[Photography] Healing Waters


doesn’t mean the


never existed.

It means the


no longer controls our lives.

After I wrote ‘Grief and Tattoos‘ something shifted within me, I felt like I was in a position to work towards some healing of old wounds and part of that was the new tattoo that can be seen in this picture. The Saturday following that post and two days after I got that tattoo I went to my Dad’s to celebrate Christmas with my son, my dad and his girlfriend. We had a wonderful evening, full of warmth, love, happiness and most importantly amazing food. Another added bonus for me was the chance to have a bath, as I am only in possession of a shower.

My Dad ran the bath for me and set it up like he does for him and his girlfriend, which meant fancy bubbles and candlelight. I don’t think I had any idea how instrumental that bath would be in my journey of letting go of the feelings I discusses in ‘Grief and Tattoos’ but as I relaxed into the water I felt so soothed and at ease and so many of the thoughts I had begun to be honest about that past week seemed to wash away into the water around me.

I’m still doing lots of thinking, lots of tough writing and lots of letting go, but this bath really did seem to help and taking photos during and afterwards to had its own catharsis as well.

20 thoughts on “[Photography] Healing Waters

  1. Gorgeous, intriguing image. Interplay between what is seen and what isn’t draws me in!
    I’m sorry your journey has hit a bumpy patch recently, but I’m glad you’re starting to make some good headway. You have a lot to give and we’re all interested to discover what you want to show us. x

    1. Thank you Posy, kindness and support from lovelies like yourself really do make it so much easier to share these posts x

  2. It’s wonderful that writing the post has opened something up, Floss, and that you are in the process of healing. I wish for you to find the light the way I have found it, and you will come out stronger on the other side.

    Rebel xox

    1. Thank you Marie, I never imagined I’d open my blog up to these kinds of thoughts but I’m so pleased I did. It feels very positive and I know I’m on a good path by sharing it all x

  3. Nice to see the crucifix and I think writing can be so cathartic and liberating – difficult too when sharing such personal stuff but I think we can grow from it – u know, Floss, l love all that you write x

  4. I love the replication of the crosses in your tattoos and your necklace. And the sense of weariness and meditation. Such a beautiful shot

  5. It seems like it has been a bit of bath week for a few of us. Hugs to you Floss and I am glad you are working through all this stuff and feeling better as a result


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