[Life] Making Memories

I remember a thousand things from what feels like a thousand lives and none of them are demanding my attention more than the memory of your touch, a memory that flutters through my mind and dances upon my skin. 

There are moments in my life that changed me so dramatically I feel as they rebuilt me cell by cell. I keep the memories of those moments but rarely revisit them. They cannot compete with the here and now.

When I lie awake at night, unable to sleep, it is you my mind is resting with. Well, maybe not resting, the activity in my nocturnal memories is often vigorous, naked and sexy as hell. I remember you often in the moments I am away from you and it keeps the fire in my belly burning just for you. 

In the bright light of day, I am no less prone to remember you. Sometimes I can barely breathe as my mind is besieged by all the times your hands have explored my body and no matter where I am or what I’m doing I am drowning in a sea of you and desperate for the moment when will be making more of those delicious memories. 

When it’s time to go why don’t you stay, just a little longer. Just a little longer with your fingers touching mine and your lips against my neck. The longer you stay, the more memories we make and the more I have to think about when you gone. 

Life is short and the moments are all too few, don’t hold back, don’t wait, just be with me right here, right now making memories, living in the moment and embracing the fact we always want more. 

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