She Has Risen

She has risen to the top
Eyes wide and shiny with delight
I can feel her tapping impatiently within me
She makes my chest tighten
As I hold my breath
To regain control
‘Let me play. Let me play.’
Her chant is a whisper
I cannot escape
She is denied though
She is all claws
And teeth
Her hands will find a home
Around your throat
As her kiss
Fills you with a feeling
That I will not
She does not play fair
As she draws my attention
To the parts of you
That make me see her point
Her low growl rumbles
In my throat
As she taunts me
While my fingertips dance gently
Upon your skin
So I breathe a sigh of relief
When your teeth sink
Into my willing flesh
And your hand
Forms a tight fist in my hair
Pulling my body and mind
Into submission
For now she sits quietly
Lying in wait
Because she knows
With this feeling
She cannot compete