[Life] Music, Memories & A Mosh Pit Belly!

‘Music is the literature of the heart, it commences where speech ends,’ – Alphonse de Lamartine

I’ve enjoyed music for as long as I can remember. I had three parental figures who all enjoyed different kinds of music, so I ended up with a wide variety of musical interests. Then when I met my ex-husband he had different choices again and my musical tastes widened even further. When I was a teenager people were so judgemental about the types of music people were into. In some cases, I definitely liked some of the ‘cool bands’ but at the same time I chose some deeply uncool music to chill out to and I never cared, not for one minute. 

 I’ve never judged people for their musical tastes and am more than happy to listen to something I wouldn’t normally put on if it’s something the other person enjoys. Mr F and I both have epic playlists on Spotify, but he sometimes finds mine has too many slow songs on, so it’s one I listen to more when I’m alone. His playlist on the other hand has been overplayed a little, for him, and he wanted to find something new for us to listen to. 

Luckily we have a friend who compiled two awesome playlists for us to listen to when she and I did morning shifts together at work. She shared them with us and they’ve become our lockdown playlists for sure. Listening to these got us chatting about the kind of music played in our homes when we were younger and it’s been interesting to see how that has shaped what we listen to now as adults. 

Mr F’s chosen choice of music is most often Nu-Metal, combined with some rock and heavy metal. A lot of it I’m familiar with, but in some cases, I know the band names but not the songs that well, or I can sing along with the song but have no clue who sings it. This means lockdown 3.0 has been a bit of an education for me. Especially as Tiny Belly Human has been giving his input too. 

If you google what music you should play for your unborn baby the first result says anything you enjoy is fine. Further down you get the recommendation of classical music. Now, try as I might I can’t get into classical music, it makes my brain feel a bit itchy, in the same way hardcore rave music does. When I play my regular playlist baby seems largely unbothered, but when we get the nu-metal tunes flowing well, my tummy turns into a mosh pit it seems. 

Interestingly when I was pregnant with Small Human I listened to a lot of hip-hop and he is now most definitely not a fan of that! Mr F is taking Tiny Belly Human’s tummy wriggling as a sign he’s going to be a metalhead so it will definitely be interesting to see what he enjoys as he grows bigger. 

Small Human is just now (he’s 9) getting into music for himself, I couldn’t handle him messing up my Spotify though so he has his own and I helped him build a playlist of stuff he enjoys and occasionally he will tell me what he’s listening to and it’s lovely to be having these kinds of conversations. Especially when he tells me someone said a song or band he likes is rubbish and he just doesn’t care, so long as he likes it then he’s going to keep listening. 

I also have to accept that I do not have a clue what is happening with current music. I know the odd song here and there but a few times we’ve heard a song in a shop and I’ve wondered out loud who it is and he’s been able to tell me. I remember a time when I never imagined I wouldn’t know at least something about current music trends but apparently that day has come. I still discover new music, but quite often it’s just new to me and not necessarily new to the music industry as a whole. 

When I was a teenager or even in certain moments of being an adult I definitely would have agreed with the quote given for this week’s Quote Quest. I definitely used music a lot more to express myself in the past. Even more so when spending time with someone I was flirting with or in the early stages of a relationship with. Not that it ever got me very far though! In fact most of the time my musical flirtations fell on deaf ears I think. 

With Mr F it hasn’t even been something I’ve tried to do, we don’t have a ‘special song’ and if we ever decided to get married and wanted a first dance I’ve no idea what song we’d pick for that kind of event. While we both enjoy music and listen to it together fairly often, I don’t think we use it to express our softer feelings and I’m good with that. I’ve had whole albums ruined by past relationships, where for whatever reason I just can’t untie the memories that exist between the music and the past. 

One of the things it’s been a very long time since I’ve done is listen to live music. When I was a teenager I was a big fan of going to concerts. I’d often go to see bands with my Dad when he’d bought two tickets but none of his friends or girlfriend at the time was keen to go. I discovered my love of Counting Crows by seeing them live. I’d never listened to them much prior to their concert but OMG once I was there I fell in love. Not only with the song but also the voice of the lead singer. To this day when I hear their music, his voice stirs something inside me. 

I also saw Runrig and Faithless despite them not being bands I would have sat and listened to by my own choice. The atmosphere at both was amazing though and quite often the joy was in going with someone and sharing that experience together and less about whether or not I’m seeing my favourite band. My Mum often came with me to concerts too when the bands I wanted to weren’t my friends choice or they weren’t able to go. Again she wasn’t always a big fan of who we saw but we always had fun. I have so many memories of listening to music with my parents and I’m so grateful they were up for live music events and never tried to rubbish the kind of music I was into. 

I hope once live events return that I can take Small Human to a concert one day. Currently, he’s listening to folks like Billie Eilish, Little Mix and Selena Gomez and honestly I’d happily sit through any of those. Although I’m endlessly jealous of how good Billie Eilish’ hair looks, so I’d have to make mine flawless before we went. 

I can’t imagine life without music. Even if how often I listen to it ebbs and flows it’s been such a big part of my life since I was tiny and now I get to share my enjoyment with Small Human and Tiny Belly Human which is something I am absolutely looking forward to. 

4 thoughts on “[Life] Music, Memories & A Mosh Pit Belly!

  1. My Kitten wonders if I’m sick if music isn’t playing somewhere in the background! Runrig is fun. Have you listened to the Sidh or 3banjos? I live in a city of festivals. There was before Covid a festival every weekend down by the big Lake. And we have a large music festival with 17 stages playing every music you can imagine. If it’s played there will be some stage playing it sometime in the 11 days of the festival. (Look up Milwaukee https://www.summerfest.com/)
    Play on!

  2. I love this post Floss, I found myself nodding along as I was reading. My son is a massive music buff, he was into hip hop as a teen and he definitely didn’t get that from me. G and my musical interests are different but we both have a respect for each others choices. I was like you with classical when younger, but since being with G have found some of it to be really special and moving. I think that if you look back on life and music has been a big part of it then maybe it will show up as being a life well lived. xx

  3. We listened to a lot of Bobby Watt around the time my first wife was pregnant. It’s mellow folk/traditional music. After my daughter was born, she would quiet down whenever we played his music. It was kind of cool!

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