[Life] Maintaining Not Improving Is My Aim

I’m determined to join in with For the Health of It more often and when I read the January prompt I didn’t think January was really the month for me to make good on that determination, but then I gave it more thought and decided to share my thoughts regardless of the fact that might not technically answer the prompt. Or at least I didn’t think I would answer the prompt until I started writing. 

What single (or multiple) thing(s) do you plan to do differently this year to improve your physical or emotional health?

In the first part of this year, improving isn’t really the word I’d use in relation to either my physical or emotional health. Maintaining though is definitely more my style for now. As of todayI am 16 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Baby is doing well, the midwife let me listen to the heartbeat today and as far as my health goes that all looks great too. 

Which means for the next 5 months all I really need to do is keep eating well, exercise as best I can, which for me means nice brisk walks, stay hydrated, well rested and just generally make sure I’m doing the best I can for myself and baby. 

However, I am going to do my best to try and document my pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my son I kept a diary sharing things we did while I was pregnant and pictures I thought he might like to see once he was bigger. I have the same thing start for this baby too. So as well as documenting mine and her dad’s journey in there, I’m also hoping to write about and photograph my own changes on the blog.

That said,Christmas did bring me some gifts to help me sleep and I am trying to utilise them regularly and really invest in some good snoozes while I can. I got a weighted blanket, which is honestly revolutionary with regards to how settled I feel at night. I also received a Dodow which has taken more getting used to, but is something I wish I’d had a long time ago.

Even when the baby comes I’m hoping to still try and nurture good sleep habits as best I can. My son was a poor sleeper, and unfortunately because I amtoo I often couldn’t utilise his sleeping moments to do the same for myself. I am very much hoping I might be able to change that with this baby, even if like their brother they’re not one for snoozing well. 

Another habit I picked up after my son was born was caffeine intake. Which made daytimes bearable after very little sleep. The trouble is even once he was big I was caught in a big loop of drinking far too much coffee. A habit I tried to kick many times and repeatedly went back to. When Mr F and I started using the withdrawal method of contraception I drastically reduced my caffeine intake, because I knew there were suggested links between high caffeine intake and miscarriages. When we began actively trying to conceive I cut that daily number of coffees down even further, and when I got my positive pregnancy test I quit caffeine altogether. Along with all the other foods and drinks they recommend you do not eat.

I am hoping to not automatically reach for the caffeine once the baby is born. We always keep decaff tea and coffee in the house, as well as herbal teas. If tiredness is an issue and I need that little boost I will be doing my best to keep my caffeine consumption to a minimum and not let it spiral out of control again. 

Another thing I’m trying to be mindful of over these next few months is keeping my skin hydrated. It’s a lot dryer than normal, which is to be expected, but I’m getting into the habit of keeping it moisturised. I even treated my face to a face mask in the shower today, which joyfully also gave me my header image. 

As for the second half of the year, I shall just be trying to get through each day with a newborn and a 9-year-old, so my self-care regime might take a back seat for a while. Then once we are settled into some kind of routine I can start figuring out what I can best do to stay fit and healthy, because I have my suspicions I am going to need lots of energy to keep up with the two of them!

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