations seem to be focused more on the out part of the product actually work really well.

We also had a bit of an issue with it staying in place, and it seemed determined to slide out, which isn’t great as the idea of something like this for us is for my hands to busy elsewhere while the prostate massager does its thing. While this does happen with a variety of anal toys, we have had great success with other, lower cost products staying put.

Unfortunately when you weigh up cost versus effectiveness this product absolutely falls short. The words ‘intense p-spot massage’ are used in the product description on Lovehoney and there really wasn’t anything intense about it at all. It was definitely pleasant, and it is far from being an awful product, it’s good, but for what it costs I really do want it to be great.

If you’re new to prostate and/or anal play, don’t want anything too powerful and haveIMG_6703.jpg £149.99 burning a hole in your pocket then by all means give this a go. To be honest though it wouldn’t be our top recommendation.

This product and others will be featuring in a future episode of #ProudToBeKinky, where myself and Bakji will be discussing some of the products we have recently used and the experiences we have had with them. If there are any products you would like to hear us discuss then please do let me know, you can also contact us if you have a product you would like to send us in exchange for an honest review.


Smut Marathon: The First Assignment Has Landed

As anyone who has read my blog previously will know, I am huge fan of teasing, I use it a lot in my FemDom adventures, but my joy in teasing extends to other areas of life too. This blog post is a prime example of that.

I recently decided to enter the 2018 Smut Marathon, which I discussed in ‘Smut Marathon 2018’. The rules of which state that assignments are secret and are only revealed once all stories are posted on the Smut Marathon website. I am allowed to ask you to vote, but can’t tell you which piece is mine.

I love these rules, I think it is a brilliant way to encourage writers who might feel they’d rank lower in any voting due to popularity, being a new venture blog, having low traffic to their site or any other number of reasons we convince ourselves not to do something.

Despite those rules however, I am allowed to promote the Smut Marathon and as I said earlier I am allowed to ask you to vote. I will do this many, many times, starting now, please go and vote once the voting is open. The first round of voting begins on February 11th.

The reason this blog post will be such a tease is because it is about, but totally not about, the first assignment. Despite a healthy dose of ‘should I really have done this’ nerves settling in, I was also extremely excited to receive the email containing the first assignment. When I saw it sitting there in my emails, my fingers were fumbling over each other to open it.

Eventually fingers and brain worked together and the email was opened and the assignment was read. My first thought? … Yep, I was right about this presenting me with some challenges, but also I was really keen to explore how I might approach and execute this assignment.

My brain almost instantly started whirring, and in the days since I received that email I’ve been thinking of all the words in an attempt to find the piece I will submit. One idea keeps pushing itself forward though, revisiting me in different guises, as if it will one day reveal it’s true nature as my final piece.

As well as being enthralled by my own Smut Marathon journey, I am also following others with great interest. I am loving seeing daily Twitter posts about how people are getting on, some have already submitted their final piece, many more of us are still trying to make the magic happen.

With that in mind, I am going back to revise what thoughts I have had so far, and I will return with more thoughts on my Smut Marathon journey soon. Don’t forget you can use Twitter to follow both myself @_floss_84, the Smut Marathon @smutmarathon and many of the other writers and judges, details of which can be found on the Smut Marathon website.


When I initially published this post I was fairly certain I had the main premise of the piece I would eventually submit for the first round of the Smut Marathon. What I didn’t envisage was getting a second Idea that I loved just as much.

One I feel is more overtly erotic, I find it instantly summons sexy visuals and feelings, even after I’ve read it time and time again. It takes my mind straight to the person and moments that inspired it, it makes me want and need, and long for their presence. It would be my hope that if I used this one for the Smut Marathon it would ignite the same feelings in those who read it.

On the other hand, the alternate piece is more subtle. It would possibly be lost on many people, but those that it spoke to would probably find it intensely erotic. It was inspired by a feeling I’ve felt but never truly encapsulated, though that doesn’t make my memories of those moments any less special.

I went back and forth over which piece to submit, but finally one seemed to step forward as the chosen one. Now I am eagerly awaiting all the submitted pieces to be released so I can enjoy everyone else’s take on the assignment and see how the first round of voting goes.

I know it has already been a challenging round for a lot of those who have entered, so once again please do support us wherever possible, especially by voting for your favourite piece when the voting opens on February 11th.