[Erotica] Pissturn Alley

Image originally by Charlie who you can find at sexblogofsorts.

Content Warning: Humiliation, degradation and Urination

‘Same time. Same place.’

‘Can’t we go somewhere else? Just once?’

‘No. 9 pm. Don’t make me wait.’

At 8.55 pm I am in place. Halfway up the stone alleyway of stairs, I stand reading the endless graffiti, as a hand roughly tugs at my hair.

‘Five minutes early, eager considering you wanted to change the plan.’

I try to speak but he manhandles me, taking my breath away and shoving my face roughly against a concrete wall, his erection against my arse, as he gropes me before ripping my knickers off and casting them aside.

He pushes his cock into me and the friction of this action chafes the soft flesh of my cunt and I want to pull away. Soon enough though my body has relented, relaxing into his thrusts, responding favourably to his invasion.

‘Get on your knees,’

His cock slides out of me and I do as I’m told, the concrete is cold and wet against my knees as I kneel in front of him. Closer to ground the aroma of urine is noticeable and I try not to think of the wet patch beneath my knees as take him in my mouth, hard, dripping with pre-cum and locked in place as he grips my hair controlling my movement.

I gag as he fucks my mouth, saliva seeps onto my chin as tears stream down my face in a bid to mingle with the drool before they drip onto my cleavage. All the while my cunt spasms as if it too wants in on the action of expelling fluids from my body while my holes are filled in any way he sees fit in what can only be described as a glorified toilet.

There’s no warning as he releases himself, hot, warm ejaculate hits the back of my throat and as I look up at him for instruction, he spits on my face before ordering me not to swallow.

Still kneeling at his feet, I hold his spunk in my mouth, before dribbling it down my chin, where it joins the growing patch of moisture on my chest, bra and top now soaked with our combined bodily fluids.

I make an attempt to stand, but his hands push me back in place …

‘One more thing before you go.’

With that, he adds to the piss collecting in the alleyway, it lands on my chin before going the way of everything else. My tongue to my own disgust darts out as he does so and my cunt once again spasms as it revels in my shame.

I rush back to my car once I am dismissed and urgently delve my fingers into my aching cunt, I come hard as I relive the collective moments we have spent together in that alleyway and against my better judgement I can’t wait to be summoned there again.

5 thoughts on “[Erotica] Pissturn Alley

  1. People like what they like. Humiliation isn’t necessarily my thing, but I can totally see how in the moment, in the right headspace, this could do it for me in some fashion.

    1. I’m not entirely sure it’s my kink, at least not how I wrote it but I seem to be fascinated with it in terms of exploring it in Erotica so who knows

    1. Yep, I have no desire to be urinated on but I love writing about it for some reason. So I just go with it because writing about it is a massive turn on and that’s just as fun as experiencing things sometimes

  2. I think sometimes we fantasize about things we would often never do in life. While I wouldn’t want this to happen to me, reading it definitely finds those dark places in me that fantasize (embarassingly) about this sort of gritty humiliation. So, well done.

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