[Photography] Warm and Safe

He felt warm and familiar.

He felt solid and safe.

I wanted to cling to his shirt,

bury my face in the curve of his neck

and never let go.

Quote Unknown

Life is providing lots of reasons for us to be anxious at the moment and I, like many of you, am not loving the levels of uncertainty I am feeling at the moment, however, there are some great things in life to cherish and I’m trying very hard to focus on those things at the moment.

This weekend Mr F and I had another of many dates, but what many folks will hear about as being our second date and honestly it has been such a lovely weekend. The list of reasons I have to utterly adore him seem to grow and grow each time I see him. This weekend that reason includes my new friend Filbert who is in the pictures above.

Stuffed animals might seem like an insignificant thing to some people, for me though that bright-coloured penguin tells me a lot. My house is full of stuffies, I have more than I need for sure, but they make me happy and when Mr F said he was going to buy me a new friend after our visit to the aquarium it was just another tick in the ‘this one’s a keeper’ box.

Not only that but amidst all the corona chaos he is making me feel safe and grounded and seen. Being in his arms, burying my face in his neck, kissing him, sleeping beside him, having fun with him, being silly with him, fucking him, eating with him, relaxing with him, drinking coffee with him, doing all the things with him just makes me feel calmer and more peaceful than I’ve felt in such a long time and that makes me want to hold him close and never let him go.

12 thoughts on “[Photography] Warm and Safe

  1. I feel similar about my teddy, emotionally. I’m glad you have him amidst all this chaos and let’s hope we’ll survive this ordeal with the entire world

  2. Nothing quote like a cuddly toy in my opinion and I am glad you have found and are with your person. This sounds so good and happy for you and I that makes me happy for you


  3. Mmmm yes… Those words
    I felt them, chest tingling and tight, breathing slightly harder to do without focus…
    I’m glad you have someone who makes you feel seen, I completely understand all that you posted and can relate but I’m still forced into the role of “seeing” others without balance

    And fuck what anyone says about stuffies! They matter, there’s a connection and so much more!

    Many hugs

  4. Aw, this is lovely. I can feel the contentment and warmth in your words.
    I’m doing the same as you, in this time of anxiety and uncertainty. I’m focusing on the good and I have a whole lot of it in my life. 🙂

  5. I would be lost in all this chaos without my flurry toy (the Keeper is very hairy). Stay safe and warm together.

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