[Life] One Book Is Not Enough

#F4Thought, Life

When I was little, from the time when my parents got divorced, up until my Mum married my step-dad we were pretty poor. I’d say that was a time span of about 4 years from being two until I was about six. Now when I say poor, I mean exactly that. I remember our boiler […]

December 5, 2019

[Life] The Freedom of Floss

#F4Thought, Life

The word freedom might only be seven letters long, but my goodness does it pack a mighty punch when you really get down to what it means for you as an individual. I think one person’s freedom might well look like a cage to an onlooker. For some of us, freedom is physical, for others […]

November 21, 2019

[Sex] Why I’ve Never Faked It

#F4Thought, Sex

I’ve discussed my somewhat peculiar journey with orgasms before, but I will give you a little recap. My body was an orgasm free zone up until I gave birth to my son. I tried all the tips they give you to encourage my body to get to that place and it never did.  I tried […]

November 7, 2019

[Life] Making Memories

#F4Thought, Life

I remember a thousand things from what feels like a thousand lives and none of them are demanding my attention more than the memory of your touch, a memory that flutters through my mind and dances upon my skin.  There are moments in my life that changed me so dramatically I feel as they rebuilt […]

October 17, 2019