[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #18

This week’s Share Our Shit Saturday is a mixture of sexy and serious, but they’re all damn good posts that deserve your attention. I also did the round-up for Wicked Wednesday this week, so head over there to see whose posts made my Top 3. Hint one of them is in this roundup!

I think any visitors to Cousins Pons’ know that he is a very talented chap, both his writing and his photography are I think fantastic. I’m not sure he gives himself enough credit though and that is naughty because his recent foray into the Friday Flash meme with Cue The Music has resulted in a corker of a tale. Short sweet and deliciously funny. You have to read it. Right now. Then come back, because I do have more to share.

‘He didn’t even want to undress. Something about not wanting to be caught with his trousers down so I undid his flies and filched out his penis as he sat back in my favourite wing-backed chair in the front room. As I consumed his member it slowly stiffened but then suddenly went as lifeless as a bowl of semolina.’

Cousin Pons

Posy Churchgate has played right into my kinks this week and I couldn’t not mention her ‘Hans and Greta’ tale in this weeks #SoSS. We have part one and part two to enjoy at the moment and I for one cannot wait for part three. I don’t know what treats Hans is in for but I suspect they will get my juices flowing.

‘Barb’s hips shunted forward in a scooping thrust on which Greta became impaled, her pink folds pulled wide. stretched around the girth of the dark dildo.  It’s detailing of bumps and veins stimulated her deeply as her mistress began to saw the dildo in and out. Her mouth yawned open, emitting grunts and gasps which betrayed her pleasure at being used and abused.’

Posy Churchgate

In my first #SoSS of the year, I said that I wanted to offer a bit more variety to these posts, and part of that is paying more attention to varying the names that appear each week. With that in mind, I recommend you read A Jasmine Bath and You by Dr. J. It’s a sexy tale that had me crossing my fingers the whole way through, did I get the ending I hoped for? You’ll have to read it and see for yourself.

‘I walked back to the bathroom to shut off the water and gather towels. When I heard the text notification ping, I headed to the bed and picked up my phone. I clicked on George’s message.

And a picture came through.


What had George done?’

Dr. J

Sometimes you read the title of a blog post and when you read said blog post it is not at all what you expected, this happened when I read ‘Naked Yoga’ by bluesubmission. For no reason at all I was expecting a journal entry type post, what I got was awesome sexy smut and I loved every minute of it.

‘So he backed off and leaned against the bed, slowly fisting his cock as he watched her finish her practice, bringing his other hand up to his nose to inhale her scent. Ally put on a show for him, exposing herself when at all possible, her pussy lips glinting in the streaming sunlight, a sheen of sweat gathered on her lower back highlighting the curve of her spine. She let go of herself as she moved, no longer caring that he was there as a witness to her coming undone. All she felt was sensation and need.’


Before I share my last two posts for these weeks #SoSS I want to draw your attention to the Sex Bloggers For Mental Health Project being hosted by SassyCat. The #SB4MH pledge is as follows:

‘I pledge my commitment to blog for my mental health. I will write about mental health topics not only for myself but for others. I do this to destigmatize mental illness and to promote mental health awareness & education. I am a sex blogger for mental health. #sb4mh #bfmh #notalone #SexNotStigma’

#SB4MH Pledge
Click the image to follow SB4MH on Twitter

You can find all my writings relating to my own mental wellbeing under my Mental Health category  I have more posts on this coming soon and if you find you would like to share your thoughts as well then there are plenty of us ready to read your words and offer some kindness in return.

Nikki shared her recent thoughts on mental health in ‘That Fucking Blanket’ and it had many aspects in it that I was able to relate to and it did in fact put the spotlight on some feelings I’d been having with the days recent to reading it. One of the hashtags for the SB4MH project is #notalone and even though it can often feel like we are, posts that highlight similarities in our experiences show that we are less alone than our brains might like us to think.

Trust is the main topic of discussing in May More’s recent post for #SB4MH ‘Trust Has Always Been an Issue’ and I know for sure this is one a lot of people will be able to relate to.

I’m not going to share excerpts from the above pieces, not because they aren’t great but selecting favoured content from such intensely personal pieces seems like something I don’t want to do right now. I’m also cautious in case their content is upsetting for others and would rather you read the words by choice when you’re ready not in error when you aren’t.

As for what I’ve posted this week, here is the lowdown for those of you that might have missed out.

Sinful Sunday – Boobs By Candlelight

Sexuality – Discovering My Sexual Self

Erotica – Come To Me

Sex Technicalities: The Woes and The Worries

That’s My Kink – Voyeurism

Erotica – The Horseshoe

Don’t forget lots of wonderful Meme’s can provide you with writing inspiration and more awesome reads. I’m a Meme slut and try to get involved with as many as I can, but it’s okay to just get involved with one or two.

Masturbation Monday

TMI Tuesday

Wicked Wednesday

Erotic Journal Challenge

Friday Flash

Food For Thought Friday

Fantasy Smut Friday

Sinful Sunday
You’ve also still got some time to sign up to the Smut Marathon too, only about one day at this point though and Molly has now released details for this year February Photofest, both of which I am 100% on board with! Why not join me in the Smutty and Photo fun?

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  1. Thank you so much Floss for your very kind words. I was thrilled to read what you wrote about my story and my photography. I am chuffed beyond belief. x

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