[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #16

It’s the first #SoSS of the year, that’s right, we’re still being shadowbanned and silenced because we’re just too damn sexy for the rule makers of social media. Which means we need to promote each other and make sure our posts are being seen. If you’ve never joined in before then maybe 2019 is the perfect time to change that. Some of share weekly, some monthly and some as and when we can. There is no right or wrong.

With the grumble over, let the sexy commence. Here are six blog posts that caught my eye this week and you should all read them immediately.

Groggy Fucks, Lust and Carnal Need from Rough & Tumble was incredibly yummy. Not only is it beautifully written but reading it gave me a clawing ache in my belly, the desire to have a bit of what she was describing was very real.

And just like that, he was awake. Hard. Eager to fuck.  I love doing that to men. There’s a quiet confidence in having a man stand to attention in less than a heartbeat.
– Rough & Tumble

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Kisungura’s writing. And this post is no exception. 12 at 12 I’ve read it many times and I don’t think I took a breath once during those reads. I just read, captivated and eager. Willing the action on, taking all we as readers were giving and I enjoyed every freakin’ moment of it.

…my eyes widen as he returns with his cane and stands before me. I nudge his clothed cock with my nose and inhale deeply. Tilting my chin with bamboo he tells me to turn, and kneel on the floor…
– Kisungura

What Mrs Fever is writing about in As Wet As I Get isn’t sexy in the erotica sense, but fuck me if her writing doesn’t do things to me that no matter the context of the post, is still somehow incredibly arousing. I don’t specifically mean arousal of the genital kind either, though that has occurred when visiting her site, but arousal of emotions, understanding and appreciation. I am so grateful to bloggers who step outside of what is perhaps expected of sex bloggers and talking about the changes our bodies can and likely will go through during the various stages of life is of utmost value.

Sliding, frictive fullness and scissoring push-stretch of gliding digits against satin squeeze.
Instead – despite the wetness obviously flowing from inside of me and onto him – all I feel is the snagging un-smooth of barely damp, the skin folds along the ridges of his knuckles imprinting my sensitive flesh like a bootprint in sawdust.
– Mrs Fever

Brigit herself says she’s been struggling with ‘ideas and finding that erotic place within’ herself, I am pleased to say that it seems as if she might getting back on the erotic horse as it were because The Storm is awesome. She absolutely took the Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Vignettes’ and smashed it out of the park. If this is Brigit’s first post of the year I can’t bloody wait to see what else transpires as the months go by.

A floor beneath him, she pleasured herself to the rhythm of his soul and the music of the storm. She reached beneath her shirt and squeezed her breasts, pinched the nipples. She slid her fingers deep inside of herself and rubbed her palm against her swollen clit.

Her back arched and she bit her lip.

She was close…so close.

– Brigit Delaney

My approach to kink, BDSM, Fetish and all that accompanies them is fairly casual. That doesn’t stop me enjoying accounts from people who have a much more structured approach to their dynamic. In Our Dynamic Julie shares some insights into her dynamic with her Master. As a bottom, this is definitely a no go dynamic for me, but as a Dominant, well as I said in my reply on Julie’s post I think that’s where my never say never comes in.

Power is the major driver for Master. When we play, it is the very fact that my body reacts in the way it does, to his body and the toys he uses, that drives him. During sex, he loves that he can control me and my orgasms. He loves that he can call me names such as bitch and it excites me.
– Masters Pleasing Bitch

Fucking Periods! Yes, they’re natural and help the world populate and blah, blah, blah, but you know what? Sometimes they are just fucking ball ache! Zebra Rose shared Periodpocalypse with us this week and I had sympathy pains just from reading. I will say I am rarely visited by the evilness of periods due to what I consider to a be a delight of an invention, the contraceptive implant, combined with getting older and having had a wee bambino a good few years ago now. Before that combination of factors came to me though I was plagued by heavy (like tsunami heavy) periods, cramps that literally not figuratively made me pass out and a host of other delights that Sebra rose mentions too. I may talk about periods in the future and contraception I think. These are topics we need to be shouting about and I’m very pleased Zebra Rose got me thinking on this, though I am sad that she goes through the Periodpocalypse in the way she does.

However, menstrual cramps don’t ride in alone; alongside them trots a posse of unwanted companions. Oh hai also to Fatigue, Brain Fog, Depression and Rage. The Four Horsepersons of the Periodpocalypse ride into Rosieville, shoot up the Sense Of Fun Saloon, empty the Hope Bank and skullfuck the Sheriff into a migraine before eating all the horses and pissing on the doorstep of the Good Times General Store.

– Zebra Rose

That’s it for now unless you missed any of my posts this week. If you did you should check them out …

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7 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #16

  1. Thank you, Floss. Talking about sex and how our bodies respond sexually is not always well-accepted outside of the “hot” (erotic context) box, but it’s important – for me – to recognize. I appreciate your support. xo

  2. Thanks, Floss…hoping my mojo is returning. And you’ve chosen some great posts to share that I hadn’t seen yet. So thanks for that too…it’s the whole point of this, right?

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