Episode 4 – The Topisode

Welcome to Episode #004 of the #ProudToBeKinky Podcast, where Bakji Ben, Ben Blue, Viv and Floss talk topping styles in a chat we affectionately refer to as the TOPisode. If anything we discuss in this episode or any previous episodes leave you with the burning desire to ask us a question, or share your story, then please do so by emailing us at hello [at] proudtobekinky.com. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram.
As mentioned all four of us are together this time round for our first group podcast. With all of us having switched at some point, and all being at different stages of our Topping journeys, our experience levels and personal stories differ widely, so it made for an interesting chat.We all tend to interchange our terminology in this episode, switching between Topping and Domming depending on who is talking. While a Top is definitely a universal word for someone leading the way within an intimate exchange, in this episode we are predominantly using it to refer to BDSM interactions.Topics we cover in this episode:How we found our way into ToppingHow we found our individual Topping stylesThe switch from bottoming to ToppingWe hope you enjoy this episode and tune in for the next instalment of this chat in episode #005 which covers how the four of us approach bottoming and/or subbing.Links:The Dominant GuideThe New Topping Book. As mentioned by VivFloss’ Rope Work on Instagram and her blog flossdoeslifeBakji Ben’s Rope Work on Instagram