[Photography] Breath of a Moment

#SinfulSunday, #TieMeUpTuesday, Erotic Photography / Saturday, April 11th, 2020

I don’t know what to call it

when you roll into me

when you melt

and take shape around my back

I don’t know the definition of this

this breath of a moment

but I’ll take it

I’ll take it over and over again.

Words by Tyler Knott Gregson

22 Replies to “[Photography] Breath of a Moment”

    1. Thank you it was all self tied! Which I suspect would have been clearer if I’d taken a photo of the back I didn’t look but I can’t imagine it was pretty! Was still fun to do though and that is what I was going for ☺️

  1. That tie is so pretty! It looks so good on you. I love that the rope is pink and these pictures… Going from one to the other with the text in between is a little experience on its own.

  2. Amazing rope-work! And the lovely colours of the rope/ image lighting work so well. All the yumminess in these pics!

    I’ve thought of trying some self-bondage; even got the ‘Two Knotty Boys Show you the Ropes’ guide… Then I decided to gift most of my rope to a friend who’d make better use of it than I’d do 🙂

    It is still on my kinky to-do list though!

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