Episode 25 – Chat with Author Nicholas Tanek

Author Nicholas Tanek joins us this week to discuss his new book ‘Your Kinky Friends’. We also touch upon his other titles ‘Chipped Black Nail Polish’ and ‘The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself’. Both Bakji and Floss have read all three books between them, and they come highly recommended. It is not often you get to chat with an author about a book you have enjoyed, so this made for a really nice experience.

Nicholas is based in the U.S, so once again we were faced with the issue of time difference. We really wanted to bring this chat to the podcast though, so we took the hit and recorded at 1am U.K time. So you may need to look past the fact That Bakji and Floss sound a little on the tired side. We promise the next episode with be full energy and recorded at a normal time of day.

We talk to Nicholas about what prompted him to join the scene, and how the BDSM community provided a positive space for him at a very low point in his life. For anyone who has wondered if you can find true friends and positive influences in the BDSM community then this story is for you.

Pre-scene kink also crops up, as we discuss what kind of things Nicholas enjoyed as a young kinkster. More of which crops up in his book ‘The Coolest Way To Kill Yourself’. Which is peppered with lots of kinky tales but also deals with addiction, recovery, loss of a partner, love and friendship.

Other topics we discuss in this episode are:

  • Early forays into kink
  • The love of all things FemDom
  • Perving the lingerie section of catalogues
  • The love of all things British
  • Hidden porn in the woods
  • And a whole host of other things

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