[Photography] The Breath I Seek

there is this

stunning breathing rhythm

in a woman learning to love herself

this slow rise as she feels her way into

every inch of her skin like honey,

and this soft fall as she settles into grace

this is the breath i seek

Words by butterflies rising

I’m still very much enjoying my pregnancy body and I’m definitely going to miss it once the baby is here. I love being pregnant, even though it does have its unpleasant sides, so I want to be able to enjoy every moment of it but at the same time I want it to hurry along so I can have my baby safe in my arms.

This week I had a midwife appointment where she was concerned my bump was a bit small, which made me laugh out loud because I started to show fairly quick and as such have felt big and pregnant for a long time. Luckily the wonderful NHS got me in the very next day for a growth scan and all was well. Baby is measuring exactly as they’d hope, not big, not small, but just right.

This did mean I got to see his little face again during the ultrasound and it was precious. Saw him doing a little yawn and putting his hand behind his head like he was totally chilling. It was a beautiful reminder that my body is doing something amazing and I am so grateful that my body is cooperating and doing this for me.

I am sure my body will be different after baby is born and I hope very much to carry the love I am feeling for my body now through to the other side of pregnancy.

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