[Erotica] Testing Week

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Testing week means no contact with the other girls. We are confined to our rooms, let out one at a time to undergo testing. This ensures we don’t pass on information to those yet to face the challenges set by the Master.

When it came to Clara though, a week without seeing her was not acceptable to me. We had arrived here together, bonding as the two newest girls, as the other submissives bristled at our arrival, knowing they would fall out of favour while Master appreciated his new toys.

Luckily for Clara and I, the parallels of our time here did not end there, our rooms were adjoining and while we were disappointed to find the door was locked with no key in sight, we had rectified that situation secretly. One of Master’s downfalls is not asking or caring what or who we were in a previous life. Clara is seemingly incredibly shy, with a look that makes her seem almost void of though. Her quiet however is observation, and that look allowed her to commit crimes in almost plain sight as people overlooked her. She picked that lock within a week, the hardest part of it finding the appropriate tools for the job. The job itself took her seconds.

That is how I’ve come to be in Clara’s room. While the other girls are anxiously pacing their rooms alone, we are together.

‘Lucy said one of the tests last year was a blowjob. No hands allowed either, but you still had to make him spunk. I’m rubbish at blowies, so I’ll probably find out what these elusive punishments are.’

‘You won’t fail and you won’t be punished, come here and we can practice.’

It was that exchange that led to me placing my fingers in Clara’s mouth, as she sucked, licked and groaned against them. However, when I noticed her hips gyrating in small, wanting motions I abandoned my role as blowjob instructor and instead fell into my more familiar role as Clara’s lover.

Relations between house submissives were entirely forbidden, so perhaps one day Clara would be punished, as would I. The punishment for this infraction was unknown, as no one dared ever speak about the times it had happened.

I remove my fingers from Clara’s mouth and place them beneath the wet gusset of my knickers. She grins, wicked and eager as we instinctively find new positions. I lay on my back as her fingers begin to slide against my clit, her cunt hovering above my mouth, allowing me the most perfect of views.

Our tongues explore the wet folds of the other at the same time, playfully at first, each attempting to cause a reaction first. As always Clara plays dirty and slides a single digit inside me, causing me to wriggle with need, my breathe catching as I urge her to give me more.

In fact she gave so much, we were lost in pleasure, as someone opened her door …

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