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At my time of writing it is the day after the deadline for submitting our posts to round six of the Smut Marathon, by the time you are reading it voting will have closed on that round and we will be eagerly awaiting the voting results. Inspiration for the prompt for this round was thin on the ground for me. The prompt was ‘wedding dress’ and it had me totally baffled. 

When I’m stuck for things to write about the prompts offered up by the various means are often vital to me getting words on pages. In the event that my brain hasn’t found inspiration elsewhere pushing myself to work to one of the available prompts usually yields something. Which means I’m no stranger to thinking of ideas to fit a specific narrative, but wedding dress? Damn, that is not something I find sexy. 

I did it though, I dug deep into my kinks and perversions and found a way to make a wedding dress sexy. External influences didn’t play much of a part in the piece I finally submitted, but they often do. I’ve had a few people ask me the following questions lately … 1. Where do you find the time to write so much? And 2. Where do you find the inspiration? There’s a blog post written but not shared to answer question one. I’ll be honest I’m sitting on it because I’m contemplating submitting it elsewhere. Eeek! 

Which leaves us with where do I get my inspiration from. Honestly, I just steal it. Okay, I don’t steal all of it. Some things my brain makes up all by itself with no outside help, but a huge chunk of my stuff is inspired by other people. Yes, technically not stealing, but saying I stole it sounds so much more wicked. 

Recently I did something I never do and watched two movies in one day. I rarely watch movies, so that was quite something. My brain was tired though, I’d written a lot and I just needed some time out. So I decided to tidy up some past posts whilst chilling in front of the T.V, which is actually a computer screen because I don’t own a proper telly. #funflossfacts My choice of movies were The Shape of Water and Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile, the Ted Bundy movie. 

I’m not entirely sure how my brain works these days, but apparently, everything I consume is fodder for writing. I got two posts out of watching those movies. Last weekend’s Sinful Sunday image The Shape of You, which was inspired by the quote below.

Unable to perceive the shape of you, I find you all around me. 

Your presence fills my eyes with your love, 

It humbles my heart,

For you are everywhere. 

The Shape of Water (2017)

The quote combined with visual aspects of the movie was what led to me considering taking photos in my shower. The prompt for July was two shots that were of the same thing but from a different perspective. I wanted one shot where you could see me clearly through the glass and one where steam made my outline less clear. I then used a filter on each image that to my eye gave it a slightly watery hue. I never know if other people will see my images and my writing in the way I did as I was creating them, but for me, that is part of the joy of creating something. I create with my vision, I create for myself and then I set the words or the images free and then I welcome other people to discover it for themselves. 

The Shape of Water is a fairly nice thing to be inspired by. It’s fantastical and a love story. Who doesn’t like being inspired by whimsy and love? Being inspired by anything Ted Bundy related? Well, maybe that’s a bit less pleasant. I’ll still take it though, I will write anything I am moved to, no matter where what or who inspired it. That sometimes means being discreet. A lot of people have unknowingly inspired me, but it isn’t always appropriate or necessary for them to know. Also, I learnt the hard way as a poetry writing teen that it’s not always a comfortable position to be in having inspired intense writing from someone!

So, how did Ted Bunday inspire me? For anyone who hasn’t seen the movie, I feel like I should state that it seemed a million miles away from the horrors of Ted Bundy’s actions. Don’t get me wrong it is about a guy who has some serious red flag issues lurking beneath the surface, but there are moments in that movie that got me thinking about the people who fall in love with someone who does terrible things. 

That is how I came to write The Only Survivor. I don’t know what anyone else thought it was about, but when I wrote it I was quite literally writing about someone who was in love with a killer. The love was there though and the passion and I think that is a realistic storyline. I often refer to having a story in my past that isn’t my to share, one day maybe I will find a way to tell it though. What that part of my family history tells me is that regular people can love someone in spite of the evil acts they can commit. Love is dangerous in that respect. Often we say it’s fear or conditioning that kept someone in a relationship with someone evil, and I don’t doubt that this is often the case. Sometimes though, sometimes, it’s love and I find that fascinating and a source of dark inspiration. 

What about music? I’m sure everyone has at some point in their lives been inspired by music. Maybe not inspired to write, but perhaps inspired to dance, or to send someone a message, or to kiss and I don’t know about you but music has definitely inspired me to fuck before! My Sinful Sunday post tomorrow was partly inspired by the song below. I already had the pictures but I wasn’t sure how I was going to use them until I heard Meg Myers belting out Desire. 

I love music as inspiration. I like to find a song that resonates with me in some way, say for example it makes my inner FemDom stand to attention, and I love to close my eyes and think of all the ways I could own Bkji’s bum while the music just ripples through me. More often than not a key feeling or phrase will jump out at me and that’s where I begin my story. 

I have no idea how other people are inspired, but I would love to know, so if anyone else decides to share then please fire your links at me. For all I know I’m telling you the obvious, or I might be telling you something that makes me sound barking mad. It doesn’t end there though. I have so many other things that inspire me. 

Yesterday I shared More Than a Shadow which was inspired by the Twitter comment below from kinkyandperky. As soon as I read it I started thinking about how the idea of the spirit that moves us to write should absolutely be a story. I don’t doubt that it’s already a story, in all honesty, I would imagine there are hundreds if not thousands of stories along similar lines. None of them are my exact story though, so I wrote it, regardless of whether or not similar tales have come before it. 

Then off the back of writing that story and reflecting on how I was inspired to write it, alongside the question of how and where I find my inspiration I found myself writing this post. I think once you start writing more it becomes somewhat of a cycle, more words lead to more words. Just to be clear I don’t think I’ve unearthed some unknown piece of information there. In fact, I’ve heard published authors say this very thing and I just don’t think I ever listened until I saw it unfolding for myself. 

Speaking of published authors, another huge source of inspiration for me is listening to writers talking about writing. Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, Cheryl Strayed and Elizabeth Gilbert are four people who I have found to be particularly thought-provoking in their approaches and thoughts on writing. The only one of those authors who novels I’ve actually read is Stephen King, so it’s not even about taking advice from my favourites. It’s about taking advice and inspiration from people who are passionate and who know what an ordeal it is to put words on a page. 

I think ‘ordeal’ is the perfect word for writing. Don’t get me wrong sometimes I love it, sometimes it is effortless and I feel like I have been blessed with this desire of mine to constantly create wordy things. Other times it is like pulling nails and I have to tear words from inside myself and force them into something I want you folks to consume and that’s just from writing a blog! What the fuck would I do to myself if I decide to write a novel? FYI this is why my novel idea is just an idea and not actually words on paper. 

It would also be remiss of me not to mention that fellow bloggers inspire me all the time. They inspire my writing and my photography and sometimes they just inspired me to adjust my attitude a bit. I think it’s easy to get wrapped in our own bubble of creativity, relying on the things that work, or perhaps used to work well for us. I don’t think a creative mind is that forgiving though, and following a usual pattern doesn’t always continue to yield the usual results. I think that’s why I’ve become the kind of person who uses everything in life, be it big or small as fodder for my blog. You just never know what inspiration is lurking around the corner, but if your eyes and your mind aren’t open to it then you will never find it. 

5 thoughts on “[Writing] Finding Inspiration

  1. Fellow bloggers often inspire me! But ideas will sometimes just “pop up”. I am nowhere near as prolific as you, so I guess I don’t need the same quantities of inspiration!

  2. I understand what you mean with the Ted Bundy movie. It’s on my list to watch . I agree that it is love albeit dark or evil in a sense, but that’s the intriguing thing about psychopaths.
    “Psychopaths are extremely manipulative and can easily gain people’s trust. They learn to mimic emotions, despite their inability to actually feel them and will appear normal to unsuspecting people.”
    So yes to love someone who can do many horrible things is quite possible.

    I admit I’m often inspired by many others to write. I do have some ideas rattling around but it’s the prompts that tend to make the words flow.

  3. Inspiration definitely is every way around us. Sometimes, even when at work and someone says something, inspiration strikes, or doing mundane grocery shopping, or having a cup of coffee, or indeed, music or movies. We just have to use our senses, and inspiration is there 🙂

    Rebel xox

  4. I find music and images the most inspiring for me if I’m having trouble writing. Other, sadly rarer times, it just comes out in floods, often at 2 or 3 o’clock in the morning when I should be sleeping!

  5. It’s interesting to hear where others find their inspiration. Lately mine has been lacking due to my long break from writing, no doubt. Maybe I should start actively looking for inspiration and maybe I’ll find it in some unlikely places. Other bloggers especially talented ones like yourself have often been a source of inspiration for me, for that I am thankful. So thank you for sharing and inspiring.

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