[Erotica] The Celibate Neighbour

I’ve been celibate my whole life. Ever since I was a young boy I knew I’d never do ‘that’. That dirty, sinful act that others indulge in. No one would ever guess though, I make certain of that. Celibate men don’t flourish in this world, it’s all about whose had the most women and how many depraved acts they can get women to engage in. I can talk the talk though and I make sure they think I’m just like them.

I couldn’t do it without Monica though. She makes sure her girls know exactly what it is I need from them, how long I’ll need them for and what the plan is for our time together. Sometimes I’ll use the same girl for several months, then the inevitable ‘break-up’ will happen and all the banter will start about how no one will ever get me to settle down, how I’m all about the chase and couldn’t give up all the cunts I’m balls deep in even for the best woman in the world.

Truth is I’ve never so much as touched a cunt. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what it’s like to sink my dick into one and I don’t care to find out. They’ve all offered of course. Most of them for free, even though getting paid is part of the job. I’ve got looks most men would kill for, looks I cultivated to the best of my ability, because good looking men aren’t celibate and celibate men aren’t successful.

There is an unfortunate desire that takes holds sometimes though, I ignore it as best I can but then my balls begin to ache, and the frequency of my unwelcome erections increases and eventually I have to take my cock in my hand and ease the burden of my sexual urges.

I’ve never looked at porn either, but sometimes I do need a bit of visual stimulation to help things along the way. Usually, when this happens my neighbours are on hand for some assistance, for years now I’ve been telling them that the position of my balcony and their open plan living arrangement means that I have a clear view of much of their daily activities. I can only imagine they have some sort of perversion for showing off because they’ve never rectified the situation and if anything else they seem to bring their sexual action further into the open.

Tonight is one of them nights. Sitting relaxing on my balcony, the warm evening breeze a welcome sensation against my skin as my fingers turn the pages of my book, then all of sudden they appear, tumbling through their apartment, kissing like horny teenagers, frenzied hands pulling at the other’s clothing.

He didn’t bother removing her dress completely, just shoved it up under her tits, then spun her around, his hand a fist in her hair, whispering something in her ear before bending her over their dining table and plunging his cock into her. I can see her face as he does this, and she is aroused and eager. Wanton, dirty, she disgusts me and excites me in equal measure.

I free my own cock from my soft, cotton lounge pants and it looks as always, large and vulgar, but it very much needs seeing to. My fingers trail along the shaft, I’m gentle as I work my way up to massaging it more fully.

Her gaze is cast upwards, her bottom lip caught between her teeth and I know that once more she has seen me watching them. When he tries to manoeuvre her away from my line of sight, she becomes more dominant, instructing him to lie on the soft rug in front of their balcony doors. When he does as he’s told she straddles him, naked now she has cast her clothing aside and when she sinks herself onto his cock she stares at me, her hands fondling her own tits and just for a moment I imagine what it would be like to be him.

Her attention is somewhat encouraging and I find myself less inhibited as I wrap my fingers around my cock, her mouth forms an inviting O-shape as I do so and I wonder if she is imagining what it would be like if I face fucked her. I’ve seen him do this to her, but he’s much smaller than I am, she seems well versed in oral sex, but I can help but think she’d gag as I thrust my cock into her mouth, saliva dribbling down her chin and I think for a moment how humiliating that would be for her, and my cock throbs even harder at that thought.

I’m picking up the pace now, nearing that moment where finally this urge will be sated for a time. Suddenly though she changes position and it throws me for a moment, stopping me in my tracks. Surely she isn’t leaving, she couldn’t, wouldn’t do that to me. She must know I need her for this, she must, she has to. Finally, my panic recedes as she straddles his face and lowers her mouth to his cock. Her cunt is now presented to me, and even with the distance between us, I can see it wet and glistening. He tries to lift his mouth to lick her, but she denies him, instead she plunges her own fingers inside herself.

I jerk off to the rhythm of her fucking herself, and I forget for the longest time that I am satisfying a physical need and I get lost in thoughts of fucking her, of filling her wet, needy cunt with my cock. Knowing it is so much bigger than the one she is used to, imagining how I would use her body for my own pleasure, remembering the things I’ve seen her love, the hair pulling, the oral sex and the one that excites me the most, the way she beams when he comes all over her tits.

My eyes are fixed on her cunt as I climax, sticky, warm ejaculate shooting in a myriad of directions, as my heart races and every ounce of oxygen feels like it has left my body. In the moments after climax I always feel the repulsion creeping in, I disgust myself and everyone who engages in sexual acts with others disgusts me even more. Today though, as I gaze as them still fucking, my post orgasm feelings are less intrusive and all I can think about is how much better that climax might be if I was balls deep in her when it happened.

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5 thoughts on “[Erotica] The Celibate Neighbour

  1. Hot damn, Floss, what are you doing to me. This is so good, brilliantly written and man, do I love those little cracks he shows in the end. Love this!

    Rebel xox

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