[Erotica] Let The Games Begin

CW: Urination

I turn my head to look at him and deep sigh catches in my chest, tugging tightly, demanding my attention is drawn away from the card game we are playing and instead, as is often the case, I am swept up in the fervour he ignites in me. Fuck, is there any aspect of this man that doesn’t completely beguile me? Even now, as he explains the intricacies of a game I meant to be learning, bringing the characters on the cards to life, spreading them out on the table as he goes,  he is in full nerd mode and all I can think about is how desperately wanton he makes me feel. 

‘Are you paying attention?’

He could clearly feel my gaze was on him and not the cards he had meticulously laid out on the table. His face turns towards mine, his lips unbearably close, I can’t resist the urge to quench the desire I had to kiss him. He moans as one hand cups my face and the other hand curls in a fist around the game die and simply rests on my thigh.

We remain like this for a few minutes, our kisses becoming increasingly urgent until the aching in my cunt compels me to move. I straddle him and the die clatter to the floor as his hands remove my top, so his mouth can access my nipples. He doesn’t administer a light, fluttering of the tongue, his mouth is full, as he sucks and licks. I can feel my flesh becoming tender as my fingers curl against the soft bristles of his hair, pulling him into me, making my feelings clear … don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop. 

I’m grinding against his frustratingly clothed cock. My own flimsy pyjama bottoms are also adding to my desperation. I want to climb off him, strip us both bare and ride his cock as he leans back and enjoys the sight of my jiggling tits. I imagine how he’ll grab my ass, assisting in the rise of and fall of my aching, greedy cunt. 

Then it happens, he stops sucking on my tits and lifts me from his lap, he pushes the chair away from the table and has us both naked in seconds. There’s a look in his eyes that means I’m in for a treat. He looks like a man who’s about to fuck shit up and oh how I love to be on the receiving end of that feral wickedness. 

He scoops me up and sits my bum on the table before pushing my should back so I’m lying on the table. I can feel our game cards, cool and shiny beneath my skin as he climbs onto the table and straddles my body so his cock is perfectly positioned with my mouth. His fingers are first though, they brush against my lips as I gaze up at him, before he moves between my lips, his fingers parting my mouth, pushing, probing, claiming it for his own. 

When he removes his fingers my mouth is not left wanting for long, his cock plunges into my mouth. Before I can catch my breath he is leaning over me so he can fuck my mouth. My cunt is full of searing, needy jealousy as he thrusts, full of purpose, long, deep and determined to come. 

‘Fuck … your mouth feels so good. The rest of you will have to wait until later, I’m coming right here … shit. oh. fuck … and it won’t be long.’

I want more, I want so much more, but the idea of being left wanting is just making me more aroused. My arms are trapped beneath him so I can’t even reach to pleasure myself. I won’t get to climax, normally his fingers would provide but I know today this will not happen. He is using me for his own needs, needs I created when I couldn’t play cards like a nice girl. 

He comes hard and fast against the back of my throat. I swallow eagerly because at least he has given me something. As he moves away from me my hands are freed and my finger and palms grace his flesh, hot to the touch and slick with sweat. They dance across his body with a frenzied need that has not been sated, I need his fingers, his tongue, there is a tugging in my belly that is demanding I get more from him. 

‘No’ he grabs my wrists and my attempts to garner more attention are stopped. ‘You are a bad girl, you disrupted our game, you don’t get to come, maybe waiting will teach you a lesson.’

I groan like a spoilt brat and the words ‘but I want’ are out of my mouth before I can contemplate how petulant I sound. 

‘You want? You want do you? Fine! I’ll give you one more thing.’

In one swift movement, he brushes all the remaining cards off the table and they scatter across the floor. He has caught me off guard, I don’t know his plan, I can’t read what is coming next and my skin prickles with nervous tension but at the same time my cunt throbs in anticipation because I know whatever he is going to give me I will gratefully receive it. 

‘On the table, lie flat on your back close to the edge, mouth open, legs spread, hands under your bum.’

I position myself as requested and he stands alongside me, his cock now flaccid, but no less enticing is at eye level. He takes it in his hands, in a manner that is familiar yet out of place, it is then that it dawns on me what is coming. 

His piss is trickling down the side of my face, he started there before demanding I swallowed when he reached my mouth. My tits and stomach also benefit from the lustre his ministrations provide. When he reaches my clit he stops moving and empties the rest of his bladder there, my cunt is dripping and I can’t tell how much of it is his piss and how much of it is my own desire. 

‘Satisified? Is that enough filth to keep you going until later?’

‘I … um … yes, I mean thank you, I’m sure I can wait now. I will shower so we can finish our game.’

He laughs so hard he grips his thighs for support.

‘You think I’m letting you in the shower alone? Where you can touch yourself? Hell no, dry of with a towel, get dressed and then we will finish our game. You can shower later after I come all over you, something about knowing you’re covered in my piss is really getting me going.’

He was already sporting a semi as he pulled his shorts back on and I chuckled as he started to prepare the cards again, I had to wonder if it would be him disrupting the gameplay this time around. 

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  1. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in, maybe it’s that YOUR WRITING IS ABSOLUTELY EPIC, but fuuuuuuck Floss. This is spectacular!

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