[Erotica] Creeping, Touching! He Fucked Her! Oh my!

Content Warning: Potential themes of Non-Consent, though in my head as I wrote all parties were willing even if explicit consent hadn’t been given, but it may be lines crossed for some people. 


I shouldn’t do it! I really, really shouldn’t do it! They both sleep so deeply though and they responded so well the first time, which I never planned, it just kind of … happened!

It all started when I noticed their door was ajar as I went to the bathroom and moving to close it for them I noticed they both slept naked. Curiosity got the better of me and I crept forward to peek, just briefly, at their naked bodies sprawled and interlinking.

It was the curve of her breast that tempted me and as I imagined how they’d feel beneath my fingers I found myself edging ever closer to the bed and soon enough her smooth skin was beneath my touch. I had a feeling I could have asked for this anytime, they’d hinted … I think and flirted .. I think, but I was too embarrassed by my lack of experience to admit I was hot for them too.

I should have walked away. I didn’t.

I fingered her large erect nipples and gasped in shock and fear when she let out a sleepy moan of pleasure as I did so. He was still sleeping beside her, but his body seemed attuned to her sounds and I noticed his erection beginning to form under the light sheet that was tangled across their lower halves and in my mind it was in my mouth as her fingers filled my pussy.

Touching her was hypnotic, I couldn’t seem to stop. Even when her hand moved beneath the sheet and seemingly still fast asleep she started to move rhythmically to her own touch. Even then my fingers just kept moving against her nipple, revelling in how amazing it was to touch her.

He was clearly disturbed by the movement and repositioned himself, rolling over to pull her into a nighttime cuddle. She into his embrace, her breast following suit and she moved away from my touch. As I began to step away from the bed the spell enabling my behaviour was broken, then something happened that stopped me in my tracks.

He must have slid his dick into her! Everyone knows that first entry groan. It was like watching zombies fuck, mindless, carnal, instinctive.

I watched until they’d both come. Her moans of pleasure inciting his own orgasm.

Then I went to my room and wanked. Fingering my dirty wet immoral cunt until I came so hard I almost worried about waking them. Until in remembered, they sleep so deeply.


I love sleeping naked beside her. Her body soft and fleshy pushing up against me in the night, it rarely turned to sex during the night. We’re both pretty deep sleepers so bedtimes really are about the cuddles.

When we’re really horny though, even sleep can’t stop us. I’ve woken up with my dick balls deep in her, the thrusting slow but purposeful. The first time it happened I immediately went to stop, but she reached around and grabbed my arse begging me to carry on. Being the gentleman I am I did just that.

After that when it happened I barely woke up, sometimes I stayed so sleepy I barely remembered it the next day. She always did though and she loved telling me all about it, which inevitably led to a fuck I was wide awake for.

One morning she was particularly excited by our nocturnal adventure and fuck me if her retelling of it didn’t end in the hottest shag ever. I fucked her so hard I thought I’d break my dick, which would have been worth it.

I love fucking her, whether I’m awake or not.


I’ve been leaving the door of our room open for months, while we sleep, while we fuck, while I masturbate, all in the hopes that we could lure Cassie into our bed.

Open talks about our non-monogamous lifestyle and love of threesomes peppered with comments on how cute was and how much we enjoyed her company did nothing to reel her in and I thought being able to see the action might finally make something click in her mine.

When I heard her tiptoe in I honestly thought something was wrong. Burst pipe, blocked toilet, all the super sexy thoughts. But then, oooh, then she caught me by surprise.

Her hand reached out and tenderly touched my breast, which was nice and gave me so much hope for future sexy times. When her fingers moved to my nipple though, which are huge erogenous zones for me I couldn’t help but moan in pleasure.

I heard her gasp and desperately wanted to reach out, pull her into bed and go to town on her cunt so she’d gasp a hell of a lot more, but devious wonder led to me to feign sleep to see what else she might do.

When her efforts on my nipple continued I had no choice but to touch myself, I thought perhaps then she’d realise I was awake and make her interest known but I had a sneaky suspicion she thought I was sleep wanking!

As is often the case and I’ll admit I’d hoped it would be this time too my solo adventure jiggled the bed enough to rouse Freddie. Well, a part of Freddie. As he turned his body towards mine, pulling me into the little spoon position I felt his erection hard against my arse.

Cassie began to move away from the bed, and as she did so I slid my cunt onto his cock and made sure to let it be known I’d done so. He responded favourably, he fucks so well even when asleep. His hard cock pounding into me, his hand grabbing my tit, grunting and groaning into my ear, animalistic and primal, I love being taken by him knowing he may not even remember doing it the next day.

He didn’t remember this night as it happens and he certainly didn’t have any idea Cassie was involved. I made sure to tell him though and fuelled by the idea of her hot cunt wanting us we fucked each other until I thought we’d pass out or cause each other an injury.

I think it helped that I told him I also crept down to her room after her and stood outside her door as she fingered herself, wondering if she owned any sex toys or if I could perhaps introduce her to some of my favourites.

She cursed and muttered a string of dirty words to herself and as she sped up her efforts the words became unintelligible but the sounds she made were more than enough to entertain.

When she came it sounded like she was almost sobbing, and her deep breaths afterwards were a hint that it really had been quite a decent session for her.

I really hope she visits again.

This piece was most definitely inspired by this week’s Wicked Wednesday prompt of ‘Vignettes‘ and the Kink of the Week topic of ‘Sleeping, drowsy sex/nighttime sex‘. I’m also going to link this post to Violet Fawkes’ January Jump Start. Which is a way to encourage us all to get our blogging on this month and blog every day of January. She is inviting us to link once, twice or every day. No rules, just writing. So why not share your links there and show some support while Violet gets her talented fingers (I mean because they type her sexy posts, you perverts, I know where your minds went) working on some awesome posts.



9 thoughts on “[Erotica] Creeping, Touching! He Fucked Her! Oh my!

  1. I really wanted to do a vignette but couldn’t really think of anything. I’m not an erotic fiction writer. But this! everything about it. Fabulous.

  2. I love how you have written this from different perspectives, and how there is something sexy brooding just below the surface. I would actually love it if you revisit these characters.
    Rebel xox

  3. I love the different perspectives of the three people and the realisation that the two women knew so much more about what was going on than the man. A very hot story Floss. xx

  4. This is utterly delicious…. and I hope they manage to lure Cassie into their bed again because I think they will have a lot of fun

  5. Great story – I think writing like this – diff POV’s – gives you so much more license and the characters come across easily as they all talk for themselves x

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