[Erotica] Sir's Timepiece – Part 2

A continuation from Sir’s Timepiece.

I slipped inside of her, like a hot knife through butter. I’d tied her up, fucked around with her, ignored her, treated her like an object and she’d got so wet I could see her juices dripping down towards her arse. When I finally let her come I realised I still wasn’t done with her.

I wanted to fuck her like the greedy little slut she was always so good at being. Her cunt always ready, her filthy little mouth eager to be fucked, and even when I’d had my way with her she’d nuzzle against me, into my neck, against my cock, my feet, essentially anywhere she could reach. Trying to entice a little more action out of me.

Today she had her orders, I’d counted her down to her orgasm, and now she had to count up. How many orgasms could she had while I was pounding her cunt with my cock!

In reality, the number didn’t matter, I didn’t even might if she got it wrong or forgot to count. But I saw the arousal it caused in her to be given the order, just as she was aroused by everything else I’d subjected her to so far. Her reactions were the only thing that made me behave the way I did. Out of context I just seem like an arsehole, in context I’m giving her everything her dirty heart desires and creates a bond greater than any I’ve ever known before!


I’ve pulled out to thrust back into her and she’s already come again. Her readiness claws deep inside me and I ball a fist into her hair, as the other grabs her tit, one elbow taking some of my weight, the rest I know is weighing upon her chest.

I pull her hair as I thrust into her hard and fast, not holding anything back, I’m fucking her like I hate her. And I’m doing it because I love her more than anything in the world. I’m fucking her like she’s a piece of dirt because she’s the most precious thing I’ve ever known.


I knew the hair pulling would do it, probably the tit grabbing too. She’ll have bruises there tomorrow, marks where my fingers have been, showing how brutally I pawed at her, how little regard I had for her soft, delicate flesh. She’ll wear those marks like a badge of honour. She’ll photograph them, keeping the images as mementoes long after the bruises have faded and then she’ll look at me with big wide eyes and announce ‘Sir my bruises are all gone’ and I’ll look at her like she’s nothing, tell she’s a fucking disgrace a demanding slut and I’ll bend her over my knee and spank her till her arse is purple and when she can’t sit down without it hurting her heart and her cunt will swell with joy, and she’ll rub the special cream I got her into her arse cheeks and she’ll know how much it means to me that I’m trusted to mark her in such a way!


As often happens I didn’t actually intend to cause three, but I will cause four! I lower my mouth to her ear and feel her breath catch in her throat in anticipation.

‘Three already? You really are a dirty bitch. I bet you’re desperate for more though, greeting fucking slut. Now beg for it. Beg me to fuck you so hard you can’t stop coming.’


It was a dirty trick, I knew she would come before she could beg. But now she had disobeyed a request and we both know that meant punishment.

‘I didn’t hear any begging, which makes four an unauthorised orgasm. Get ready for your punishment my girl.’

With that I raised myself back into my knees, cock still balls deep inside her and slapped her tits repeatedly. I listened as mingled moans of pleasure and pain left her mouth and my eyes gazed upon her as she became mesmerised by the sight of palms landing upon her soft, pillowy boobs.


That was a painslut come. Those ones are just as delicious though. My cock grows impossibly harder knowing she derives so much pleasure from the pain I can provide her with. Her tits are fucked, she’s bruised like a peach. More can be done though and I place my teeth upon her supple flesh and bite, I pepper bites across both tits, working my way up to her neck. My teeth nestled against the thin skin of her neck is apparently the next catalyst.


Me now! I lie on top of her, weighing her down, smothering her, crushing her and she groans under the weight of me and I fuck her so relentlessly that I don’t think she’ll get to seven. I’m lost in how good her cunt feels around my cock, how good her body feels wedged beneath mine and I don’t want to stop and I don’t want to think and …


Quiet and breathless she manages to declare seven, breaking my stride delaying my own climax. I kneel before her again, gripping her thighs, watching as I ease my cock in and out of her. I’ll never tell her she denied me my orgasm but I’ll torture the fuck out of her for doing it. Slow, sensual, shallow thrusts. I watch as the frustration builds in her face. Her bratty nature rising to the surface, she might tell me to fuck off or call me a bastard if I’m lucky, then I can really punish her bratty cunt! Instead, she manages to use polite words though that are quite unbecoming for her usual demeanour.

‘Please Sir, deeper.’

Without acknowledging I heard, without warning, I slammed my cock full force into her cunt.


I kiss her full on the lips my tongue probing her mouth with as much intent as my cock probes her cunt and through the kissing and the fucking and her moaning and mine I hear it, muffled and largely incoherent, but Sir hears all …


That’s it, I’m fucking done, I curl my hand back into her hair, muzzle my face into her neck, the other hand back on what is now likely to be a very sore tit and I let myself get lost in fucking her. I fuck her like she’s just a hole, an easy place to get my kicks, just a wet cunt like any other, I fuck her like I believe she’s nothing and nobody, a worthless, useless pile of flesh because that is how she loves to be fucked. I focus on every breath she makes, every movement, every moan and my god she is everything to me, not just at that moment, but always and I love her so much my cock can’t take it and all that love and affection for my dirty, greedy, slutty woman spills orgasm number ten straight into her cunt.

Who else is Masturbating this Masturbation


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5 thoughts on “[Erotica] Sir's Timepiece – Part 2

  1. In truth, there are days when I can get my Queen to cum like that. Not always, but when she’s in the right frame of mind, the orgasms come quickly and often. I love those days!!

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