[Photography] Peace and Flame

you are

a peace and a flame

… you steady me and stir me

all at once

Words by butterflies rising

I feel genuinely blessed that Mr F and I have maintained a good sexual relationship whilst I’ve been pregnant. I’m also grateful for the fact that both he and I aren’t too sidetracked by the growing baby in my belly and I still feel sexual and sexually attractive. In fact, if anything, I feel sexier now than I did before.

We’ve had to make adjustments and perhaps the frequency of fucking has slowed down, but if we’re going for quality over quantity we are definitely winning.

Today’s post shower fuckery involved Mr F coming all over my belly and I love this picture because it’s brutally honest. My body isn’t just mine at the minute, I am sharing it with Tiny Belly Human, who actually has more say over how I feel most days than I do. That said though, I’m still a sexual being and I don’t shy away from that just because I’m a pregnant mama.

I chose the quote to accompany this image because I think it fits perfectly with my experience of not only pregnancy but my relationship with Mr F. He stirs a fire inside me that fills me with passion, desire and heat while simultaneously calming me and bringing me a peace I haven’t felt for a long time and Tiny Belly Human is definitely part of that.

Being pregnant is also quite soothing and healing for me in many ways, especially as we move further along and things continue to go well but at the same time my body is very kindly giving me way more sexy feels and I am fascinated by masturbation as well as fucking because it just feels so damn good, better than it ever has before.

While I am happy to share these thoughts and experiences with my blog readers when Mr F asked me if I’d ever consider doing OnlyFans or similar whilst pregnant I replied with a very definite no. To be clear, I have zero judgement for those who do, but for me my pregnancy and my pregnant body is fine for me and Mr F to sexualise because, well, we made it happen but they idea of a stranger getting their rocks off to my baby belly makes me feel a bit queasy.

Mr F and I loving it enough for the whole world though and I actually think we will miss it once baby has arrived.

3 thoughts on “[Photography] Peace and Flame

  1. I fucking love how much you are enjoying this and sharing these moments. Sometimes I regret not taking as many erotic photos when I was pregnant, for me, not for the internet, but I have delightful, dirty memories that will carry me through.

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