[Erotica] Wild Kitten

I wanted to do it, I really did, but I didn’t mean to actually do it …

… it’s just that his skin is so soft and his flesh calls to me when the world has me cornered with fight mode engaged and without even realising it my teeth were sinking into his flesh as he fucked me. 

He cried out, of course he did, you would too if someone bit you hard enough to make you bleed. He didn’t stop fucking me though, he never stopped fucking me.

I felt his cock throb inside me as the pain began to course through his body, I felt his muscles tense and I saw his eyes burn with a furious desire and then he began to fuck me with an intensity I could not have imagined he had in him. 

I lay beneath him, lipstick and blood smeared across my face, his hand pinning me to the bed by my wrists. I wriggled and snarled, like a wild animal, captured and caged but my heart raced with delight when he laughed at me, he made me feel small, powerless and my act of rebellion meant nothing. 

He fucked me until every inch of my flesh tingled and my muscles turned to jelly. He fucked all the words right out of my mind and all the fight out of my soul. He fucking tamed me and he knew it, taunting me, trying to goad the beast as his blood dripped onto my skin. 

I had been subdued by orgasms though, calmed by his cock, I had found as I often a did, a secondary nature in his presence. The wild animal did not leave me, she slumbered sweetly against the warmth of his body, she purred and mewed as his hands stroked my hair, his cum drying upon my skin. 

We both know she will wake again, and my nails will graze against his flesh as he moves inside me until he sees fit to make me retract my claws and I know when he does, I will obey, I will rest, I will embrace the peace his presence brings. 

The world will always fire up the beast in my belly, but he will always tame the tiger into a kitten. 

10 thoughts on “[Erotica] Wild Kitten

  1. Floss you have a special way of setting out such a mentally evocative scene in just a few words. The beast within, is theme I live with all the time, sometimes a struggle and sometimes liberating.

  2. I absolutely adore this piece Floss! It reminds me of a fantasy I once wrote called ‘The Lioness’ silly me never backed up the story and it’s now gone into the dark void. You’ve given me inspiration to try to rework it from memory though!

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