#SoSS: My Smut Marathon Favourites

In my last Smut Marathon blog post I mentioned that I had discovered lots of new blogs to enjoy through entering the contest. In response to that post someone asked if I would point my readers in the direction of these wonderful bloggers I’ve discovered so that they could visit their sites and enjoy them too.

#SoSS Saturday seems a brilliant time to champion some of my Smut Marathon SmutMarathonfavourites, both those that are still active in the contest and those who are no longer competing. I have included their ‘about me’ from the Smut Marathon website, so you can read in their own words what they are all about.

Aurora Glory

With a passion for increasing sexual confidence, Aurora is obsessed with all things sex. From sex toys to fetish; kink to erotica and everything in between. It all gets featured on her blog, with honesty, positivity and a slight sprinkling of sarcasm. A great collector of toys, Aurora reviews her way through the best and the worst the sex toy industry has to offer. Her blog was featured in both the 2017 Kinkly top 100 and MollysDailyKiss top 100.

Charlie Powell

Charlie Powell is a sex blogger and erotica writer who tends to spend much more time writing about bath oil, notebooks and wine than she does about sex. As well, as Twitter, she can be found on Instagram.

Charton C. Tod

I run Forbidden Writings, where I post my own short stories as well as in-depth articles on various kinks and lifestyles. I’ve been actively writing for the past year or two, and am in love with the erotica genre. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else (aside from my day job).

Cousin Pons

I have loved literature of all types but it is only recently that I have discovered erotica. Well it seemed to find me and we have been enjoying each others company for the last few months. Years ago I used to work in theatre and television though when I was at school I was told a career in a bank was the job for me. I’m glad I didn’t listen to the advice as I am useless with numbers and the roar of the crowd and smell of greasepaint was much more to my taste. Now I am enjoying writing erotica with a similar relish.

Hyancinth Jones

Hyacinth Jones is a mother, a feminist, a lover of men, words and boobs. A big supporter of women and body acceptance she runs a monthly meme called Boobday to showcase the beauty of all breasts and bodies. She’s 40-ish, hetero-flexible, Dominant, and really, really game for just about anything. She has written about her sex and dating life at A Dissolute Life Means… since December of 2011 and was named the #1 blogger on the Top100 Sex Blogs List in 2015. In 2016 she conducted a session at Eroticon on how to write real life sex scenes and participated on a panel with other sex bloggers and she maintains an Instagram account at @adissolutelife where she posts sensual images while fighting sexism, trolls, and body- and slut-shaming.

Isabelle Lauren

Isabelle is a blogger and writer of erotica. She is passionate about sex education and her stories will feature clear consent. When she is not working her full time job or writing, Isabelle enjoys spending time with her husband and kids.

Lascivious Lucy

Happily polyamorous writer of paranormal erotic and all manner of delicious smut.

Livvy Libertine

Kinky, geeky, and queer; I’ve become an avid writer of erotica since starting my blog in 2015. Initially I wanted to do only sex toy reviews and more serious pieces, but I had a hard time breaking into those topics so sex stories became a part of my writing process and I like to think I’m good at it. I live in the northeastern U.S. with my loving partner of several years and an adorable (and tailless) cat that thinks he is a toddler. When I’m not writing or reading I enjoy baking, crocheting, and being involved in my local roller derby league. Any questions? You can contact me on Twitter.

Pixie Heart

Happily married, submissive house wife. Welcome to my crazy little world! Bi, poly, little, Kinky AF and lover of life. I live with my husband / Dom, and his 3 other female subs, who are also my playmates! (Babe, Kitten and little bear.) Blogging about my life, loves and the odd kinky story a long the way!

Posy Churchgate

I’m a woman who’s kept my sexy side bubbling under my whole life. I love to chat about sex, relationships and kinks, it intrigues me and gives an illicit thrill, but it also makes me realise how much more open-minded and adventurous I am than most of the folk I know. Well, that was true until I joined the community of people blogging about sex, I’ve found my team at last!

I’ve always enjoyed reading erotica – I started with Victorian underground texts and lads mags. Later I read books like Black Lace and downloaded adult novels onto my Kindle, so having discovered sites like Literotica, I expanded my reading tastes to sex in many genres and exploring kinks.

I’ve been ‘sex’ blogging for a year (having run a book reviewing blog for 5 years) but I’m not very technically minded, so my site isn’t flash and I’m very new to Twitter. I also use Google+ to promote posts when I create them. I call my loyal followers my Dark Darlings and some write me lovely comments and feedback.

One of my most exciting achievements is when both women and men write positive remarks about my erotic writing. Being heterosexual I think I know what turns men on, but I feel validated to discover I know what turns women, bi-sexual or pansexual folk on too.

One of my disappointments is that I cannot boast to friends or family when I have successes with my erotic writing. Only a few friends know what I do – to most people I am a mother, an administrator, a crazy dog lady and an avid reader.

My mother was a writer, and I’m sure she’d support what I do if she were still around. She was very open minded and even toyed with writing erotica herself at one point. Currently I’m trying to get her unpublished work into a public domain, and in doing so I’ve discovered she wrote quite ‘saucy’ passages in her novels!

I’m not apologetic about my erotic writing, I’m actually energised by doing it and proud of what I create, but I keep my Posy persona discreet for the sake of my immediate family’s privacy.


I’m Violet, sole author of Fire & Honey. I consider myself both loquacious and voracious when it comes to erotica. I particularly enjoy the interplay of mind and body, where the corporeal meets the cerebral and I truly believe our brains are our hottest sex organs.

Wriggly Kitty

Wriggly Kitty is a UK-based sex blogger. She describes herself as “kinky with vanilla sprinkles,” and documents her experiences in kink, poly, and her sexuality, as well as her mental health wobbles, and over-coming body insecurity, amongst other topics. You can find her blog at https://wrigglykitty.com, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

These are just my particular favourites, don’t forget we started with a list of 75 participants. While she is not writing for the Smut Marathon, I would also like to give a special mention to Marie A. Rebelle who has and continues to work harder than I think we can imagine to make the Smut Marathon happen.

IMG_6998I hope you enjoy discovering these wonderful blogs as much as I have and don’t forget to get involved in Share our Shit Saturday. You can follow #SoSS on Twitter and use the hashtag for any blog post you write sharing the sex positive blog posts you love.

Smut Marathon Round 2: The Results

end-1733893_640The results are in for Round 2 of the Smut Marathon, and the feedback is now available on the blog post containing our entries. I have not made it through to Round 3. While I am obviously disappointed, my feeling are overwhelmingly positive. Before I go on I will start with the entry I submitted. The original metaphor I used from the first round is in Italics.

The Disciple

The hot water cascades over his body, cleansing him as his ritual begins. Once dry he adorns himself with his symbols of submission. Reciting his mantra with every buckle he fastens. ‘I am bound to only you, I serve you with reverence and devotion.’ He is like the High Priest, called to worship at the temple of her body. I am their disciple. I bear witness to their passion, as I am baptised by the glory of their love.

When all the entries were released I knew as soon as I read them that I wouldn’t make it through to Round 3. From the way the judging went in Round 1, I had a feeling that there were others there that would draw people in more. Not because I don’t think my entry was good though. I am proud of what I wrote and to be honest I really love what I came up with.

When I first read through the feedback my initial reaction was ‘well clearly I know nothing about writing’, and believe it or not that was not solely based on the feedback for my own piece, but on many of the other entries too. People who are in a place to offer useful criticisms to those of us in this contest, not only didn’t respond overly well to what I had written, but also did not favour the pieces I especially liked and pieces that I thought had glaring flaws or just to my mind weren’t as good as others were given higher praise than I would have guessed.

The feedback I received was a mixed bag.

  • Halfway you change perspectives from ‘he’ to ‘I’. I am missing a story here.
  • Words have depicted great anticipation and ritualistic preparation for the sexy scenario which is likely to follow, but I feel this prologue itself isn’t erotic.
  • This one was missing something, I thought. It’s good and it’s well-written, and it seems to extend the metaphor versus tell its own tale using it, both of which are good ways of doing similar things. I think it was because this one was almost too short, too succinct. That said, I liked it!
  • This is beautiful and intense. At first I thought that you should have used more words, as you had quite some to spare, but this just works so well that I see why you have left it this short. More words might have taken away the strength of the ones you have used.

I think all the feedback is fair and accurate, except the first piece. I think the context of the words and the title of the piece should lead most people to understand why there is a change in perspectives. The Disciple, the ‘I’ is telling the story, he bearing witness so is he watching the ‘he’. Perhaps a line break before the last sentence would have made that clearer. Had the feedback been, ‘I had to read this a couple of times before I understood the change in perspective’ then my feathers would be a little less ruffled. That said I disagreed with all of the feedback that particular judge left for all the pieces, so clearly we do not view things in the same way.


I wrote the above paragraphs on the day the Round 2 results came out and have been pondering the past few days whether I should start this blog post over. I’m worried I sound bitter at my leaving the contest and as that really isn’t the case. The reason I’ve chosen to leave it is because I think it’s valid.

The judges are entirely within their rights to judge on whatever aspects of writing they choose too. However some feedback was far more helpful than others in assisting the writers to not only act upon the feedback but also accept it as useful critique as opposed to lowering their morale.

I feel hugely positive about the experience I had in the first two rounds of the Smut Marathon. In only two rounds I discovered ways to improve my writing and also new ways to approach my writing overall. I identified where my strengths lay and to be honest, what I do well is what I have always wanted to do with my writing; convey feeling and create emotion.

Is it important to me that my punctuation and grammar is good? Of course it is, and I will continue to improve my knowledge and execution of the technical side of my pieces. However, I suspect that isn’t why people read what I write. You don’t come here for the perfect use of commas, or the the well chosen placement of a semi-colon. With any luck you’re here because you enjoy what I have to say, either because it resonates with you or offers some glimmer of advice. Perhaps you only come for the erotica because it turns you on and makes you want to touch yourself. On every level I am okay with all those reasons for you being here.

Many of my favourite entrants of the Smut Marathon have left alongside me. I am as sad to see their journey come to end as. However I will be swinging by their blogs to see what wonderful works they come up with and you should too.

Of course 40 brilliant writers still remain and I am so excited to see what the future rounds bring. I have no doubt that we will see some wonderful assignments be presented to them and they will rise to the challenges set with gloriously delicious smut.

I will be voting and blogging about future rounds of the Smut Marathon and I urge you all to place your votes too. I appreciate it is a lot to read, but too many people said they were sad to see their favourites leave but hadn’t actually voted for them. I appreciate we all lead busy lives but those votes might have made the difference to your favourite staying or going.

The most unexpected but also the most enjoyable thing to come out of my entering thesoft-toys-3158361_640 Smut Marathon is new friends. I have discovered so many new bloggers and Twitter friends and that has made every moment of entering worthwhile.

Life and time permitting I fully intend to enter the Smut Marathon next year and I hope that entrants who have both left the contest already and those that still remain will be back too.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post I actually wrote three potential pieces of micro-fiction for the second round and I will now share the other two pieces with you.

Absent Lover

When he came home to her, she would lose herself in him as his presence engulfed her and their bodies entwined. She examined and filed away every sight, sound, touch, taste and scent; her mind becoming an ever-expanding catalogue of sensual experiences to be re-experienced at will. She loved to delve into those memories when he was out of reach. When she ached for him and longed to feel his touch. Her hands moving deftly across her soft flesh, as desire flushed upon her skin and her wet, aching cunt called her fingers to action. Her fingers would beckon him, memories and orgasm growing stronger together. Until mind and body exploded in tandem satiating for the briefest of moments her long for him.

The Witness

His cock twitched and ached at the sight before him. The three lovers twisted into a knot of flesh, bearing no identifiable shape to the witness in the chair. He longed to be amongst them, to feel their soft, supple bodies against his own. Mouths lapped at nipples and cunts, causing a melody of pleasure at odds with the involuntary grunts that escaped his gagged mouth. Limbs bound to the sturdy chair beneath him, his only protest at his lack of attention was to strain with futility against his bindings. His body betrayed his enjoyment though. Cock erect, tip glistening with excitement. They had him right where they wanted him, and he was exactly where he loved to be.

Good luck to all the remaining entrants, I will be cheering you all on and sending positive vibes your way throughout.

Mental Health Matters #3

It was my birthday back in November and I’d booked the day off work. What actually happened was I ended up having two weeks off courtesy of my doctor after I phoned her in a terrible state.

Winter has kicked my butt big time. The dark and the cold has done nothing to help my mood. October brought with it a lot of memories of a tricky time in my childhood, and it left me feeling like a little girl again. I was a little girl with a child of her own to look after though and I didn’t really know where to turn. For the first time in a long time I wanted my Mum, and as someone who does a very good job at glossing over just how hard her death was for me, wanting her in itself was a struggle.

After I got off the phone to my doctor I felt like I needed to tell Bakji what had been discussed. The time off work, the medication, my overall low mood and extreme lack of motivation. I was so worried though, I didn’t want to feel bad again for needing that time and the pharmaceutical involvement to feel functional. I didn’t want it to be about him either, I dreaded having to apologise for my brain failings and I didn’t want to have navigate his disappointment in me.

For the first time ever though someone responded in a way that helped me. Even writingIMG_7083.JPG that sentence makes me feel guilty. My mum was amazing in so many ways, and my ex-husband is a wonderful man, so pointing out that they didn’t get it right when it comes to this topic is really hard.

What Bakji did different though was trust me. He trusted me to know that taking the medication was right for me, and he offered affection and support when I needed it most. Which means that I am still successfully taking the medication I am prescribed, making this my longest stint ever on antidepressants and the positive outcomes have been huge for me.

I have for as long as I can remember suffered from bad dreams. These range from just being unpleasant, to being real mind-fucks and at the extreme end can be night terrors, lucid nightmares and sleep paralysis. I won’t go into to details but in the worst of these cases I know I’m stuck in a nightmare, I can’t wake myself up to escape and I can’t move because of the sleep paralysis, but I’m aware enough to know I want to both wake up and move. I’m 33 and spent a large portion of last year sleeping with the light on due to these being so frequent that bedtime became quite scary.

When I started taking the Sertraline prescribed to me I noticed a couple of things that I took note of as possible positive side effects. Firstly I felt calmer when it came to bedtime and turning the light of not only became possible but welcomed. Then when I was asleep the more extreme nightmares had eased off incredibly. I still get a decent amount of mind-fuck dreams, which quite honestly are unpleasant, but a walk in the park compared to the other ones.

For the longest time no one has been able to offer any real clarity on why I have those kind of nightmares. I am now wondering if I’d just stuck with taking the medication all those years back then perhaps I could have saved myself from a lifetime of horrendous nightmares.

Some of the thoughts I had when I was prescribed antidepressants this time round were; ‘I don’t want to be dependent on medication to be happy’, ‘what will people say if they find out’ and ‘who am I going to disappoint this time’. Now I have lifted out of my fog a little my responses to those thoughts are very different. For a start I’m too old to give a fuck about what other people think about me looking after myself. If someone is disappointed in me for having out of whack brain chemicals, well they can deal with that issue themselves. As for being dependent on medication, I am honestly really glad it’s there for me to lean on right now. There is nothing else I or anyone else can do to change what is happening in my brain, but medication can help and that is such a relief.

I’m not saying the Sertraline has been a cure all. I do have to do other things to support my mental well-being. Exercise, healthy eating and supplements are a big part of that. I know I still have areas to address. I have things I probably should talk to a professional about, but I don’t even know where to being with unravelling those topics. If I’m totally honest I don’t know if I’m ready or able to open up about them either. They have been in my minds periphery while I’ve been writing these posts, and it has hurt just to acknowledge their small intrusion into my thoughts.

IMG_7082Medication for depression, anxiety and/or a whole host of other mental health disorders may not be the right path for everyone and I am by no means endorsing the brand of medication I am taking. Too many people suffer in silence though, due to not only the stigma of having mental health issues to begin with, but by being strong enough to seek help and take medication or attend counselling where needed. This post is another step towards me doing my bit to break the silence.

If you would like to read more posts from sex bloggers who write about mental health then Sassy Cat has compiled a wonderful list in her post ‘Sex Bloggers for Mental Health’. You can also follow #sb4mh on Twitter.

A Switchy Girl’s Guide To … Aftercare

Aftercare – The time after a BDSM scene or play session in which those involved calm down, and slowly come back in touch with reality.

When I first joined the kink community the concept of aftercare baffled me. As someone who would not consider themselves tactile or overly affectionate I decided that aftercare wasn’t for me. I am not embarrassed to say I was wrong. I think aftercare is for everybody, and what some of us are saying when we say we don’t ‘need aftercare’ is ‘my aftercare looks different to yours’. Whether we have discovered that for ourselves or not.

IMG_7072The go to thought for aftercare is often cuddles with the other participant/s also involved in the scene or play session. Many of us may not be playing with a regular partner though, and many more of us might not feel that comfortable with cuddles. This makes it really important to think about the follow things:

  • What does aftercare look like for you?
  • What does aftercare look like for the other person/people you are playing with?
  • Who Do You Think Aftercare Is For?
  • What aftercare can you provide for yourself when you are alone?

What Does Aftercare Look Like For You?

Aftercare can come in many forms. Often depending on whether the type of aftercare needed is physical or emotional. Some of the more common aftercare needs I’ve come across are:

  • Physical closeness – both with the person you played with, but often also with those you are close too and feel comfortable with.
  • Words of Affirmation – it can be comforting to hear the scene was enjoyed, you are loved, your rosy bum looks beautiful and whatever other affirmations work for you.
  • Hydration and Nourishment – a glass of water is probably going to be no bad thing for most people, types of aftercare snack seem to vary greatly, but are often well received.
  • Peace and Quiet – many people enjoy finding a quiet space post play, sometimes alone, sometimes with a partner/friend. If someone isn’t familiar with a venue it’s always a nice idea to point out where the quiet spots are.
  • Low Lit Areas – Bright lights, similar to loud noises can be quite jarring when you are coming round from a particularly intense scene, finding somewhere with low lighting may ease the transition into reality.
  • Keeping Warm – aftercare blankets, cosy jumpers and onesies all seem like popular choices for those people who feel a bit chilly post scene.
  • Sleeping – sometimes if a scene was particularly intense or draining and sleeping is an option is often a great way for your body and mind to wind down.

Your aftercare might include some of those things or none of those things, whatever works for you is valid though and you should never be afraid to voice what aftercare it is you need. If someone doesn’t take your need for aftercare seriously, belittles the type of aftercare you need or tries to enforce their own aftercare needs, then it may be worth taking a step back from play until you are certain you will be able to manage your aftercare needs on your own.

I would encourage everyone to discuss their aftercare needs as part of their pre-scene negotiations.

What Does Aftercare Look Like For The Person/People You Are Playing With?

If cuddles are your go to and much loved form of aftercare and you start playing with someone who needs minimal physical contact after they play then aftercare needs are going to clash. Like me you might find that you grow to love your partner’s aftercare preference, what happen if you don’t though? What can you do to minimise the chances of drop for all involved without anyone feeling they need to neglect their own aftercare?

  • Compromise – with long term partners or friends, whether they are romantic partners, play partners or both. Some kind of compromises is usually going to be best for everyone. Maybe cuddles is a bit much for one person, but smaller amounts of physical affection could work. Holding hands, gentle petting, affectionate kisses can all go a long way to reassuring someone post play.
  • Outsourcing – this is a lot more caring than it sounds. At events and play parties, especially if playing within groups of trusted friends, it’s not uncommon for aftercare to be found with a person who wasn’t involved in the scene. If this works for everyone involved there is no reason why this isn’t valid.

I’m not a great cuddler, because physical affection isn’t my go to way to express myself. I am however exceptionally happy to spank someone who needs aftercare cuddles. My partner is a great cuddler and is quite often happy to engage in cuddles and hair strokes with our friends. That said if one of my awkward cuddles would help someone out I’d be happy to give that a go.

Who Do You Think Aftercare Is For?

I know at least one person will be reading this thinking ‘but surely the person getting aftercare is the bottom/submissive’, so why is compromise and outsourcing even an issue? The reason being is that Tops/Dominants need aftercare too. Perhaps not always, perhaps not all Tops/Doms, perhaps not with every bottom they play with. At some point though there is a good chance you will play with a Top/Dominant who will need some form of aftercare, or you may experience it yourself as a Top/Dominant.

It takes a lot of energy, both physical and mental to both plan and execute many of the scenes as play sessions we love to partake in. While those scenes can have a Top flying high in Topspace, it also means that Top Drop is a very real and is every bit as unpleasant as sub drop.

What Aftercare Can You Provide For Yourself When You Are Alone?

IMG_7073Aftercare immediately following a scene is great, and we all hope that this eliminates the effects of drop should be susceptible to them. Sometimes though we may need aftercare in the days following a scene or play session, and in these cases we may need to do a little bit of self-care. Solo aftercare varies as much as partnered aftercare does, some of the more popular things that come up though are:

  • Warm Baths and Showers – the perfect time for nice bubble baths and fancy shower gels.
  • Good Food – this might be healthy foods or it might be the biggest bar of chocolate going.
  • Hobbies – Reading, computer games, crafting, the gym. Whatever your hobby of choice is for relaxing or recharging it could be perfect for incorporation into your solo aftercare.
  • Talk to Friends – Sometimes just having someone to talk to can help alleviate some of the systems of drop. Having a support system you can talk to on days you need aftercare can be invaluable.
  • Surround Yourself With Things You Love – Cuddly toys, pets, your favourite mug, whatever makes you smile is worthy of aftercare inclusion.
  • Sleep – Get enough, make it good quality and don’t be surprised if you sometimes need extra in the days follow a kink scene or play session.

I would imagine a lot of Kinksters have neglected their aftercare needs at some point, but the difference good aftercare can make is amazing. Not only is it good for us as individuals, it can also be an important part of building and maintaining trust and support with a growing or established dynamic. Those moments that follow a scene are just as important as what happens within the scene.

Remember, there’s a difference between an aftercare plan and a trigger plan. An aftercare plan is for when everything goes right. A Trigger Plan is for when everything goes wrong. -Princess Kali, enoughtomakeyoublush.com

Above is one of my favourite pieces of advice from Princess Kali. All the advice and thoughts I’ve shared in this article refer specifically to aftercare. I’m coming from the point of view that scene went well. If a scene ends abruptly, if someone uses their safeword or if in any other way the scene doesn’t go to plan, I highly recommend having a Trigger Plan.

My final recommendation for aftercare would be that while immediately following a scene is great, following up with someone a day or two after you’ve played with them is also a wonderful part of aftercare. It can often take us days to process some of the scenes we embark on, especially if we are new to kink, or we are playing within a new dynamic.

This is the third instalment in my ‘A Switchy Girl’s Guide to Kink, Fetish and BDSM’ series of posts. The next instalment will be published on April 9th and is titled ‘Do You Need a Trigger Plan’.  If you would like to hear more of my thoughts you can tune in to the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, or you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram or you can send a friend request on Fetlife through _Floss_.

#SoSS – Is Your Sunday Sinful?

I wasn’t going to do a #SoSS post this week. With one thing and another I just haven’t had the time to sit and read as many blog posts as I would have liked to. I did however stumble across a tweet from @Mollysdailykiss, which inspired me to take action.

If you haven’t heard of #sinfulsunday, then now is your chance. Hosted by Molly from Mollysdailykiss, it a chance for people to showcase their sexy and erotic pictures. With the shadowban being placed on more and more of our wonderful community sharing these kinds of memes is becoming even more important.

Join in the #sinfulsunday fun

I’ve had a browse through this weeks images and would like to share a few of them with you. The collection is not closed yet though, so you still have time to get involved and add your link into the mix. I won’t be sharing the images in this blog post, as I would hate to share an image without permission, but you should definitely click on the links provided to see them.

The first image that caught my eye from was Daylia Catt, from a post titled ‘Sinful Sunday. Master whipped by back for some fun.’ As both a Sadist and a masochist her image made me squirm with delight. It is seriously delicious. Granted it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but oh my goodness it was definitely to mine.

We don’t have to be baring all to be sexy, a point proven in a wonderful manner by Posy churchgate in her image ‘Man! I feel like a woman!’ The combination of crisp white shirt, sexy black shorts, fishnet clad legs, and kickass boots made for a really gorgeous image.

That’s not to say I’m not a fan of more flesh being on show though. There is definitely some skin to delight you in kinkyandperky’s image from his post ‘Feeling my collar’. Not only do we get a lovely image, but also a little insight into kinkyandperky’s thoughts on his new collar. I love these insights into other peoples dynamics. I am so grateful that people take the time to share.

As regular readers will know I don’t always say nice things about dick pics. Usually because they come unsolicited into my inbox. I have always said though I am not opposed to well crafted picture of a cock. In Malflic’s image ‘Shades of a Circle Jerk’ we get just that. If you are in possession of a cock and feel like you can take an an erotic shot, then I think we definitely need more sensual and seductive cock shots in the world.

One day I might find my way to get involved in Sinful Sunday myself, but in the meantime I shall just support all the other lovelies that are taking part. If you do decide to take part yourself then I can’t wait to see your images, I know for sure I have some readers who could take delightful pictures to share with us all.

I will leave with an image of my own, that I haven’t submitted for Sinful Sunday, but is definitely a good example of how I like to spend my time. The gorgeous man bod in my ropes is of course Bakji.





Smut Marathon: Round 2 Voting Is Now Open

In Round 1 of the Smut Marathon we each wrote our own metaphor. In Round 2 we were challenged to take one of those metaphors and turn it into a piece of micro-fiction. The voting has now opened for the 62 micro-fiction pieces that were submitted. Please do give them all a read and place your votes. Only 40 of us will make it through to Round 3, so getting the votes from as many people as possible is so important to all the writers.

I was so eager on Sunday evening to read through all the entries and place my own votes. At the time of writing this it is Wednesday and I have only just done it. Partly because I had a little bit of post-kink recovery going on, but also because it was so hard to choose my favourite three. I managed to get down to my six favourites, but from there it was tricky to favour only half of them.

I had three possible pieces to submit for this round and I have this niggling feeling that I have made the wrong decision on the one I finally chose. I still love it, and I worked hard on making it the best I felt it could be. I think one or even both of my other options might have told a more unique story, that would perhaps have drawn in more votes.

The feedback I received in the last round was helpful once I’d digested it, but I must admit it wasn’t what I was expecting to hear. This time round I think I have a fair idea of the feedback I might get. If I’m right, and this piece doesn’t get me through to the third round, I still think this is a valuable lesson. Yes, I needed to see my entry alongside others to see where I might have gone wrong, but maybe in the future I will hone that skill so I can make alterations ahead of time.

One of the things I touched upon in ‘Smut Marathon: Round 2 Is Upon Us’ was leaving more feedback. Turns out that is easier said than done. I’ve got feedback for my top six, but would ideally like to contribute a little more, as I know many entrants were frustrated by the lack of feedback they got. With that in mind I’m going to try and focus on; Did you make me feel something? If so, why? And if not, why not? I don’t feel remotely qualified to comment on the technical aspects of writing, so it seems unfair to do so.

My entry from the first round has been used twice for this round. Which in itself is an absolute delight. Going into this round I did harbour a hope that at least one person would be inspired to use my piece for their round 2 entry. I can’t share which metaphor I used, as it would narrow down which piece is mine, I do hope that the person who wrote it originally enjoys what I have done with it though.

Whatever happens with the voting of this round I wish all the writers taking part the very best of luck, and I hope that those who don’t make it through to Round 3 will return next year to give it another shot. I know I will definitely be back, no matter what the outcome of this year’s competition is.

Many of the other entrants are sharing their thoughts on the ongoing progress of the Smut Marathon too, so why not swing by their blogs and give their posts a read.

Mental Health Matters #2

In my last post I discussed the first time I was prescribed medication for depression. The seconded time I visited the doctor about this matter, it was anxiety that was the centre of the discussion, though for me the two are always interlinked.

IMG_6921.JPGI was 22 when I went to the doctor about feeling overwhelmed by my struggle to sleep and my constant worries about leaving the house for work. When I explained my sleeping patterns to the doctor and how long that had been part of my life, I discovered I’d been suffering the effects of anxiety for all of my adult life. It was my ‘normal’ though and I had never questioned it until it had started to affect my daily life.

The doctor said I had ‘high functioning anxiety’ and since that day I’ve always accepted that as true. Especially once I found some information on typical behaviours of people who suffer from this. Even now if I type high functioning anxiety into google I recognise myself in virtually any of the articles I click on. All these years on I can also see how unhealthy many of the behaviours associated with this are, and I feel a little bit sad that they just became a part of me. I find it hard to believe that it is possible for me to undo some of these behaviours. They feel far too deep routed for me to be able to untangle them from who I am without them.

Once again I was prescribed medication. Once again I felt guilty for this being my reality. My mum was still reeling from the fact I was someone who struggled with my mental well being. She was disappointed that to her mind this was the reason I’d left college and never achieved being a university graduate like she had hoped. It was thought that  I’d be the first in our family to go, and my not doing that seemed to be a big regret for her.

I think what held me back in life though wasn’t the depression or the anxiety, it was not treating those things with the care they needed. I think many things would have been different for me if I’d followed through on that first prescription for antidepressants and if I’d completed the counselling sessions as suggested by my doctor.

This second experience of discussing my brain niggles involved my now ex-husband, who was my fiance at the time. He was baffled as to how I could be depressed or anxious. Did I not love him? Was our life not a good one? What had he done wrong? Again my mental state was about someone else.

I felt like an awful person for bringing this onto the people I loved, for hurting themIMG_6919.JPG because my stupid brain was a mess. I wanted so badly to just ‘feel normal’, yet no one seemed to see that for that to happen I needed the medication, even if only for a little while. I understand now, even if I didn’t then, that those feelings were and still are part of my anxiety.

I became embarrassed to leave my tablets anywhere, or to be seen taking them. They felt like an elephant in the room at all times. I hated having to explain why I was going to the doctor, or having to share even the smallest of side-effects with those around me. Which meant that I took the same route as before and I just stopped taking the tablets. It seemed to make everyone else happier that I didn’t them and no one ever seemed to notice that I was never quite 100% in terms of mental well being.

IMG_6920.JPGEven now as I’m writing this I’m asking myself ‘how bad could it really have been’. I know that for some people not taking that medication would have been extremely detrimental to their safety and could have had a much more severe effect on their life. That thinking though is why I decided to share. Your anxiety or depression doesn’t have to be as bad as someone else’s or as bad as it could possibly ever be for you to seek help and do what you need to do to feel better.

At any given point in life there is always going to be someone who has been through someone that you or the world will perceive as ‘worse’ than your own experience. The funny thing about depression though is that it actually doesn’t give a shit about ‘worse’ or ‘better’. It doesn’t care about who has money, who is loved or who is achieving great things. Much the same as physical ailments don’t care who they descend upon either. Those pesky brain chemicals are a law unto themselves for some of us, and the world really needs to start accepting that.

Since I wrote my first post about Mental Health I have been made aware of a new hashtag on Twitter #SB4MH. The blog post from which this is originates is ‘Sex Bloggers for Mental Health’ by Sassy Cat. Strangely I still feel like an imposter in this conversation. Somewhere inside of me is still that niggling thought that my story isn’t as valid as other people’s. I’m committed to using my voice to join others in trying to destigmatise mental illness, no matter where someone may fall on that spectrum. So please do go and visit her blog and follow her links to all the other wonderful sex bloggers sharing their own experiences with mental health.