[Kink] Bruises & Marks: They Don’t Have To Be Big

‘I’ve been told, I’ve been told to get you off my mind

But I hope I never lose the bruises that you left behind

Oh my lord, oh my lord, I need you by my side’

Bruises by Lewis Capaldi

I know for sure ‘Bruises’ by Lewis Capaldi isn’t meant to be an ode to the sexy marks left on us by our lovers, but like with a lot of creative content music is, of course, open to interpretation and my brain always interprets that song as sexy as fuck. Why? Because it makes me think of physical bruises left my sexy play and oh my god do I love those. 

In my time as a kinkster, I have been given all kinds of marks. I have had scratches marks, love bites, giant bruises that last for weeks, tiny bruises that fade in the blink of an eye, marks I’ve given myself from needle play and probably many more I’ve forgotten, the one thing all these marks have in common is that I welcome them with open arms. 

Whether on myself or on others I find marks obtained during kink and sex visually appealing, it genuinely makes my cunt throb when I see people’s skin peppered with the marks they received and this just grows with intensity when the marks are on my body, or they’re marks I’ve left on someone else.

My favourite way to mark and be marked has to be by way of biting. I have been blessed to have been granted consent to bit many folks and leave delicious bruises on their flesh from doing so, it is a genuine joy and one rivalled only by being bitten myself and having someone leave their mark on me. The more intimately I know some the better this exchange becomes.

I currently have little bruises on my boobs from being bitten and when I saw them I was instantly aroused and they made me ache for the mouth that gave them to come back and give me more. For me, marks are the gift that keeps on giving, while they are on my body they will constantly pull my mind back to the moment I received them and an impact scene with a friend, or something more intimate with a sexual partner I can guarantee I will be glad to relive our time together. 

On more than one occasion I have wondered if there is a relationship between how I feel about bruises/marks and how much I enjoy tattoos. There is something satisfying in watching blank, unmarked flesh blossom with a new design and the inner joy that accompanies both tattoos and bruises is remarkably similar in both cases. 

As we all know because I keep banging on about it, I decided towards the end of last year to take a bit of a break from kink, more specifically I suppose I needed time out from BDSM and FemDom. One of the things I noticed quite early on in the space I found away from the kink scene but still exploring sexy fun was that the urge to be marked was never far away. The moment teeth or nails grazed my flesh that desire to have them leave a little reminder behind stirred within me. 

Even when the marks are brief, there’s still a joy to be found in them. Knowing that my bottom is red from a few good spanks is a great feeling even if it has returned to its normal shade within the hour. I also love the temporary welts of scratches and marks from being nibbled that are barely even blemishes by the end of play. There is something about them being there during play that is extremely satisfying, whether that is as the recipient or the receiver. Although I very confidently declared recently … ‘Nah, those aren’t bad scratch marks, they’ll be gone by morning’, friends, I was incorrect, I blame the good fucking I was getting though, it clearly made me more enthusiast with my scratching than I planned to be. Damn, he rocked it though and it was definitely a bit of a #sorrynotsorry situation! 

The last time I wrote about Bruises & Marks was in September for my That’s My Kink series. It’s actually a really great post and I wondered whether or not to add the Kink of the Weel badge to it and link that post instead of writing a new one, but there are good reasons why I decided to start fresh. 

In the previous post, I discuss how I feel about these things in relation my dynamic with Bakji, which while we still friends, there has been no D/s or sexual elements to that friendship for a good few months now and that definitely changes how I approach these things as I begin to explore with new people, or as it stands at the moment with a new person. 

Which brings me to the second reason I wanted to write a new post for this topic. I’m currently exploring this kink and many of my other kinks with someone who is new to all of them. Which means we are playing as his pace. I’m not about to rock up at his and ask him to cover my arse in deep purple bruises with impact devices, but I might be inclined to ask him to bite me harder knowing that mark will last longer. 

Presenting some of my kinks to someone and starting from scratch with them has been a truly delightful adventure and pairing them with fucking as the go-to means of play reminded me of why I started on my kink journey in the beginning. Passion. I left my marriage and I began exploring kink because I wanted passion. I wanted someone to have fire in their belly every time I was near them, I wanted their need to fuck me, bite me, mark me and have me to be as strong as my need for them. 

Hearing someone explain how and why they want to do these things to me, whilst also discovering that side of themself has been a sure-fire way to highlight the kind of passion I’ve been looking for. There is nothing better than receiving messages along the lines of ‘what have to done to me?’ in relation to his current wants and needs, to make me feel like a fuckin’ sex goddess who has set that fire of passion in his belly, it’s honestly amazing. 

In summary, I love bruises and marks, from the small to the spectacular and I very much hope I will be receiving some soon, soon being Wednesday! So who knows what tales I might have for you on Thursday.

7 thoughts on “[Kink] Bruises & Marks: They Don’t Have To Be Big

  1. This was so interesting to hear your desire to leave marks. Its nice to have reminders, especially if the kinky play is less. I probably need to be a bit more hitty to leave marks for longer, I’ll make it a goal for 2020.

  2. Oh I love marks! Especially bite marks on my inner thighs! They seem to last for so long and I get a thrill every time I see them. I know what you mean about passion- great post, thanks.

  3. Everything in this piece feels so relatable to me. Finding someone who sets you alight as you do the same for them is beyond amazing. I maybe slightly envious that you have someone to explore with. I hope maybe I can find that too with someone who is not so far away.


    1. I hope you can find that too Molly if it helps I found it when I wasn’t looking and in the most unlikely place, with the most unlikely person. So who knows who is just around the corner, the world can surprise us in so many ways xxx

  4. I love the way you describe the feeling of being marked. It completely resonated with me, and the memory of having marks on my body, and leaving marks on his, made my heart start thumping!!

    It’s an interesting thought about the connection between kinky marks and tattoos. I do definitely find something sexual and erotic in the process of being tattooed. I have never made a connection between that and impact marks before, but I reckon you’re probably right!
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