[Photography] A Shout Out To My Queens

Listen to me, girl,

you have castles in your bones,

and coronets in your heart,

if he threatens you with battle,

you raise him a whole war,

the last time I checked,

Queens cower before no man.

Nikita Gill

28 thoughts on “[Photography] A Shout Out To My Queens

    1. All the Queens yours included all the awesome ladies out there were in my mind when I created that post ❤️

  1. The words go perfectly with your stunning images. Go Girl! Can’t put it better than that x

    1. Thank you Missy I actually love them myself and I was so excited to share them with everyone

  2. I love how you interspersed the imaged in among the lines of the poem. The words are wonderful but it’s your images complementing them that really make the whole thing shine and resonate.

    1. Thank you 🙂 I felt like the words and images would make a great pairing, I’m so pleased other folks are enjoying the combination too

    1. Thank you Yep, got pissed off with the dying and really, really want it to grow so laying of the colouring for a while and keeping it well nourished instead! Ponytail is obviously not my own but does make for fun photos

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