[Erotica] Thoughts of You

I am moments away from seeing you, well perhaps an hour or so but it feels like a lifetime away. I am packing my bags ready for our night away with friends and tidying the house as I go but my mind is on other things.

Daydreaming has been a favourite pastime of mine since childhood, but now as a grownup, they are filled with filth and on many occasions, like now, filled with you. There will be time to play this weekend, with you, with friends and my head is swirling with the possibilities of what is to come.

My suitcase is lying open on the bed, and I reach into the cupboard beside the bed to retrieve some ankle and wrist restraints we might need for the weekend and out rolls a vibrator that I had previously put away in a rush. With many things still to do, masturbation wasn’t on the list, but this  unexpected appearance of a decent toy was surely fate.

My cunt was well on the way to its happy place from all the sexy scenarios I had imagined and access was easy due to being dressed in only a thong and a robe, at this point masturbating seemed like the only sensible option.

I slip the robe off my body and flop onto the bed, pushing the case out of my way, the sense of urgency already growing inside me. I leave my knickers on, I always love to leave my knickers on, at least to begin with.

I turn the vibrator on and gently stroke my labia with it, before moving to my clit and this is when the first moan of pleasure leaves my mouth. God, it feels good. It feels good to think about you too, to imagine your dick, nuzzling at the entrance to my cunt. Teasing me, taunting me.

My hips buck as I in my mind I picture myself trying to entice you in, wiggling my cunt and ass against your hard dick, silently begging for you to fuck me. The motion of my own thrusting turns me on even more and the need to be fucked is now too strong to ignore.

I pull my panties aside. I love this moment, this motion. It’s more ‘give it to me now’, more naughty, than simply removing them. It gives me the sense that I’m desperate to fuck myself, that even I can’t bear the thought of waiting the length of time it would take to remove them.

The vibrator finds one of my many sweet spots, barely an inch inside my cunt. The vibrations spread out like tentacles, gripping my cunt and demanding it come. I think of you filling me as I allow myself to be pulled ever closer to that final moment. I can picture you sinking into me, your groans of pleasure as my cunt welcomes you in.

While my mind is happy to continue being lost in these imaginings, my cunt has grown impatient. Now is the time, I need to give in, let the orgasm wash over me. I need you though, I need you to fuck me hard, your hand at my throat, your mouth at my ear, moaning, breathless, lost in fucking me. My mind takes you there, us there, as I shudder and curse as I come hard against the vibrator.

I’m sated. For now. My mind is still fixed on you though and the next orgasm I am thinking about is yours.

9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Thoughts of You

  1. OMG YES PLEASE! That was awesome 😀
    *faints* yep, this will definitely help participants along I’m sure 😉 may I link to it in the main post? x

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