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In 2018 when I read Molly’s Top 100 List I noted that Molly suggests making your own list if you don’t like hers. Now, I LOVE Molly’s list, and this year I extra, extra love it but when I realised last year that actually a fair few blogging folk curate their own list of bloggers they’ve enjoyed in the past year I decided that was something I definitely wanted to do. 

For no specific reason, I decided to do a Top 20 and you can see the blogs I shared last year in Floss’ Top 20 Lovelies 2018. I’m pleased to say that all of the bloggers I selected last year are all still active and one or two show up again this year, but all of last years picks are absolutely worth a visit. 

My list is far less technical than Molly’s, I sit here and think back over the year and I just make a list of bloggers that jump straight into my mind. If I instantly start to think of your blog when I’m considering whose writing I have enjoyed the most or whose blog I was eager to return to then you make my list. 

In some cases, I’ve added folks because I think they’re talking about things we absolutely should be talking about, or maybe they’ve given us all an outlet to discuss something important. Without fail though every blogger on this list has made me feel something. I have laughed and cried when reading many of your words and it goes without saying also been deeply turned on. 

Without further ado here, in no particular order, are my Top 20 Bloggers of 2019

May More – I debated whether or not to put May on the list, purely because I worry it seems like favouritism. We work together to make Food for Thought happen and honestly, I’ve landed in May’s DM’s more than once this year to share something personal, but to be honest getting to know May better this year just gives me even more cause to put her on my list. May is one of the most supportive and hard-working bloggers out there. Not only is she supportive in a ‘you can do it’ kind of way, but she is also constructive with her support, in a way that isn’t threatening or arrogant, just lovely and encouraging. Her writing is clever as fuck, and her photos are tantalising. There is a good reason she nabbed the number 2 spot on Molly’s blog and I was so freakin’ excited to see her there. 

Mx. Nillin – I was delighted to see how well Nillin’s blog did in Molly’s list. Not only do they churn out some seriously sexy thoughts and some cute as fuck images but they are honest and open about their experiences and there is so much value in bloggers that are willing to share writing with us that way. 

My Controlled Ascent – Kisungura is a phenomenal writer and I know this year hasn’t been the easiest for her, but each time she finds her way to writing something to share with us I am always ready to give it a read. The same applies to viewing her photography, goodness me some of the ideas Kisungura graces us with are incredible. 

Purple’s Gem – There are not many bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, but I did get to chat with Purple Sole and Little Gem at Eroticon 2019 and what a delight that was, I will absolutely be making a beeline for them at Eroticon 2020. Their blog is amazing, I love that we get to share in both their perspectives and their photography just goes from strength to strength. I truly believe 2020 holds great things for them and I will absolutely be ready and waiting to read about their adventures. 

Victoria Blisse – You know I think Victoria can earn her spot on any list with her bruise pictures alone, they always make me envious, horny and eager to both beat and be beaten. Not only do her images make me feel all those things but her words to do. Her accounts of her sexy adventures are always delicious in their details and more than once she has made me audibly moan whilst reading her posts. 

Violet Fawkes – If I was rich I would pay money to fly to Canada just to visit Violet. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time than chilling out with this woman. I’m not rich though and the U.K is far from Canada so I have to get my fix by reading Violet’s words and enjoying her images. Violet is another blogger who I know has faced some tough times this year, but she is such a wonderful part of this community and now she has graced us with Lingerie is For Everybody, which is always a highlight of my week. Next year she is starting a new project Write Big Sexy Words and I am excited to see January Jumpstart returns as well. It is scary to start ventures like this and wonder if anyone will want to get involved, so please where times allows when you see a blogger starting something new please try to join in on the fun. 

sub-Bee – I think Bee is a great blogger, I think other people agree with me that Bee is a great blogger, I sometimes think Bee doesn’t believe she is a great blogger, so can you please go and visit her site, find a post or picture of hers you love and tell her that she is freakin’ awesome. Bee is another person whose photographic creativity just floors me on more than one occasion. She also hosts Menstruation Matters, which I’ve written for but definitely will be writing more about in the future because we need to be talking about periods, menopause, hormones, contraception and all the other things that go hand in hand with menstruation. If you haven’t linked up to menstruation Matters yet, you absolutely should. 

Bluesubmission – Blue is our 2020 Smut Marathon winner. Which is well deserved and if you haven’t visited her blog or read any of her writing you are missing out. From personal musings to creative and sexy erotica, not to mention stunning photography there is really a lot to enjoy over at Blue’s site. Interestingly she placed 49th on Molly’s list which is the spot I sat at in 2017, I hope 2020 brings us more of Blue’s fabulous words and images, and who knows where that might take her. 

His Lordship – Some of us blog all the damn time, probably to the point people wish we’d just calm our tits a bit, some folks blog less often but when they do it’s worth the wait. I am the former and in my opinion, His Lordship is the latter. I honestly have belly laughed more than once reading His Lordship’s writing this year and honestly I’m one of those girls who thinks funny is a superpower. So the fact he made me laugh this year pretty much earns him an automatic spot. 

E. L. Byrne – Non-monogamy needs voices, and while E. L. Byrne is’t the only blogger on my list who writes about non-mono/polyamorous things she is someone who writes about them often and with passion, love and honesty. We also get to read about her travel adventures as well and for someone who is bound to their town in terms of long term living I love living vicariously through my other bloggers and I definitely do this with E. L.

Steeled Snake – Whether it is a post from Charmer or Snake I can guarantee it will be good. I love reading about their experiences within a Female Led Relationship as well as their general musings on life. There is humour, love, honesty and a whole lot of sexy talk going on over at their blog and we’re also lucky in that they share some sexy pictures too. Really, what more could we ask for? 

Morag’s Moist Musings – What can I say about why I love Morag’s site? How about? Hot fucking damn it’s dirty! It’s beautiful and unapologetic in how much Morag enjoys and revels in her sexuality and the adventures that takes her on. I always, always, without fail leave her site thinking ‘fuck, I want me some of that’ and half the times it might be something I didn’t even know I wanted and that my friends it’s the mark of some damn good sexy sharing. 

Melody Insights – I haven’t met Melody, but I bet she’s lovely. I have visited Melody’s blog a lot this year, in part because of her enthusiastic and continued engagement in Food for Thought, which has been most appreciated by myself and May. What I found upon reading her blog is thoughtful, entertaining and heartfelt posts on a wide range of topics and I’ve loved every one of them. Melody also offer her support and assistance with the Sex Bloggers for Mental Health Meme and that is an endeavour run by the wonderful SassyCat and if you haven’t yet got involved with that I hope you do in the future should you have thoughts to share. 

Deviant Succubus – There are lots of reasons to enjoy the content on DS’s site, one of them is that she is so beautifully gothic, I feel like she is the goth princess of the blogging community and I’m always excited for her how she expresses herself in her images and within her writing. The subject matters she covers are broad, and not only does she write some hella sexy erotica, we get insights into her thoughts on kink and D/s but also some truly insightful pieces on mental health that have definitely broadened my understanding and knowledge, in ways that wouldn’t have happened without her being part of our wonderful community. 

Francesca Demont – Now lots of bloggers love Latex and lots of us live a kink and fetish lifestyle, but I’m not sure any of us do it quite like Francesca does. I think she has opened many people’s eyes to the joys of Latex and that in itself is worth applauding. She also talks honestly and openly about being a fetish escort and I think we need more of that in the world. I love how candid Francesca is and her tales are captivating and full of exceptionally juicy details. 

Jupiter Grant – How is it possible that we’ve only been visiting Jupiter’s Lair in the past year? I feel like her sexy writing and sensual pictures have been around for far longer. I think perhaps this is because she feels like such an engaging part of the community. I know she has a lot more things planned for the future and I actually can’t wait to see how things work out for her because I suspect that is going to be well and awesomely. 

Rantings of A Non-sensical Mind – There is something very warm and disarming about J. Lynns’s blog. I go there and even when the experience she shares isn’t one I’ve had, there’s part of me that feels like I get it and I always want to share something in return. I think that is a real gift and I don’t quite know how she does it, but I like it and I’ll definitely be visiting lots more in 2020. J. Lynn was one of a few people on my list who were on Molly’s New Voices List and I have my suspicions she will do very well on the main list next year. 

Raven Lee and Annabel Lee – I can’t remember exactly when I began following Raven and Annabel, but I feel like I’ve been tweeting in their presence for far longer than they’ve been blogging and I know for sure they were listeners of Proud To Be Kinky and for that I am very thankful. They both write erotica, personal essays and have definitely upped their photography game lately. By that I mean the photos got more graphic and quite frankly I am here for that. Damn good stuff if you ask me. 

Zero Lascivity – I think Zero has the newest blog on my list and is indeed I think one of the newest blogs to arrive this year. I do dark sometimes and perhaps some would say I do it well, but I honestly don’t do it like Zero does. Fuuuuck she’s good at writing stories that get you right in the gut and in the cunt! There truly is no other way to word it, and I know some people will get antsy about me randomly throwing the word cunt into a non-erotic piece but tough, it’s totally relevant to my point. Also the pictures, the pictures are freakin’ gorgeous. 

Molly Moore – I think it would be easy to assume that Molly’s inclusion is because she makes the big list, and host all the meme’s and organises Eroticon and while her efforts on all those things are awesome and greatly appreciated by all of us in this community that’s not why I’ve put her on my list this year. We all put our personal lives out there when we blog, but when you are at the centre of the community I think what ‘out there’ means increases tenfold. I think there comes a point in doing this kind of thing where retreating to lick your wounds as it were, when shit hits the fan, becomes seemingly impossible. Where all your changes in circumstance will eventually see the light of day and in some way you will have to address them. Molly has done that this year with grace and integrity and that is why she is on my list. 

Twenty bloggers is only a fraction of the amazing talent that is in our blogging community. Which is why as many of us as possible doing these lists is a great thing, as well as regular Share our Shit Saturday posts throughout the year and not forgetting reading, commenting, RT’ing and supporting our fellow bloggers throughout the year wherever we can. 

Feel free to use the image below if you like to display you end of the year lists on your blog. My logo was designed by the fabulous Violet Fawkes, who also created the new Food for Thought logo as well. I am totally rubbish at graphic design stuffs and I am so grateful to have a fellow blogger who I can support in their endeavours whilst also getting cool things that make my site branding better. Yay for outsourcing and yay for people who are multi-talented. I freakin’ love you artistic folks.

13 thoughts on “[SoSS] Floss’ Top 20 Lovelies 2019

  1. Awwww thanks for including me. I haven’t been able to read as much as I’ve wanted to this year but I have some (hopefully) better opportunities for scheduling next year and I’m bookmarking everyone if they haven’t been on my radar already to be sure to check them out!!

  2. That’s really lovely of you, Floss.

    A great list you’ve put together and so much variety. I really appreciate that you read and comment on my posts, not just out of duty when it’s a link on Food 4 Thought, but you seek and find other posts. To be called entertaining is a wonderful accolade

    Thank you

  3. This is a fantastic list full if amazingly talented bloggers and I am honoured to find myself on it. Your words about me actually made me a little emotional. It’s been a really tough year and mostly I have felt my blog has suffered as a result so to read your words warmed my heart. Thank you Floss

  4. Thank you Floss, you are a star. We are both so delighted that you included us. I too enjoy HL’s stories, I don’t know where they are going but I know it’ll be entertaining.

  5. Wonderful list Floss, very thoughtful compilation and I am in agreement about so many of those I know, and planning to visit the blogs of those you mention who are new to me (I know, I know, I have got very behind on my reading).

    Big congrats to you on how stratospheric your blogging career went in 2019 – despite major changes/upheaval – onward and upward my lovely xx

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