[Erotica] Love Made Me Do It

I will claw at your flesh.

Tearing you away from yourself.

From inside the shell that lies to you.

When you kneel before me there will be no lies.

Only the glorious, blinding truth of your submission.

Bruises will rise upon your skin.

In the places where my teeth ripped the shame away.

There will be no shame while you sit at my feet.

I will silence you.

The only words you will need will be mine.

Even, no, especially the voices in your head can cease their chatter.

I will destroy the burdens that the world places upon you,

if only for the briefest of moments.

When they ask me why Iā€™m compelled to Dominate you,



and soul.

I will tell them simply that love made me do it.

3 thoughts on “[Erotica] Love Made Me Do It

  1. “The only words you will need will be mine”

    I love that line so much! Always talking too much, thinking and overthinking the whys and ifs and especially the am-I-good-enoughs, I hope I someday find someone loving me enough to silence me.

    Thank you so much for your blog.

    1. Aw bless you thank you for reading and enjoying the blog. I am sure one day you absolutely will find that person for you x

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