[Photography] Feel

Feel what you need to feel

And then let it go

Do not let it consume you

Words by Dhiman

As of today I am 10 weeks postpartum and it’s been a wonderful 10 weeks. I am loving the time I have with Tiny Human and while it has definitely meant less time for the blog I’m really not too sad about that. It seems like a worthwhile trade.

This is the main reason for lack of word based post. They’re time consuming and while I do have the ideas and will definitely get to them eventually, now just isn’t the best time. Usually when words are tough though I do more image based posts because it’s a good way to stay creative without having to utilise my brain too much but even that has been a challenge recently.

I’m having to learn to photograph myself again now my body has changed. I do similar poses as before and find myself noticing how the image hasn’t come out the way I wanted. I’m discovering that perhaps I need to explore my photography adventure from the beginning again and maybe find new favourite ways of presenting my images.

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