[Photography] Flowers In Bloom





bloom softly

however you need

just bloom

Rupi Kaur

Today is day 2 of #30DayOrgasmFun. My aim isn’t to have an orgasm every day, but I would like to talk about masturbation, orgasms and/0r sex toys every day of April. If for no other reason than to increase the conversation that Tabitha has started with the #30DayOrgasmChallenge.

My own relationship with masturbation and orgasms is complex and for me #MindfulMasturbation is not something I can relate too. However, I absolutely understand how that can work for other people and I am definitely into other folks embracing #selfloveisselfcare.

That said the toy in the picture is called the Power Flower and I did indeed use it to send me on the way to orgasm land. The Doxy made an appearance too because I’m all about the power these days. Which actually brings my #30DayOrgasmFun total to two in two days! I am excited to see what the rest of April brings with it. Perhaps not trying to masturbat and orgasm is the key to my having lots of both. Which I am not going to question, I am just going to enjoy!

12 thoughts on “[Photography] Flowers In Bloom

  1. This lingerie is absolutely beautiful, I loved the back view of the knickers too, which you tweeted earlier. The flower motif works very well with your trailing tattoo.
    Glad you are on track with your 30 day challenge – me too!!

  2. Yeah I’m gonna have to echo that this lingerie set is stunning and that 2nd pic in particular is REALLY gorgeous! I love how much the set compliments your tattoo too.

  3. i have been eyeing a similar set and i think you have convinced me to get it! more florals! you look fabulous!

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