This has been mentioned in a couple of my writings already Podcasts & Princess Parts & Floss Does Fetish Clubs and chances are it will come up again, so for those interested in what #ProudToBeKinky is here is the lowdown.

There are a myimg_7182riad of BDSM podcasts out there, all providing various approaches, on all aspects of BDSM from age-play to zip-lock bags for breathplay. Bakji thought a new approach was needed though and thus the initial idea for #ProudToBeKinky was born.

Focusing mainly on the social and inter-personal side of kink. We want as many people out there to get to munches and/or Fetish events, so they can meet like minded kinky friends and have a fab time.

You can visit the #ProudToBeKinky blog at  and you can listen on iTunesacast, Stitcher, SoundCloud and most other podcast apps. Also if you’re a social media fan check us out on InstagramTwitter, Fetlife and Facebook. If you have anything you’d be keen to hear discussed, or any questions, please send us an e-mail via

We are now proud to be part of the Podcast Jukebox Network, kindly setup by our friends over at Off The Cuffs: a kink and BDSM podcast. Also include The Will Sean Podcast and Parking Lot Radio. Please do check them out.