25 thoughts on “[Photography] LOVE

  1. This is so pretty I’m a sucker for pretty handwriting. The little hearts add in the right colour and I love what the text says and how love is emphasised. Plus it looks great on you!

  2. I LOVE the colors here, between the hearts, your make-up, the hair, and that splash of extremely vibrant red from those panties, it’s just stunning. Plus the hand written words on you body in contrasting black… like, damn! These shots are very, very hot and completely ravishing.
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  3. I love these, the red just pops right out at you.

    And I am in utter awe at your neat self body writing, how do you do it?

    1. Hmmm … slowly and with a lot of focus would be the answer to that I think! I think I should bring writing implements to Eroticon and off this as a service to anyone who wants to be written on for photos this has got to be a good way to make friends right?

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