[FemDom Friday] FemDom Can Be Sex Inclusive

‘Don’t you miss having sex?’

A question I have been asked many times with regards to being into FemDom. It’s hard to know where to begin with unraveling the myth behind this particular question, so let’s just acknowledge one thing straight away … FemDom can be sex inclusive.

The beauty of being the one in charge, whether that just in a scene or in a more extended FemDom dynamic is that you get to call the shots. (Within established parameters and respecting limits of course.) I have always known that I could include sex in my FemDom scenes, learning how to incorporate it was trickier, that however was about my personal approach, rather than about some unwritten rule of no sex for Dominant Women.

When I tie Bakji up, which I do in probably 99% of our kinky sessions, one of the most joyful elements of that time is that I can do whatever I want to him, for however long I want and whichever way I choose. If I want to ‘force him’ into oral servitude, then use his cock as a dildo and demand he makes me comes with his magic fingers before making him go to bed without any comes himself, I can absolutely do that.

I can have all the sex I can take. I can even leave him untied, still turn him into a subby fuck (I mean this affectionately and with love) and demand he fucks me until I come whilst denying him the chance to climax himself. The key to this is rooted in a few things. Partly he wants to do this; D/s dynamics of all kinds only work if each side of the slash want their part in the exchange. Secondly we’ve taken time to understand what makes us tick when it comes to kink, I know exactly what buttons to push to get Bakji to submit to my wicked desires. I also know which actions will get me fucked by what is essentially a sex robot, and what actions will have him taking charge and fucking me into my very own puddle of subbiness. (Yes, I’m a Switch, yes I can still give advice on FemDom, no I don’t care if you disagree.)

Certain sex acts are deemed inherently Dominant by some people, I thoroughly disagree. Some sex acts may indeed be acts of Topping, in that you are the person doing the sex thing to the other person, but doing does not a Dominant make. While I’m on the subject, the reverse is opposite for certain sex acts being seen as submissive. Blowjobs anyone? Yeah not submissive. I give blowjobs in FemDom mode, and I actually prefer them to giving a blowjob in a non-kink context or when I’m bottoming.

That said, one of the things I love about FemDom is that I actually don’t have to have any sex at all if I don’t want to and you know what, sometimes, in fact a lot of times I don’t. I don’t have a very high sex drive. Often when I’m craving a scene with Bakji what I actually want is the control. I want to tease him endlessly and watch as his frustration builds, I love to laugh during our scenes and most of all the sex I like having is my hand wrapped around his cock. Yep, handjobs are the highest frequency sex in our relationship and I bloody love that.

What get’s you off doesn’t have to be sex, it can be, but don’t feel bad, or weird about yourself if it’s not. When it comes to giving FemDom a go the best advice I can give you when it comes to gaining your own pleasure, is simply do what makes you feel good, and what makes you smile. If that’s tying your sub up while lying back and masturbating, do that. If it’s leaving them untied (I realise bondage isn’t for everyone), but ordering them remain still while you fuck them, do that.

The list of joyful ways you can derive sexual pleasure from a FemDom scene is endless. If however having sex, whether that is P.I.V, fingering, oral or any other kind of sex then you can absolutely make that happen. You can roll over in bed at night, feel their erection, whisper in their ear that you want them to fuck you and the whole time you can be reminding them of how subby they are, of how that dick is yours, how their orgasm will be yours (if you permit there to be one), how every living, breathing, hot, sweaty, fucking inch of them belongs to you. Words are powerful things and they can make the most perceived ‘dominant’ actions exceptionally submissive if utilised in the right way.

This is why I love FemDom. It takes everything I’ve ever been taught about being a woman in a sexual relationship and says ‘fuck you’ right in its face.

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[Erotica] Behold the Brat

This is Part 4 of what is my Friday Flash serial. Please check out Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 as well. They are all 500 words or under, so nice quick reads for you. 

sculpture-with-rabbit-earsI woke the following day and as romantic as it would be to say I spent my time watching her sleep, I actually spent be moments before she woke marvelling at the myriad of photographs placed around her room. I was looking at one of a strange rabbit man riding pillion on a horse statue when I heard her voice behind me.

‘So … that was all a little unexpected!’

I couldn’t hold back my laughter, and it was through continuing chortles that I replied.

‘Sorry, what? You were the one who whispered ‘let’s go back to mine and do the bathroom thing again’ in my ear, how can you not have been expecting that.’

‘Oh don’t get me wrong, I was expecting us to fuck, but I wasn’t expecting you to be so … Dominant.’

‘Oooh .. that … yeah, I must admit I do love that!’

‘Ha! No shit Sherlock.’

I raise my eyebrow in her direction, and can feel a familiar feeling rising within me. It’s been a long time since I had a kink dynamic of any kind, but something about her was giving me some very Toppy feels and I couldn’t help but wonder if she had some background kinkiness herself.

‘Are you complaining? Or just being plain ungrateful?’

‘Neither!’ She said in mock horror. ‘I swear, but if you think I’ve been a bad girl, then I’m open to hearing your solutions for that.’

She looked at me defiantly, she was definitely goading me, and it was quite clear she was one hell of a brat. Luckily I am keen brat-tamer and while I didn’t want to take things too far without a clear discussion and some negotiation, I was willing to test the waters a little.

‘Get on the bed then.’

That defiant look remained and her feet did not move an inch. I brought my body close to hers, we’d slept naked and our breasts touched, both our chests moving rapidly as the sexual chemistry moved between us. With my mouth against her ear I whispered her three choices, instinct already telling me which option she’d take.

‘Walk out of the bedroom, make us coffee and we will leave this behind us. Get on the bed and take your punishment like a good girl, or have me drag you there by your hair.’

I heard her stifle a giggle, her feet remained in place though, her eyes sparkling with mischief and delight. I wrapped my hand in her hair and tugged, she gasped, one I knew to be from pleasure not pain, now she moved, giggling all the while and stirring up a deep, long forgotten need within me.

She tumbled against the mattress and onto her back, eyes shining up at me, she looked triumphant. I was going to enjoy swapping that look and replacing it with one of ruination and depravity.

Our adventure was about to take a very debauched turn and I for one, could not wait.

I can’t stress enough how much fun I am having with Friday Flash, I am choosing to try and weave the prompts in, it’s part of the challenge I’m setting myself but you don’t have too. Why not write 500 steamy words yourself and get involved.

Who else is Flashing this Friday?

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My Kinky Roots

Content Warning: Abortion/Medical Termination/Baby Loss. Please do not read this if any of those subject matters are triggering for you. This is not a graphic post, but I suspect it will be very emotive for many people. 

If you’ve ever listened to the Off the Cuffs Podcast (OCPKink), you will hear them ask their guests about their ‘Radioactive Spider Bite into Kink’. I won’t lie, I am incredibly bitter that they thought of phrasing this question that way, but they are ridiculously awesome guys, so I’ll let them off. It is endlessly fascinating to hear how we all have vastly different reasons for identifying as kinky.

I have answered that question myself, not only on OCPKink (find me on episode 49), but also on my own podcast ProudToBeKinky, and probably here on the blog a few times as well. My answer goes somewhat like this …

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I Am a Medical Masturbator!

Content Warning – Medical Play, Blood Play, Needle Play including images of needles in use and bleeding post use.

My recent post ‘Nurse Floss Will See You Now’ was something of a landmark blog post for me, it discussed some elements of my kinky interests that I had not shared, except perhaps in passing in previous posts. It also included kinks that I am aware could be triggering for other people or at the very least hard limits for them. It was however warmly received, even by those people who could not relate to the kinks and scenes described within it as arousing for them personally.

With the positivity of that post making me a lot bolder, I would like to share another kink of mine with you. While it isn’t one I indulge in every time I masturbate, it isn’t something I like to enjoy from time to time, and as the title suggests that kink is Medical Masturbation. At least that’s what I am calling it.

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[Sinful Sunday] I’m Such a Bloody Tease

This image is a prelude to tomorrow’s blog post! Where there will be before images, and after images and lots of explanation as to what I got up to before I took this picture.


Each week the Sinful Sunday images are sexy, inspiring, fun and thought provoking. If you aren’t checking them out then you are missing out. Follow the link below, see who is getting involved and leave some likes and comments for your favourites.

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[Erotica] Down at the Duck Pond

This is part 3 of my continuing Friday Flash tale, I’ll be honest and say I have no idea where it’s going, I’m just enjoying seeing where the prompt take me each week and keeping their adventure to 500 words. This week is a little less erotic, and it might need Part 1 The Cute Girl and the Pastry and Part 2 Life is Beautiful for it to make any sense. 

My featured images usually come from Pixabay, unless they are clearly of me. For this post though I am using a photo that I took myself. 

‘Pick your poison’ she said, thrusting a list of non-alcoholic cocktails into my hand.

‘My treat. I’ve got a surprise coming too.’

Image by F Dot Leonora

Jo had settled herself at the same table we’d sat at less than week ago. After she’d taken my order, ‘The Vagilante’ was to be my cocktail of choice, she busied herself at the counter until she returned, drinks in hand and a delightful platter of tasty morsels.

‘I felt bad taking you away from you pastry last time we were here and I wanted to make up for it.’

I grinned from ear to ear, no one had ever done something so thoughtful for me. I didn’t have the heart to tell her I’d managed to retrieve it.

Our time together was so wonderful that I hadn’t noticed the hours slipping away, so when she announced it was time to go I was inwardly, and it seems outwardly, crestfallen.

‘Don’t look so sad, you’re coming too.’

‘Oh okay!’

My daft and goofy grin was back, she responded in kind though and took my hand in her as we left the cafe.

‘Where are we going?’

‘On an adventure!’

I thought I knew the city inside out, but she took me on walk through hidden parts I had never discovered before. We talked about art, well she talked I listened, because it was fascinating hearing her thoughts on the matter. Every now and then we’d reach a place that she wanted to take pictures of, or somewhere she wanted to tell me about. I spent of lot of time listening and watching, simply enjoying being with her.

When we reached on of my favourite places, it was my turn to do the talking. We had by complete chance ended up at one of my favourite nature spots,the prettiest duck pond the city had to offer. We sat beside each other on the grass, and I told her all the facts I knew about ducks and we giggled as we watched them waddle and quack.

‘You’re such a dork Cam, I think I might always love that about you.’

I was startled by her honesty and her use of ‘that word’, she was unperturbed by it though and I realised what a lovely thing it was she had said, as my mind tried to unpick and scrutinise any and all meaning from her sentence, she spoke again, entirely interrupting my train of thought.

‘Do you know what else I love?’

‘Um .. no, I don’t.’

‘That thing we did in the bathroom on the first day we met.’

‘Oh yes, I loved that too. So much so that I’ve actually done it few times since. On my own though, so it wasn’t quite the same.’

She laughed so hard at my confession that I thought she might pass out, tears streamed from her eyes, but when she finally composed herself, she kissed me firm on the lips and whispered an offer into my ear that I definitely couldn’t resist.

If you want to know what Jo whispered to Cam then you will just have to wait until next week. In the meantime check out the other Friday Flash submissions via the link below.

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[Erotica] The Golden Stream

Content Warning: Watersports/Urination Play 

You look at me eyes wide and your mouth open, you’re being such good boy. Well the eye contact makes you a good boy, the open mouth just means the gag is doing its job. Keeping your mouth open and accessible to me at all times.

Your eyes sparkle with a mixture of excitement and trepidation! Is it just a threat? Part of the tease and something to add to the intensity of our scene. Or do I really mean to do it this time!

I straddle you and bound as you are you are unable to do much more than attempt to wriggle! I watch as your chest heaves as your breathing speeds up and your eyes fix on my cunt! The cunt you love so much, you’ve licked it, fucked it, fingered it, made it gush, made it clench, made me scream in delight at the attention you’ve paid it. Never have you drowned beneath it though.

Never has my warm, wet piss flowed over you. Drenching you in my scent, marking you as Mine.

Never until now!

I position myself above your mouth and I watch as your body tenses and your eyes are forced wider still by the uncertainty you now face! I suspect part of you doesn’t want to watch, but that part of you that aches for me to do unspeakable things to you is delighted by the prospect of my warm golden stream filling your mouth.

I’m poised, ready and even I wonder if someday is going to be today. If the urge have you taste me in a new way will be fulfilled. I don’t know when this desire became more than a tease, more than a threat to heighten your experience while we played. When, I wonder, did it become overwhelming and magnificent in its appeal.

I feel my muscles clench and release. Someday is today and I watch as a stream of piss flows onto your chin. I gauge the reaction in your eyes and the slightly horrified sparkle tells me I can go further. I tilt my pelvis ever so slightly, clenching my muscles to stop the flow and releasing to fill your mouth.

Filling your mouth is actually just gracing your tongue with a small but delicious quantity! You can’t close your mouth to swallow and I watch as your tongue moves awkwardly to allow your throat access to this new and addictive nectar.

A full and well prepared bladder means I can change position once more, this time strong and continuous upon your chest. The ropes that bind you are darkening as they absorb in a way your skin can not. My eyes follow the lines and knots of the rope works across your body and I notice how my flowing piss trickles across your flesh. My eyes are drawn downwards to your cock and if ever there was a doubt that your arousal for this matches my own, your cock, hard, twitching and eager removes all doubt.

My cunt finally stops in its mission to drench you because the mission has been completed with great success. My fingers wrap around your erection, and all I can think about is turning you into a wetter and messier pile of ruination. As always my hand is exceptionally efficient in making this happen.

You grunt, groan and shudder your way to orgasm, all louder and more forceful than normal as they escape through your open mouth which is still forced open by the gag, drool has also found its way to freedom making your chin shiny with saliva and this further fuels my need to see your belly covered in your own spunk. My hand begins its final sprint towards your climax and I am not disappointed.

You come hard, it looks violent and painful as it creates pleasurable havoc within you and forces the fruits of my labour from your body in hot, messy spurts. As I hoped for, you are covered, belly to chest, you are a beautiful sticky, wet mess.

I remove your gag and kiss you, and you pull back a little, worried that you are covered or drool or might taste like piss. None of that matters to me though. I straddle you, feeling your spunk soaking through my flimsy excuse for a dress, as I hold your face between my hands and kiss you with as much passion with which you came.

Someday was today and today was deliciously depraved.

This blog post was inspired by this weeks Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Someday’. Please follow the link below to see who else has submitted and leave them some love.

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