[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #21

Before I begin with the posts I’d like to share with you for this weeks Share our Shit Saturday I’d like to make my own blogging announcement. Reviews became something I stopped prioritising on the blog because I really had so many other things I wanted to focus on. Over the last few months though due to reader feedback I’ve been contemplating how I can incorporate reviews into what I’m doing here and I decided I couldn’t and didn’t want to crowbar reviews in between the other content I am creating and from that realisation FlossDoesReviews was born.

FlossDoesReviews is still me, but it is all about the products. It will take time to build up the content there, but there are a couple of reviews already in place, one more coming on Monday and lots more in the pipeline. It’s not a venture I really considered I would be embarking on, but now it is here I am very excited to share my thoughts with you all.

Now to the blogs of others, which come from browsing Erotic Journal Challenge, Wicked Wednesday and Friday Flash. Don’t forget you can browse Marie Rebel’s List of All Available Memes to help you navigate which ones you might like to get involved or to direct you to new blogs to read.

The first post I’d like to recommend this week does come with a content warning. In Hurt Me Like You Mean It J. Lynn talk about her experiences with rape, BDSM and her journey with masochism. It’s a tough read, but I absolutely believe posts like this one have incredible value. Silence doesn’t make these experiences better and people who experience sexual assaults and abuse need to know they are not alone and they are not to blame. Posts like this being written and shared could make all the difference for someone who reads is and relates to it.

I became friends with a guy from work. It started off as hanging out at his house and drinking after work. Things naturally progressed and became intimate. He was older and a lot more experienced than I was. He told me many times if there was something I wanted to try to just tell him and it might happen or might not. He even made the comment that ‘if I needed to be spanked and fucked that he was the guy’. So we did just that.

J. Lynn

Swirling Fire makes so many great points in her post Twitter Changed My Life that it’s hard to know where to begin in explaining why I’m sharing it. Predominantly though she shares experiences that are the main reason I put so much time into producing this blog and ProudToBeKinky. Sharing resources/knowledge and being kind to people shouldn’t hinge on their question being phrased correctly or the likelihood of them doing things the same way as you. Gatekeepers and ‘One True Way’ believers are so detrimental to the kink community both online and offline and for that matter other communities as well. It costs nothing to be a decent human being who is willing to nurture fledgeling interest in kink and there is nothing to gain by being an arse, it really does make me wonder why people choose that second path and it is my ongoing annoyance with that scenario that led me to write Don’t Be Like Gollum last year.

The kink community prides itself on acceptance and being welcoming. It says it offers guidance support education and understanding. This is only true if one agrees with their way being the right way – to ask questions or incorrectly phrase and pose another view is considered as offensive and earns a soft block and then childish playground bully behaviour.

Swirling Fire

Our experiences don’t have to be identical for us to be able to relate to someone else’s journey. When I read Checking In To Social Media by Julie, I found myself nodding along and seeing exactly where she was coming from. When I had my termination I was directed to ARC and their forum was once of the few places I could truly express what I was going through. I think it’s easy for people to be flippant about social media and see it as slightly vacuous, sometimes thought the experience it offers and the connections you can create through it can be invaluable.

Shortly after I had my mastectomy I searched facebook for Breast Cancer related groups and found one that is UK based. Posts now pop up on my timeline on a daily basis. It is very friendly and supportive. It contains practical resources about equipment, lingerie, insurance etc. But respects that there are many types of breast cancer and that everyone’s journey is different. It is a place for people who have or have had breast cancer, but excludes family and partners. This is for a good reason as everyone needs a safe space. Like me, many haven’t told family and friends and are unable to express themselves elsewhere.

Master’s Pleasing Bitch

I’m on a constant mission to improve my flash fiction abilities and reading the way other people do it definitely helps and encourages my efforts. This week I thoroughly enjoyed Meat Feast by May More. It played into a lot of sexy thoughts about rough sex and coarse language which meant it went straight on the list of things to share.

“That’s the trouble with men.” I sneered, knowing this statement would annoy him.

“What is? You sexist bitch.” He pushed me onto the sofa and ripped my blouse open.

May More

The content of a story has to be good for me to enjoy it, but sometimes it isn’t only about that and Big Bobby Rosario by Cousin Pons is a great example of why I enjoy certain writers. The way Cousin Pons writes is what draws me in, it’s about the choice of words and the way he combines them that I find enjoyable. It is one of the reasons I love poetry, yes it is about the content, but it’s also about word choice, structure and pace. I know we could say the same about all writing, but for me, not everyone draws me in with how they write, only what they write, but Cousin Pons definite gets a tick in both those boxes.

Yeah, I knew Big Bobby Rosario, the tax return guy. In fact I knew him when he was Tiny Bobby Rosario. Not many people know that. They used to say he ate his own weight in pizza every week. That’s simply not true. But close.

Cousin Pons

That’s what my fellow bloggers wooed me with this week, but what did I have to offer? A bit of a mixture really from sexy pictures to deep and meaningful follow the links below to see what you missed.

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  1. Dear Floss, you really touched my heart with your comments about my writing. I am so moved to read your words of warm appreciation. It is the encouragement I need to keep on going. .Thank you so much. CPxx

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