[Photography] Boob Love

I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now …

… and yet I know I will tomorrow.

Words By Lee Christopher

At the start of February I decided my FebPhotoFest theme would focus on baby body & quotes that spoke to me in relation to my pregnancy. The above quote was chosen for that reason, and I absolutely feel that way about Tiny Belly Human. However on a slightly more body related note, I also feel that way about my boobs right now.

They just keep growing and every day I am so into how big and heavy they are. I’m honestly my very own kink right now. I know though that by this time next week they’ll be different again and I’ll love them even more. I;m obsessed with trying on bras I haven’t worn in a while, purely because it’s so exciting to see my boobs looking all big and juicy in them.

My nipples were always sensitive and definitely an erogenous zone for me, but now when Mr F puts them is is mouth, OMG, it’s not just the sensation but the very fact he has my tits in his mouth that turns me on. When I masturbate I can comes in seconds when I combine my Doxy with dirty chatter about sucking my tits.

To me they are just fascinating and rather spectacular and I think they deserve to have homage paid to them, especially as this was intended to be a Boodbay post for yesterday. Again technical issues prevented me from posting, so double images today instead of what should have been a double day yesterday!

3 thoughts on “[Photography] Boob Love

  1. These photos are so hot (especially the first one! Again, there’s something really powerful about you holding your bra like that!) and I love that you’re paying homage to your boobs. Your boobs look gorgeous and exploring their new sensitivity and how they look in bras, etc, sounds so much fun! They’re definitely spectacular.

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