[Erotica] My Tiny Macrophiliac

I touch myself as I think of you; tiny, helpless and captured. Not just beneath my feet but bound and contained within the confines of my seductively high shoes.

I’m wet, dripping, as I imagine you completely at my mercy.

Pounding on the sides of my platforms for attention, oh sweet boy, you have my attention. I am captivated by thoughts of you as I come, while your bare chest heaves beneath the weight of my heels.

Story Inspiration

This weeks #WickedWednesday prompt was ‘social media inspiration’ we were challenged to find our inspiration by opening our chosen social media app and using the first post we saw as inspiration. That’s almost what I did, well actually it wasn’t at all what I did. What I actually did was keep my eyes peeled on my various social media platforms for a prompt that might inspire me and honestly nothing was catching my eye.

When I initially saw the image below by Ctasd on Instagram I didn’t notice it for this prompt, I noticed it because it made me think ‘ooh .. not my fetish but I’m kind of into the idea of having tiny submissive Bakji’s in my shoes’ and I sent the post to him alongside that exact sentiment and thought nothing more about it.

Then I was pondering the fetish that is Macrophilia, again not really in a sexy way, just thinking as I do about how fascinating the variety of fetish is and then it hit me, a wave of inspiration to write the shortest piece of fiction I could about a lady fantasising about keeping her tiny man in her shoes. I ideally want it to be flash fiction of the 55-word variety, but I settled for 77.

8 thoughts on “[Erotica] My Tiny Macrophiliac

    1. Woohoo! So pleased it hit the spot for you =D I really did wonder if anyone would get it, so that someone loved it is awesome xxx

  1. This is great- so much told within so few words! What a great way to challenge yourself! I had never heard of this- so I also learned something new!

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