Episode 23 – Running a Fetish Club

SlapStick Fetish Club has been running for a year, Bakji and Floss made their first visit back in March and were instantly seduced and it’s definitely up there as one of their top Fetish nights out. So when the lovely Pierre and Hannah who run the event agreed to come onto the podcast we were overjoyed.

We can promote other people’s events as much as we like, but hearing about events from the people that organise them is even better. One of the reasons people have said they enjoy the podcast is because it shows them that there are nice, regular people on the scene, the same goes for the people arranging events. They’re nice people who want to put on awesome events for like minded kinksters. I hope that by us talking to people who run Fetish nights, it will encouraging those of you who have yet to make it to your first Fetish event, to do just that.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • What are their top tips for a first visit to a Fetish event
  • What made them decide to set up a Fetish event
  • What did they want to do a little bit different to other events
  • Is it difficult finding suitable locations for events

At one point we digress a little bit into a discussion about swinging clubs. While they aren’t something any of us who host the podcast have experienced, and despite the fact there isn’t a huge swinging/BDSM crossover, we appreciate that some of our listeners might have interest in this aspect of sexual exploration, if so we hope some of what we discuss today will be of some use.

Hannah and Pierre were also kind enough to share a little bit more about themselves, and the relationships they are in and the types of kink activities they enjoy. We also asked how they initially discovered kink and what made them join the fetish scene.

You can find out more about SlapStick Club on their website www.slapstickclub.com, they are also on Instagram, slaptick.club, on Twitter @Slap_Stick_Club and Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/slapstickclub/.

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