[Erotica] Belonging

His eyes lock with mine and my breath catches in my throat, my heart pounds in my chest, my cunt drips, my cheeks flush and I wonder how the fuck is it that I belong anywhere else other than right where he is with his dick in my mouth. Or his fingers in my cunt. How is it possible I exist for any other reason than to please him, when pleasing him with every hole I’ve got feels like the most natural thing in the world. 

There have been others and I suspect there will be more. He’s not mine and I don’t suppose I’m his. There’s no commitment, no labels, no public displays of affection or shared social groups. There’s nothing except his body against mine, his cum on my tits and a tugging upon my soul when I rest my head upon his chest. 

I force my mind onto other things, other dreams, I imagine my lips on other dicks and my hands stroking the soft flesh of another woman’s tits. I do this because I know I’ll have to give him up, give him back, give him away and our nights together will end as his dick slides into someone else and she will belong in his bed in a way I never can. 

She doesn’t exist yet though, and I do, and until I know where it is I do belong I’m going wrap myself around him, my face buried in his neck, my cunt nestled against his hip as the world just disappears and all the endless questions about endless tomorrows go right along with it and that tugging is back, as my soul curls against his, and I know things I shouldn’t know and I feel things I shouldn’t feel and I belong where I shouldn’t belong and fuck me, I feel so beautifully alive when his skin is touching mine. 

Then when two forces combine, and his eyes meet mine as our bodies intertwine I wonder how it is I don’t dissolve into him entirely because he melts me and moves me and holds everything I am in the palm of his hand and in those moments, how can I possibly not be his because he changed me and he made me and he brought me to my knees and I came undone in the filthiest and most wonderful of ways. 

8 thoughts on “[Erotica] Belonging

  1. Aaahh, the line “I wonder how it is I don’t dissolve into him entirely because he melts me and moves me and holds everything I am in the palm of his hand” really hit some emotions I’ve been feeling today. This is a beautiful and evocative piece of writing.

  2. This is sexy and erotic with a touch of bittersweet to it. I also love how connected she is with her body and the physical moment AND her feelings and thoughts.

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