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As many of you will have noticed I love sharing photos on my blog. Not only do I love sharing them, but I also love capturing the images as well. Self-photography has become a creative outlet and a passion that I never knew I could embrace.

I’m not very high tech about it, I have an amazing camera which I adore, and I do take a few shots with that, but to be honest it’s usually my phone camera that does the hard work and then I head to one of the many editing apps I have on my phone to make it look exactly how I want for my given mood.

I was curious to see which of my photos have been most popular so far this year, because I know which ones are my favourites, so I took to my stats and I’m going to share my top 10 photography posts so far of 2019. From 10 to 1, so you’ll have to keep scrolling to find out which image gets the top spot.

In many cases I share more than one image per post, so you’ll have to click the links to see all the goodies.

10. Fill Me With You

9. This Thing Inside Me (One of my personal favourites)

8. Why Do I Share the Sexy

Technically this one is about photography and not actually filled with many photographs, it a good read though if you’re curious as to why I share images like this one …

7. New Knickers

6. An Ordinary World

5. Boobs by Candlelight

4. My Unexpected Self

3. G is for Greedy

2. Lingerie Is For …

And taking the top spot at No.1 is … My First #Boobday

So there we have it, my top 10 as dictated by stats, maybe at the end of the year I’ll share my personal top 10 because it is a very different list altogether.

9 thoughts on “[Photography] Top of the Floss

  1. Sexy images Floss – I think your photography has improved no end this year – u have produced some amazing shots – and I have a fondness for the fur coat one! love a naked woman in a fur! be it a faux fur 😉 x
    May More recently posted…Smile for the CameraMy Profile

  2. Your image are always excellent also smokin hot. I love this selection but would be fascinated to see what your personal top 10 is like

  3. Still new to your blog, and your photography, but your self-photography evokes a strength and confidence that shines through as both an artist and a muse. Keep up the great work!

  4. I always find your photography absolutely stunning Floss and it’s really great to see all these shots again! I think my favourite of this bunch is the first as it presents such a range of interpretations and that potential is really interesting, I love photography that makes me think and yours does that!

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