[Erotica] The Black Dress

My smile allows me to suppress the burst of laughter that rises within me when I see her dress. The dress she has been talking about all week, so eager was she to wear it for me during our next evening together. The dress itself is not funny, it is however barely eligible to be classed as a dress, and it is worlds away from the usual attire she chooses as my submissive.

She is never bratty and never demanding, her submissive nature soars best of all when she is adhering to agreed-upon protocols, committing acts of service or simply letting the world go as she kneels at my feet placing her body and her mind in my hands. Sometimes though she presents herself in a manner than requests my more immediate attention.

The dress is as flimsy as my cock is hard, and that’s about as hard as a cock can get. It can barely contain her tits, which free from the constraints of a bra are jiggling as she speaks to me, her nipples peeking through the holes in the fabric. As she moves around the room the dress is riding up her arse, soon it will have become a belt of its own volition and I wonder if it will make it out of this evening in one piece.

She moves her hands to the hem of the dress, her attention finally being drawn to the way it is revealing her body, it is then that I decide to take action, my cock is in no mood to wait and my mind is eager to abandon the planned evening of protocols and slow, drawn-out teasing, instead I’m going to take what is mine and fuck her while she begs for more, until her body can take no more and her pleas of more will turn to pleas of mercy.

‘Leave it!’

Her hand hovers momentarily before falling to her side. Brazen and seductive she might be, but her desire is still to obey me.

‘Kneel down on the rug.’

As she kneels down the dress rolls up with incredible speed, her bare cunt now hovering above the sheepskin rug, her hips drawing my eyes in, as my mind wanders to gripping them tightly as I sink my cock into her inevitably and inviting wetness.

‘Tits out. Hands behind your back.’

She does as she’s told, which as it always does causes my cock to twitch, it wants to invade her in every way possible; to have her hands envelop me, her mouth devour me, her cunt clench around me, my greatest frustrastion always has been and always will be that I can only indulge one of these desires at a time.

Her mouth falls open as I approach her, such an eager slut, desperate for my cock in any and every way. Her mouth is left wanting though as I stand behind her, forcing her to listen but not watch as I unbuckle my belt and unzip my flies.

Once undressed I kneel behind her, face down, ass up, it really is the way I like to fuck and she clearly agrees, as squeals of delight as her ass and cunt wriggling in my direction make it very clear that she is eager for what will come next.

There is no prelude to fucking today, I simply slide my cock inside her, balls deep in one slow, purposeful movement. She cries out, oh yes, this what my girl wants. A good, deep fuck. I can tell she’s been craving it, thinking about it every day as she fucks herself, it feels so good to give her exactly what she needs.

She’s a woman possessed as she gives in to the rhythm of our fucking, her moans of pleasure are more akin to howls, and her begging is incoherent as she is consumed by multiple orgasms, big and small, more never being enough, her body seemingly unsated no matter how much pleasure it receives.

I remove my cock from inside her slick, plump folds, her grumbles of complaint turning to sighs of satisfaction when I flip her onto her back and my fingers find that sweet spot within in. She writhes and bucks beneath me as I relentlessly fuck her, edging her closer and closer towards a climax I know will have her closing her legs and gasping ‘no more, no more’.

It doesn’t take long before I have her where I want her, her hands clutching at my forearm as my fingers nestled deep inside her refusing be distracted from their mission. Her breathing ragged, her expletives loud between desperate begging. When I finally let her succumb to orgasm that has been building inside of her, it is accompanied by a gush of fluid, her cunt drenching my hand, the sheepskin rug getting the treatment that usually befalls the bedsheets.

As I pull my fingers from inside her, her hand reaches for my cock, her eyes sleepy but determined as she begins to move her hand in a much welcome manner. I straddle her, balls resting against her belly as she loses herself in jerking me off. I don’t try to hold back, I don’t care if it’s only seconds before I come, I’m eager to pull her close to me, to drag us both into a warm shower. These moments, her hand on my cock, the climax eagerly hurtling through me are all a bonus of an already enjoyable session. Nevertheless, I do enjoy it. Yes, I enjoy the feeling of her dainty hands firmly gripping my thick cock and I definitely enjoyed watching the fruits of her labour as I spurted and dripped all over the black band that was her dress.

Inspired by this week’s Masturbation Monday image (left) which is owned by Marie Rebel and originally posted on her site as Black Band.

7 thoughts on “[Erotica] The Black Dress

  1. Awesome post Floss! You write very well from the male pov. I love the urgency in this, I know that feeling. “her submissive nature soars” is a wonderful turn of phrase.

  2. Oh yes I liked that – I love writing from the male POV and you have done a great job of it – it is so much fun being the guy, I think 😉

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