[Kink] Feeling The Pinch

I’ve always had a bag of clothes pegs in my kinky kit bag, but to be honest, I’ve rarely if ever used them and I don’t recall many if any times that they’ve been used on me.

I’ve been thinking about nipple play a lot lately, mostly because my nipples feel sore a good chunk of the time because Mr Fuckery has discovered what fabulous toys they are and I’m not complaining one bit. Well, that’s a lie, I kind of complain during, I tell him often that he’s mean for biting them constantly, whilst trying to wriggle away. As he pointed out the last time I saw him though, he’s actually being very nice to me because he’s doing what I love and I cannot deny that one little bit.

I love my nipples being licked, sucked, bitten and pinched. I’ve dabbled with nipples clamps in the past but in honesty, I think clothes pegs are a pretty good level for me pain wise. I haven’t however brought up the subject of using items like this yet with Mr F. Mostly because this was meant to be my kink hiatus. Vanilla fuckery was the aim of the game and somehow without meaning to, I have brought him to the dark side. That boy is getting his kink on good and proper. Maybe we are rocking it low level compared to some other folks, but I’ve never been one for trying to out kink myself or anyone else, and I’m not about to start that now when someone is new to so much of what we are doing together.

My other reason for holding back information like this is that he’s actually very good at picking things up. His ability to learn from my reactions is unreal, and his natural instincts when it comes to fucking me and indulging my filthy and kinky sides are spot on.

More information means a wider range of thing to torment me with, which I will love, but I’m just giving things up in small increments. As they say, you shouldn’t try to run before you can walk. Then again who knows, maybe the sight of clothes pegs on my nipples will be an absolute no-go for him! Perhaps I’ll send him these images later and see how that conversation goes!

3 thoughts on “[Kink] Feeling The Pinch

  1. Hmmmm, I forgot about the cloths pinch and the chop sticks in the bedside table. A hair time or rubber band holding two chopsticks tight on her nipple drives my Kitten crazy….
    She will thank you for the reminder some day….

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