[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #14

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Note: I mention the Top 100 Sex Blogs 2018 list by MollysDailyKiss and how the results are imminent. The results actually went live last night & are somewhat different from my reflections in this post. I’ve chosen to leave the post as is though.

It’s been a whole month since I did a #SoSS post! Mostly because I’ve been knackered and busy with new work and I’ll be totally honest blogging, both writing and reading, had to take a back seat for me to function like a normal human! BUT I’m feeling a bit more with it now, caffeine, vitamins and embracing naps has worked wonders. So without further ado let’s share some downright sexy blog posts from my fellow bloggers.

Kink-of-the-WeekLips-mark-sq-250Men in panties you say? Yes please to that. Kink of the Week absolutely thrilled me this past week with all the talk of cock in lingerie! I freakin’ love it in real life and I was thoroughly excited by everyone discussing it so enthusiastically. I’d urge you to read all the posts because they were all amazing. My top 3 Panty Picks thought would have to be:

As regular visitors will know I’ve recently been dabbling in Flash Fiction through the fabulous Friday Flash Meme , this is another time when I think you should read all the short but deliciously sweet entries. I am in awe of how short people can make their tales and still have me utterly enthralled. It is a skill I have yet to master, but I am enjoying flexing my creative muscles when I do delve in. I’ve picked one favourite from the past 4 prompts, so please, please, please go and visit all the other amazing tales.


Masturbation-Monday-badge-1-580x580Masturbation Monday and Wicked Wednesday are always fertile ground for some delicious and juicy fruits of blogging labour. Pick any week, any prompt and I guarantee there will something there for you to enjoy. Don’t forget you can always join in yourself too. Both meme’s offer prompts but sticking to them is not essential to get in on the action, so why not link up a post yourself and see what fun there is to be had. The seven posts below were all brought to my attention through one of these fabulous sites.


This weekend we will find out who has made it onto MollysDailyKiss Top 100 Sex Bloggers 2018 List. I can’t deny that I’m hoping to both be on the list, and place higher than I did last year, especially as I think my blog and my content is so much better than it was then. However, the competition is fierce. There is such a wide variety of awesome sex bloggers out there, doing work that stretches far beyond what I can ever conceive of doing, that even if I didn’t make the list being pipped to the post by 100 amazing talents is something I can definitely handle.

Next year we will have even stiffer competition because Molly had to narrow down 26 potential New Voices bloggers down to 7. That is before she even got to those of us who qualified for the standard list. In recognition of Molly’s contributions to this wonderful sex blogging community please do take a moment to visit her blog and leave some love on her blog posts. I guarantee that between her skilled photography and her lusty writing you will find she is able to seduce you into enjoying her site.

You should also read Molly’s post New Voices and other thoughts to see who made her list and discover what fabulous posts got them there.

This weekend also sees this year’s Smut Marathon come to an end. I have to say, despiteSmutMarathon being voted out very early on, I have loved every minute of the competition. The final 7 produced ridiculously good stories to end the competition with a bang and I can’t wait to see who the overall winner is. I must say though that I think everyone who entered, including myself (yes, yes, well done me) did a great job. It takes balls to enter into something where you know you will be judged and pushed outside of your comfort zone. I know this was harder for some than others, and I think a round of applause is well deserved for everyone who took the leap and got involved.

I believe Marie has confirmed she will be hosting the Smut Marathon again next year and I for one will be throwing myself into that Smut Marathon once again. I don’t think my writing is necessarily a good fit for this kind of competition, but it was so much fun to try and even if I’m out at the first hurdle I actually won’t mind. I’ll still cheer along all those that continue without me because that in itself has been a delight.

Sunday sees the last Sinful Sunday prompt of 2018 and I have my image ready to go and I’m excited to see what others have produced. I love my image but I know some people will floor us with how good their creativity is. For those of you not well versed in Sinful Sunday, I’ve picked four of my favourites from the last month to show you what you’re missing if you’re not visiting the Sinful Sunday sexiness each week.

SinfulSundayLips150If you’ve missed any of my content over the last month you can plunder my November Archives. As I say it was a slow month for me on the blogging front, so there are only 8 written posts and 2 Sinful Sunday images to enjoy. With three posts for December already written, I’m hoping for it to be a more fruitful month. For now, I shall leave you with an image of my own that didn’t quite make it as last week’s Sinful Sunday image, but that I’d still like to share. 



6 thoughts on “[#SoSS] Sharing Is Caring #14

  1. Huge very well deserved congratulations on your placing in the Top 100 Floss! Your work is incredibly inspiring to me. Thank you again for including my pieces here, I really appreciate it xx

  2. What a great round up! Your placing on the top 100 list is absolutely well deserved and I’m madly proud of you and how you’ve pulled it out of the bag in 2018. I am delighted you sometimes let me use you as a sounding board. Thanks for including my photograph – that’s blown me away as I feel a bit naff compared with the other entries most weeks!

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