[Erotica] Showering Alone

I stand under the hot shower and wash away the day, the week, the grime of everyday life and I feel you flourish upon my skin. The water evokes the memory of your touch and as I close my eyes your hands are upon me, drenching every inch of me in a longing that ripples through to my core and I ache for you. 

God do I ache. In ways and places that I did not believe to exist within me. Yet there they are, stirring and clawing. Beseeching on bended knee that you ply me with the attention my body craves with a desperation so urgent I can feel it pulsing through my veins. 

Oh, what I wouldn’t give to have you here with me. To watch as the water droplets form upon your flesh and blood cascades fervently to your cock as it becomes as wanting and greedy as my own cunt. 

There is so much to be greedy for. I want to stand under the hot water as you fuck me, shaking the water from my face as it stifles my already erratic breathing. I want to kneel before you, your cock in my mouth, your hand tangled in my wet hair, as the heat from the shower rises around me and I wonder if it that making me giddy or lust. 




The constant stream of water flowing over me as I shower is only a fraction of how wet my ever-increasing desire for you makes my cunt and I want you to touch every wet, aching inch of me as I shudder beneath your fingers and lose myself in how fucking glorious it is to be enjoyed by you. 

20 thoughts on “[Erotica] Showering Alone

  1. So hot and there is something about sucking cock in the shower that I find really hot, how you have to fight for breath as a result of the cock in your mouth and the water that runs over your face.


    1. Hmmm … anything and everything … that feels like a challenge! What other everyday situations can I sex up for some erotica! The mind is now whirring …

  2. God Floss. In the same way when someone calls you pretty, you have managed to push several of my turn on buttons with this post. Both sex and the thought of sex in the shower is a major kink of mine. That and with the cadence of the writing , it think I need to light up a cigarette after that

  3. very hot. i can echo all the words the others.
    i do love going did love going down on my wife in the shower. Thanks for the reminders

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