Pieces of the Parts

Pieces of the parts
Of the you that you are
Seem to beguile me
My eyes seeing the world
With the shine and laughter
Cast into them
When we are alone
My senses are mesmerised
With a command
As soft and calm
As a warm summer breeze
So my eyes linger
Though longer
Is never enough
And my hands are drawn
To learning your lines
The contours
That create the body
My fingertips find
As I’m pulled in closer
I listen, content
To each breath
To each heartbeat
To every sound
That you make
And when you kiss me
The passion
Begins to unfold
Do you know you taste
Like a wish
I made long ago
And I can’t help
But breathe deeply
When you rest in my arms
My nose nuzzling softly
So your scent fills my lungs
And I can finally rest
And disarmed
By your charms