[Erotica] Golden Delicious

The moment I saw KinkyandPerky’s gold lingerie I knew they needed a little bit of erotica written about them. I am delighted he agreed to be my featured image for this post and if you are a fan of the gold panties then head to his blog, because they appear more than once.

He could choose his own underwear, so long as it was lingerie. Today he hesitated as he hands began to tug at his trousers …

‘Is something wrong?’

‘No, well, I’m just a bit nervous. Today’s lingerie isn’t quite the same as normal.’

With that said I was desperate to see them, I strode over to him, gripped the waistband of his trousers pulling them down to reveal the knickers that had caused his bout of nerves.

They were gold, all the fucking gold, silky too and I loved every inch of them. My hand instantly ran over the bulge his cock created beneath that smooth, cool silk and we both let out a moan of delight at how that felt.

There were days when elaborate scenes and endless hours of teasing were all I could think about. At that moment though as he stood there in front of me, growing harder by the second, gold panties about to burst at the seams, it was clear that the only thing long about this session would be his cock.

I’m tempted to make him come right there, his trousers still around his ankles and his shirt unbuttoned but not yet removed. Instead, I summon some self-control and get him positioned on the bed. Wrist and ankles in cuffs and attached to the under bed restraint system.

At this point, I’d usually employ a wide range of implements and techniques to have him squirming and begging beneath me. Sometimes though the simple approach is the most wicked.

I removed more of my attire than usual, straddling his chest in my lingerie, my back to his face, knowing as I leant forward he would see the damp patch in my own knickers, caused by the desire to play with him.

My palm rubbed against his cock, which was impressively being contained by the golden fabric, though it is safe to say some serious contortion was at play. His hips bucked and his body writhed, his ankles and wrists pulling at their restraints. A familiar set of reactions that told me he was aching for more, most likely the feel of skin on skin. My hand wrapped around his length, my fingers stroking, my palms cupping; none of which he was going to get.

I moved my hand faster against the silky panel creating the delicious barrier between us and he groaned in such a way that told me he understood exactly where I was taking him. I listened to his every murmur, every moan, every almost uttering as he fought the desire to come. As he cursed himself for nearly asking knowing that when he did so he would ruin his pretty little panties.

‘Ohfuckmiss, please Miss, I … just .. can I … come. Please!’

‘Mmmm … Please do!’

He did and he did it in spectacular fashion, the front and side of his panties growing darker as the evidence of our excitement seeped into that beautiful fabric.

6 thoughts on “[Erotica] Golden Delicious

  1. Ooh, what a lovely fantasy. A delicious mucky finish. I hope he was made to clean them after…

    Thank you for turning my pic into a lovely achy messy story.

  2. Floss – how delightful! What a way to celebrate the fab image KP provided. This was really fanny-flutteringly good!

    1. Thank you Posy! The minute I saw that image I just knew it needed its own story! It was far too yummy to just leave wanting 🙂

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