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Well, sort of, I didn’t actually ‘do’ Lola but I did do myself after reading about Lola, so my title is only a tiny bit misleading. Before we get to the dirty details of this post though I have a confession … 

I don’t read a lot of erotica. I read what many of you lovely folks put on your blogs and that is about it. This is a strange turn of events considering my journey into kink, and therefore my journey in blogging began by discovering erotica novels. I read lots of them once upon a time and as a result, became thoroughly fed up with them and stopped reading them entirely. So when I get through a whole book of filthy stories, then we know there was something in there that caught my attention.

I recently had a book sent to me in the post by Lola from mysexlifewithlola and I won’t lie I was nervous, I love supporting my fellow bloggers, especially ones that are so gracious with their visits to flossdoeslife, but I was very worried my jaded view of erotica presented to me in book format would get in the way of me enjoying the sexy tales. I needn’t have worried though, I thoroughly enjoyed the tales H.H has penned about Lola in Match, Cinder & Spark Volume III

One of the things that turned me on most when reading this book was the upfront nature of Lola’s sexual desire and the language used throughout the book. Before I explain further here is a quote from the book to help me with my point … 

‘Lo is capable of ‘making love’ and whispering sweet nothings, but she likes fucking. Sometimes she is the one fucking, sometimes she is being fucked. She likes it all. She even relishes the word – fuck -as a sort of charm that can get her wet merely with the sound of it.’

Match, Cinder & Spark, Volume III by H.H

Not only can I relate to that quote on a personal level, not just with the word fuck, but with many other words too, that I whisper to myself often whilst my fingers are in my cunt with my Doxy on my clit, but that quote sums up how much I appreciate the graphic nature of the stories shared. I don’t want erotica to make love to me, I want it to fuck me and Lola’s tales are perfect for that. 

Did every single account make my cunt twitch from beginning to end? Maybe not, Lola has different interests to me in many respects, but I definitely got aroused at some point during each chapter. Perhaps it was a turn of phrase or the situation Lola found herself in, but there was a lot of fodder for my own dirty mind to use to entertain itself. 

If like me you enjoy the pleasure of audiobooks, then you are in for a treat because another fellow blogger, the very talented Jupiter Grant narrates the audible tales of Lola’s adventures and Lola has very kindly given me a promo code for my readers so you can check out Match, Cinder and Spark Volume l: Nymphomania and the Single Girl. 

To get your copy you need to have an audible account, then go to this audible link and enter the following promo code … 46R2LZML3ZSAD. I have listened to this volume too and once again I can tell you it is well worth checking out. 

If had I had to sum up my thoughts on this book using one quote from it’s pages it would be this one …

‘She is like Neitzche’s Ubermensch – most of humanity is not yet ripe for her cumming’

I don’t quite know if all of you are quite ready to handle Lola, even if you can only get your hands on her literary form, but I was ready, willing and very satisfied with my experience. Do I think I will come back for more? Oh, most definitely, I absolutely have room for more Lola in my life.

2 thoughts on “[Review] FlossDoes … Lola

  1. Great review Floss, I too feel curious to read Lola’s adventures from the excerpts I have read. Jupiter on audible would encourage me too.
    I absolutely agree, you’re not going to like everything that gets someone else hot – but Lola’s free spirit and enthusiasm sounds very attractive.

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