[Erotica] Sometime Around Midnight

The world is in chaos … 



Ends of Days. 

Dawn of hell. 

Who really knows what the final judgment will be. In amongst it all though there is pleasure to ease the pain, love to combat hate, and most of all for me, a desperate, aching need to keep on fucking you as you bring me beautifully to my knees. 

We are hidden away behind closed doors, protecting ourselves from the world, following our own schedule, letting time mean nothing, you are all mine, and I am all yours, as we eat, sleep and fuck at our bodies request. 

It is sometime around midnight when I wake, and I lose myself for a minute or two as my face nuzzles into your neck and my hand begins to creep, enjoying the feel of your soft, warm skin against my fingertips, as the rise and fall of your chest tells me you are still asleep. 

As if often the case when I am alone with my thoughts, I think back to how it all began, grateful that we’ve come this far, from the first moment we stood under the same lights, in an all too familiar bar. I wore that dress, the one that fits in all the right ways, wondering if I could catch your eye and tempt you over with a flash of a smile so I could help you forget yourself for while. 

I wonder could feel me watching you, as I laughed and danced, spinning on my feet as the music from the band twirled me around as I waited for the perfect moment to ask you how you were and if you wanted to dance, hoping that it all would end with me lying satisfied and naked in your arms. 

There’s a change in my emotions as I get swept up in the haze of remembering the moments that led to that first embrace. Arousal rushes through me, the soft caress of fingertips turn to urgent, seeking, kneading against your flesh, as my lips brush against your face, hoping this will cause your lips to find mine, and I know when they do I will be lost in your kiss, sinking into you like you’re the deepest abyss. 

You hold me tighter as you begin to wake before you disrupt the perfect curl of our bodies, and what you want, what you need has me breathless with anticipation, as my body aches for sweet release. I can feel you moving in the darkness, your hands rough as they roam, that distinct rumble in your throat, not unlike a low, soft growl and I think that perhaps I’ve awoken your beast. 

I know I am trembling as the blood burns in my veins, and my stomach is in knots as I whisper your name, it’s true that I wonder if you will break me in two, as I whimper and beg for more of what it is that you do. 

Sometime around midnight this is how it all played out, and while the world offers me nothing as its chaos unfolds, I am bathed in beauty as you fuck joy into my soul.


I can’t take full credit for the above writing, the minute I heard the song below I knew I would use as erotica inspiration at some point. If you’ve never listened to it go and do it right now, it’s amazing. I can’t even take credit for finding the song, I heard it on Mr F’s playlist and had to steal it so I could use for my word debauchery.

11 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sometime Around Midnight

  1. You are so damn good. I really appreciate getting to read your work.
    Your line “I am bathed in beauty as you fuck joy into my soul” … well doesn’t it just say it all?

    Thank you.

  2. All kinds of desperate hotness here Floss – I love the intensity of lust and urgency and aching for connection which swirls around a new relationship and you’ve captured it here. Particularly enjoyed the section in the club where the protagonist is hoping to attract her lover. I look forward to listening to the song later, but your erotica stands alone – dramatic and hot and on point.

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