[Erotica] When Dirty Girls Dream

Did I secretly lust for you before your lips met mine in a world entirely of my own creation? I absolutely wanted you as I slept, deeply, wickedly and entirely. As my body rested, my mind embraced desires I didn’t know I had and I moved against you in a thousand splendid ways. I wish you could have been there, connected to me in my dream as we feasted upon each other. Tongues flicking and licking, lips brushing and sucking every inch of delicious flesh we could find. 

You pulled me to you, time and time again. Needing, wanting, asking, taking. My mouth, my nipples, my cunt; all aching, dripping, begging to be used by you. I was not disappointed, you matched every ounce of wanton lust I felt and with animal-like urgency, we attempted to satisfy the hunger within us. 

Your cock, hard and greedy, sank into me, hole after hole. My mouth fucked, as I moaned against you. I spread my legs for you, wide, desperate, cunt glistening, welcoming you in. I gave myself to you as you fucked me roughly into a climax that seemed to tear my soul from the very depths of my being. I lay there, thinking I was done until your cock left me. My gaping, empty hole ensured me this was not over. 

‘Dirty, greedy, ungrateful slut’ that’s what I am, I know because you told me and I crawled to you on my knees basking in the truth and beauty of being seen and I told you how you made me crave you, how my bodies appetite for you was insurmountable and as my words tumbled from my mouth you silenced me once more, with your throbbing, relentless cock. 

Tears streamed from my eyes as you fucked my mouth. I remained on all fours, like a bitch in heat and when I reached my fingers to my cunt you demanded I stop. Wait. You would see to me when you were done. I thought you were going to fill my mouth with your seed, I was going to drink every drop, I wanted so badly to take you deep into my belly, but you stopped and I began to catch my breath until you once more claimed my right to breathe as your own. 

As you manoeuvred behind me my back arched, my body eager for you to fill my cunt again. Your hands gripped my hips and you pulled me to you, adjusting my position, and I finally felt you cock nestled against my hole. My arsehole and I froze because I didn’t, I haven’t and I probably couldn’t but you growled softly that dirty sluts deserve to be fucked this way and I wanted you so badly, in all the ways and I wanted to be the dirtiest slut I could be and so I breathed for you and relaxed for you and my arsehole was yours for the taking. 

Fuck! Your fingers filled my cunt as your cock filled my arse and I felt like if I came I would split in two from the sensations you were creating within me. Moans of pleasure were now howls of ecstasy. They were ripped from my lungs without consent as I became an extension of you, I was no longer my own being, but a puppet for you to make perform as you wish. 





Yes, I was grateful, so fucking grateful as you fucked my arse, filling me with your spunk because my slutty little mouth had begged for it real good. 

I was grateful too when I saw you the next day and my cunt twitched at the memories of that dream. I flashed you a smile, my eyes wide, my cheeks flushed and I wondered if desire created the dream or dream created desire. 

10 thoughts on “[Erotica] When Dirty Girls Dream

  1. I love your writing, bringing the imagery and atmosphere in your dream alive. Dreams are such a great expression for the needs and desires we carry.

  2. Wow
    You have fantastic erotic dreams!!!
    I loved all the directions you took me in, especially the intense finish “you dirty slut”.
    Thanks for making the start of my day an erotic hard one!!
    Keep Dreaming baby

  3. I loved reading your dream, Floss. And I especially liked your last paragraph, as I recalled how my my cock throbbed when I saw a recent lover the next day. What a wonderful feeling.

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