[Fiction] The Maiden and The Raven Part 2

A follow on from The Maiden and The Raven, which you will likely need to read for context. This instalment is more of a bridge to the next, rather than an action-packed tale. I promise it will get sexier in Part 3.

Bryn perched upon the windowsill of Carys’ dwelling as Freya, her mother and leader of their flock screeched and squawked better than any bird Bryn knew, and he knew a lot, being that he was one, all because Carys had broken rules that Freya believe threatened the safety of the flock. 

‘Why child? Why must you always defy me?’

‘Why? Because the rules make no sense, we have no just cause to follow them and most of all because I love Bryn and I see no genuine reason for us not to fornicate with our protectors.’

Bryn’s heart flutter inside his feathered chest and he fought against the instinct to transform into his human guise, though the pull of Carys and her declaration were willing him to do so. He knew he must wait silently, listen to her Mother’s word and pray to every Goddess he knew that he would not be banished. As was the cited punishment for his crime. 

‘The reason does not matter. Our job is not to question why, our job is simply to continue to exist, hidden from plain sight by our protectors, so we can assist nature in any way we can when the evolution of man continues to damage the earth.’

‘Are we not stronger with them though? Should unions not be encouraged? I know nature far better since I lay with Bryn. I can hear the needs of the earth like a whisper, look at how my garden has flourished, how the crops I tend to feed more mouths than any other.’

‘If you are not careful child you will be banished alongside him, for he must go.’

‘Banish me? And who be Queen when you die Mother? You seem to forget that I am not so much child anymore, and you are not so young as you once were.’

‘Queen? You have a long way to go before you are fit to be Queen and if you are not careful we will do more than banish your bird, we could punish him for treason, for defiling the future Queen … perhaps the threat of death will prevent others from following in your footsteps.’

Bryn heard a noise from within the dwelling that was distinctly not human, and he heard a voice ripple through the air that he had not heard before, yet could not help but love. 

‘No! You will not harm him, the rightful Queen will reign and the magic of the protectors will no longer be controlled. The earth will flourish, nature will rise and the Queen will love her King for all eternity.’

Bryn was frozen in place as the voice fell silent, either that was Carys speaking, or someone else had been present without his knowing. How long he pondered this thought he did not know, but he soon realised there was silence in the dwelling and something told him all was not well. 

2 thoughts on “[Fiction] The Maiden and The Raven Part 2

  1. I remember reading the first part and liking the style you were using in telling this story, Floss. This is an interesting continuation and definitely has drawn me in. Your characters are real and I am very curious as to just what Bryn heard. There is another writer we both know who loves to write cliffhangers, you are as bad as she, or maybe I should say as good.

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