[Erotica] Dear Diary

Dear Diary, 

Today his fingers brushed against mine as we reached for the same item on a shelf. My body froze as ripples of wanton anticipation left no part of me untouched. I was scared if I moved those feelings would evaporate and I want to feel more not less. 

This time though he didn’t hurry away flushed with embarrassment or filled with fear of getting caught in a clearly licentious moment. Oh no, today his fingers did not stop, they did not pull away, they moved slowly from my fingertips, caressing my skin, as he trailed his touch up my arm, leaving a myriad of sensations in its wake. 

He didn’t stop until his fingers curled into my hair as his lips moved towards mine capturing them in a kiss of such fierce intensity I am amazed I made it out alive. Breathing stopped, brain function stopped, I don’t know how I managed to walk and talk after our clandestine make out, grope fest, especially knowing he was only feet away from me, likely thinking the same thoughts I was. 

As our lips parted and our hands tucked in shirts or fixed our hair, he whispered soft and low against my ear … ‘next time we do this, can it be somewhere more private?’ My eagerness betrayed me as I hurriedly blurted out ‘ohgodyes’, his smile made me feel less coy about my desire though, as did his fingers squeezing mine as we left the storeroom. 

Yes Diary, today was a good day and I suspect tomorrow will be even better, he’s invited me over for coffee and I’ll be amazed if we even remember to boil the kettle. 


Last year for January Jumpstart I wrote 16 posts, I debated whether or not to get involved this year as my motivation write in 2020 was low. I figured there was no harm in sticking the badge on my January posts though and seeing how I got on.

Then I remembered my Obscene Ideas workbook. The brainchild of Molly Moore and Kayla Lords is filled with 31 prompts to try and get the creative juices flowing when we are in need of inspiration. I downloaded my copy and decided to scan the prompts until one caught my eye and see if it trigger any writing. The above piece is a result of that prompt.

I am going to try and use the workbook to fill in more days throughout January where I perhaps don’t have ideas of my own or posts inspired by other memes. If you have the workbook too I’d love to see what prompts inspire you this month.

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